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Though Bobbi Brown’s Bay Head, New Jersey vacation home might be the “smallest house on the beach”, it boasts a cozy, nautically-themed interior that will make its guests feel right at home. After four years of searching, Brown and her husband carefully selected a house that felt like a home, one that was for entertaining close friends and family and for relaxing on the back porch while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. She gives us an intimate peek at her adorable abode, and graciously allows us to live vicariously through her panorama view of the sea.


“My home is my fortress.” Does this apply to you at all? Who do you let into “your fortress”?

My home represents a warm, fun atmosphere where I entertain and spend time with family and friends.

Do you like home parties? Or just friends coming by to see you? What are your favorite occasions?

I like to host people for all kinds of events, whether it’s for a big party on the beach, or a small, relaxed dinner with friends.

Please describe the place where your house is located.

My house is located in Bay Head, New Jersey. It’s right on the beach which is absolutely perfect.

Do you live there permanently? If not, what is your favorite place to stay?

I do not live in my Bay Head house all the time. I only go there for vacations in the summer.

Please share some history: when did you purchase this house? Any anecdotes connected with it? What attracted you the most?

My husband and I had always gone to Bay Head to celebrate our anniversary each year, and we hoped that someday we would buy a house there. It took us four years to find the perfect house – it’s the smallest house on the beach.

Which area or room inside the house is your favorite?

My favorite place in the house is the back porch overlooking the ocean. I love to sit out there in the evening with my family – it’s incredibly relaxing.

Did you do the interior design yourself, or did anyone work together with you? Who do the ideas belong to?

My husband and I did the interior design together. We both have very simple, classic tastes when it comes to decorating. We did a lot of shopping at local stores like Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn.

Does your family live there with you?

Yes, my husband and sons spend a lot of time at the house during the summer months.

Does it matter to you who your neighbors are? Do you believe a neighborhood is a reason to move in (or not move in) a place to live?

Since I don’t live in my Bayhead house year-round, I don’t know my neighbors there that well. But I usually do take into account the neighborhood when I am considering moving or buying a house. I am drawn to areas that are relatively quiet and serene.

Do you ever bring pieces of furniture and décor from your travels? Where do you like to shop for your home – any special stores, or flea markets? Any stories and anecdotes regarding your favorite pieces that you would like to share?

I do have a few items that were purchased during my travels. A couple of years ago, I traveled with my husband to Morocco for our anniversary, and I brought back some beautiful bedspreads which are featured in my Bay Head home. A few years ago I went on a bike trip with my family through Provence, in France, and I brought back some lovely tablecloths. I love seeing these pieces in my home, because it reminds me of the wonderful times I’ve spent traveling with my family.

Photos: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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