Extra Extra: Here’s What You Missed from the Week of July 9, 2017

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Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieUpdates

We get it; we can barely keep up with the onslaught of information ourselves, but it’s our top priority and our mission to keep readers in the know. For that reason, we’ve combed through it all, distilled it to its essence, and dispensed it in easily digestible tidbits. Want to be the most knowledgeable culture savant in your friend group? Then check back every Sunday for Savoir Flair’s roundup of the week’s must-know pop-culture and fashion news.


Being Friends with Taylor Swift Comes at a Price

You’d be forgiven for thinking that being friends with Taylor Swift means that all of your actions and words must pertain to the pop princess.

Example 1: Lorde hopped on Twitter to issue clarification about a statement she made in an Australian interview that was immediately misconstrued by press and fans around the world. Lorde was asked by the reporter what it was like “observing all of those heroes of yours,” to which she replied, “The second you think too hard about it, you’ll just go insane so it’s best to be like, ‘We’re in Wonderland. That’s just what happens around here.’ Like, also, I don’t hang out with these people at all.” Everyone assumed it was about Swift and called for Lorde’s squad membership to be revoked. Lorde’s tersely worded statement refused to bend to the assumptions, reassuring her fans of her loyalty and respect for Swift, and threw shade at the whole “squad” concept to begin with.

Example 2: Longtime #SwiftSquad member Karlie Kloss caught flack online this week when she posed for a picture with Kendall Jenner during Paris Haute Couture Week. Why was this a big deal? Well, Swift and members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are reportedly not on friendly terms after Kim Kardashian called Swift out for lying about her approval of Kanye West’s controversial line “I made that b—- famous”. Kloss, the consummate professional, was likely just taking a picture at a gala event with a fellow model. Our advice? Don’t read too much into this one.

Lorde screengrab Taylor Swift squad
Photo: Courtesy of @Lorde

You Can Finally Throw a Prince Listening Party

While Prince was alive, he was notoriously stingy with access to his extensive back catalogue of songs and music videos. That means a Youtube search for “Purple Rain” would end in vain as all forms of the video were consistently and frequently pulled from the Internet due to copyright violations (Prince saw to that personally), and you couldn’t stream a single one of his albums anywhere on any platform.

While his tragic death robbed the world of one of the most talented musicians of all time, it did come with a side benefit of access. Not only are his albums streaming on applications like Spotify, but as of this this week, classic videos like “When the Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy” are now available on Youtube.

Extra Extra: Here’s What You Missed from the Week of July 9, 2017

Blue Ivy Becomes a Budding Rap Icon

Jay-Z’s epically lauded 13th studio album 4:44 certainly made a splash on Tidal, but HOV saved a gem from the album for a special Friday drop. The Internet exploded with delight over the weekend when it was revealed that the special bonus track entitled “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” actually had Blue Ivy freestyle rapping (insert happy-cry-face emoji here). Although her lyrics were mostly five-year-old babyspeak, there were a few bars that emerged via Genius that were discernible, and you better believe people were living for every syllable. One Twitter user even posted, “Blue Ivy needs to come out with a mixtape next year and Asahd [DJ Khaled’s kid] needs to produce it. Bout to be LIT.”


Kesha Is Back and Stronger Than Ever

After a lengthy legal battle with her former label and producer Dr. Luke, pop star Kesha is back with a new album – her first in four years. Her incredible journey was shared via a self-penned essay on Lenny Letter, which chronicled her struggle with depression and anxiety.

In the essay, Kesha shares the inspiration behind her new single, stating, “‘Praying’, my first single in almost four years, comes out today. I have channeled my feelings of severe hopelessness and depression, I’ve overcome obstacles, and I have found strength in myself even when it felt out of reach. I’ve found what I had thought was an unobtainable place of peace. This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you. It’s a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It’s also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”

Extra Extra: Here’s What You Missed from the Week of July 9, 2017

Bouchra Jarrar Exits Lanvin

We’ve had little more than a year to celebrate Bouchra Jarrar returning a woman to the helm of Lanvin, one of Paris’ most storied brands. However, the talented designer has already been ousted from her position, putting the house’s future outlook in serious jeopardy. Industry insiders were outraged in January when Lanvin’s owner, Shaw-Lan Wang, blamed the new Creative Director for the brand’s failure to turn a profit at a time when Jarrar-designed collections hadn’t even hit retail shelves yet.

Now, it is clear that Jarrar was a scapegoat for further internal turmoil at the highest levels of corporate ownership, which has been thoroughly detailed by Business of Fashion. The most depressing part about Jarrar’s ouster is that she shuttered the doors to her eponymous label in order to take the reigns at Lanvin. Here’s hoping it isn’t long before we see her confidently restored to her own brand.

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