Here’s What You Missed from the Week of June 11, 2017

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We get it, we can barely keep up with the onslaught of information ourselves, but it’s our top priority and our mission to keep readers in the know. For that reason, we’ve combed through it all, distilled it to its essence, and dispensed it into easily digestible tidbits. Want to be the most knowledgeable culture savant in your group? Then check back weekly for what you missed in the world of celebrities and fashion.


Ariana Grande Raises Millions for Manchester Victims

In a move that proves the young popstar’s poise, grace, and courage, Ariana Grande returned to Manchester, where a suicide bomber had detonated a nail bomb killing 22 people only two weeks ago at her Dangerous Woman tour stop. For her special “One Love Manchester” benefit concert, Grande performed along with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, and Coldplay in front of 55,000 people, with 11 million watching at home. The benefit concert raised $12 million for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and showcased the bravery and generosity of the human spirit as everyone came together to sing “Manchester, we’re strong/we’re still singing our song” in unison.


Seinfeld Curves Kesha

In the most cringeworthy clip we’ve seen in all of 2017, comedian Jerry Seinfeld brushes off pop singer Kesha’s request for a hug, confused about who she is and why she is approaching him. Honestly, we feel bad for Kesha because she has been vocal about her love of Seinfeld and was clearly excited at the prospect of meeting him. However, the Internet seized onto this moment, relating it to a scenario that very likely would’ve made it onto the beloved 90s sitcom as it was perfectly in keeping with the tone of the show. Seinfeld is nothing if not consistent.


The Clooneys Double Their Family Overnight

The world was made a little brighter – twice over – with the arrival of the much-anticipated Clooney twins. Amal and George Clooney are proud parents of Ella and Alexander, and their celebrity pals like Nicole Kidman have been showering the first-time parents with gifts to show their support.


Kylie Gets Dragged over Camo

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to cultural appropriation, having been accused of it many times over previous hairstyle choices, namely cornrows and wigs. However, what started out as Internet backlash over her alleged appropriation of camo outfits that bear an eerily similar resemblance to the costumes from Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” music video soon became a case of fraud.

New York-based fashion company Plugged NYC came forward to prove that Jenner had copied its clothes and campaign down to the accessories, the stance, and the backdrop – oh, and they had receipts. Posting side-by-side comparisons made it clear that Jenner (or someone on her team) had lifted the company’s ideas and appropriated them for her new fashion release, and fans are livid as this is not the first time that Jenner has “borrowed” from others.


The Beyhive Thinks Beyoncé Has Given Birth Already

In another case of fan frenzy, rumors are swirling that Beyoncé has already given birth to her twins. Here’s the reasoning – and decipher it how you will. First, fans believe that the Memorial Day photo that Beyoncé posted of herself in an elegant kaftan holding Blue Ivy was actually taken much earlier this year due to the size of her belly when compared to the photo she posted from the “Carter Family Push Party”.

Second, a fan posted a photo of what appears to be Tina Knowles at a Los Angeles hospital, but critics of this theory posit that the photo could have been Photoshopped. Third, Solange Knowles abruptly canceled her appearance at a Boston music festival, saying, “I’m really really sorry/sad about this but I fought hard to only give u my best, and tons of production drama/delays got all up in the way.” As a result, fans theorized that she had canceled to be with her sister while she was giving birth. One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough if any of this is true.


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Ikea Goes Haute

Virgil Abloh, the talented fashion designer behind cult streetwear label Off-White and longtime member of Kanye West’s inner circle, has expanded his purview to include a surprising collaboration with Ikea. Abloh isn’t designing furniture or interiors for the multinational home-design store. He has, however, turned his attention to its iconic shopping bag. You know, that blue plastic ‘Frakta’ bag that you fill with every knick-knack in sight upon entering an Ikea? Well, Abloh decided that it needed an update.

Ikea leaked a picture of Abloh finalizing his first ‘Frakta’ prototype, so if you want a glimpse of what your shopping-bag future holds, see below. In other Ikea news, the popular Swedish store has also just announced a partnership with Swedish perfume brand Byredo. In a statement, Byredo founder Ben Gorham said, “To collaborate on this idea of ‘invisible design’ with Ikea, getting people to think about smell is very exciting.” For now, it remains a mystery what the collaboration will actually produce.


Harry Styles Wins the Internet (and Our Hearts)

We love feminist slogan tees as much as the next girl but were surprised to see pop-music prince and “It” guy of the moment Harry Styles sporting one himself. A fan spotted Styles at the airport wearing a tee that read “Women are smarter”. And we can’t say we disagree.



Jessica Chastain Becomes a "Mrs." for the First Time at 40

Jessica Chastain (40), the flame-haired actress behind notable films such as Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty, and Miss Sloane, tied the knot over the weekend with her longtime Italian boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (34). The two – who have been dating since 2012 – are notoriously quiet about their relationship, but that didn’t stop the paparazzi from seizing on the news. Chastain and Passi de Preposulu were married in the city of Treviso at his family estate.


Yoox and Net-a-Porter Ditch Fur for Good

As longtime anti-fur advocates, we at Savoir Flair are trying not to be smug about this, but we can’t say we’re not absolutely thrilled with the news that the Yoox/Net-a-Porter company has committed to entirely ditching fur products. As two of the largest luxury retail groups in the world, Yoox and Net-a-Porter have unanimously decided to ban fur across all of their categories and sites, including Mr. Porter and The Outnet. This move is poised to have a huge impact across the industry, perhaps signaling the end of animal fur in fashion for good.


If You've Ever Wanted a Choupette of Your Own...

Honestly, Karl Lagerfeld’s obsession with his cat Choupette is one of our favorite things about the Kaiser. In order to ensure that her legacy lives on forever, Lagerfeld has collaborated with a German-based toy company by the name of Steiff to produce an exact replica of his famous pet. She may come with a hefty price tag of $545, but she also comes with amazing accessories (obviously) like a carrying case and tiny black-leather mouse. If you want a Choupette of your very own, click here to go to Lagerfeld’s website.

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette pet
Photo: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld
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