5 Reasons Why Plaisir Is Our New Favorite Floral Boutique

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There’s something about fresh, beautifully presented flowers that can perk up even the dullest of days – whether you’re gifting them or receiving them. Enter: Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs. Everything about this Dubai-based online gift and floral design company, from its unique offerings to the close interaction with clients, makes for a truly pleasurable experience – the name really does say it all.

Here, Savoir Flair shares five reasons why Plaisir is our new go-to spot for all things floral along with brand insights from its Founder and Managing Director Mandy McMechan.


The Backstory

Mandy credits her love of flowers to a lifetime of watching her mother fuss over her garden: “Even at the age of 85, she can hardly walk, but she still tends to each and every one of her flower boxes – all of which she planted herself. She talks to them and cares for them, and this love has somehow transferred to me somewhere along the line.”


Those Signature Concepts

Plaisir’s signature concept is twofold: the rich and beautifully handmade velvet boxes and the variety of light colors used. “Dubai is a sunny, fast-moving, and upbeat city. I wanted our boxes to reflect that. I wanted the brand to simultaneously be elegant and exude a sense of happiness. The high quality of the boxes just happens to be the bonus; they’re sturdy and reusable for personal use afterwards,” explains Mandy.


And Unique Offerings

Men are often forgotten when it comes to flowers – but not by Plaisir. “I wanted to show men that they’re just as important and just as thought of by friends, colleagues, or that special someone – and combine that with a favourite gift. That’s how the ‘Cigar Box’, our signature VIP Luxury Giftbox, was born,” says Mandy.

Another unique offering at Plaisir is the ‘Currency Giftbox’. “So many people prefer giving cash at weddings, graduations, or some other special occasion – not because they’re being lazy, but because they want the receiver to buy whatever he/she really likes. Our ‘Currency Giftbox’ allows them to do just that with a touch of elegance. The flowers are accompanied by rolls of cash neatly arranged in a luxurious velvet box. It’s just so impressive to receive cash like that!”


The Membership Concept

Picking up on a particular gap in the flower market, Mandy decided to launch a membership program at Plaisir through which you can receive high-quality freshly cut flowers at your home or office at a fraction of the expected price. “Whether it’s for the busy professional or the stay-at-home individual, we often find that unless we go to an expensive florist, we have to be satisfied with the supermarket variety. I wanted to change that. And since it’s a recurring process, we’re able to keep the price much more accessible for the public. It’s easy, uniquely varied from week to week, and great value for money,” she tells Savoir Flair.



But, Above All, The Attention to Detail

Plaisir may be an online store, but there’s nothing virtual about the way it interacts with its clients. If anything, the emphasis on human contact is what keeps us coming back repeatedly. Explaining how the company goes about in making a gift recommendation, Mandy says, “Every box I create has its own personality and its own story as there is always something behind every order: the person ordering it, the person receiving it. That’s why we’ll have a personal chat with the client – be it on the phone, through WhatsApp, or over e-mail. We want to hear whom you’re sending the gift to and why in order to gauge what the recipient might like best. We want to earn your trust, and the only way we can do that is if we listen to you.”

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