A Caffeine Quest Through Jeddah Ought to Start Here

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brew 92 cafe jeddah coffee
Photo: Courtesy of @Brew92Cafe

Fact: The better the coffee, the better your day. Whether you’re a caffeine addict or simply need a decent cup of Joe each morning, it’s become almost impossible to jump-start your day without coffee. The coffee culture in Jeddah is moving away from the traditional beachside pit stops on the Corniche, and towards specialized coffeehouses with highly trained baristas. Whether you’re looking for special blends to brew at home or a quick pick-me-up in a cool atmosphere, read on to find out Savoir Flair’s top picks in Jeddah.

Brew 92

Speciality café and roaster Brew 92 quickly became a favorite amongst coffee lovers in Jeddah. You can smell the coffee roasting from the moment you walk in, with an impressive selection of Colombian, Ethiopian, and Yemeni beans boasting fruity and floral notes. The café interiors have an industrial and minimalistic vibe with shades of gray and brown – thereby keeping a focus on the exceptional coffee being served. The baristas are very knowledgeable and give great recommendations depending on how strong or flavorful you like your coffee. Whether it be an iced latte or a freshly brewed black coffee, this one’s a no-brainer.

Prince Saud Al Faisal Street
(+966) 56 469 9118

brew cafe jeddah ksa
Photo: Courtesy of @Brew92Cafe

Cup & Couch

Cup & Couch’s concept is all in its name. The founders/baristas sought out to create the go-to neighborhood café, creating a comfortable space complete with mountains of pillows, stacks of board games, and – of course – really comfortable couches! What’s special about Cup & Couch is the fact that it is family-run; brothers Abdulrahman and Hamza Ashgan, along with their cousin Ahmed Ashgan, quit their day jobs to pursue their passion for specialized coffee-making.

The Ashgans are involved in every aspect – from managing the business, brewing the coffee, and even curating a great playlist. If you’re confused about what to order or have a highly specific request, ask for head barista Ahmad, who will help fulfill your caffeine wishes. The family-oriented concept gives Cup & Couch a personalized touch, so you can always feel at home.

Salamah District
(+966) 59 727 3474

Photo: Courtesy of @CupAndCouch

Bafarat Arabia

One of the more traditional coffee shops on our list, Bafarat Arabia has mastered the art of the brew. Established in 1952 by the late Omar Bafarat, the then Makkah-based company imported coffee, tea, and spices into Saudi Arabia before introducing its first café earlier in 2017. The business has since been handed down to Bafarat’s sons and grandsons, who saw an opportunity to provide a traditional experience with a modern twist.

With an extensive list of Arabic coffees to choose from, as well as new takes on classic Arabic pastries, Bafarat has a sophisticated feel. From its dispensary section – which looks like a coffee mini-market – to its cool blue and beige interiors, Bafarat’s credibility as a coffee merchant is clearly translated into a refined destination for Arabic-coffee enthusiasts.

Al Abud, Al Rawdah
(+966) 12 691 2433

bafarat cafe jeddah aerial view
Photo: Courtesy of @BafaratArabia

Medd Café & Roastery

Founded by a group of friends who share a mutual love for ethically sourced coffee, Medd Café & Roastery is quickly becoming one of Jeddah’s most popular coffee shops. Its laid-back setup and friendly atmosphere is a great way to start or end a long day at work. The concept of the café is to maintain a minimalistic vibe – keeping all raw materials such as wood and cement center stage – with absolutely no distractions from its exceptional coffee.

Medd Café’s dedication to using natural, seasonal, and local ingredients is translated into its unconventional take on pastries, such as ‘Kunafa Pretzel’ and ‘Banana Masoub Cake’. The variety of seasonal coffees and pastries adds an element of surprise to its ever-evolving menu, proving that this café is well worth the hype.

Beach Tower, North Corniche
(+966) 12 613 2122

coffee medd cafe jeddah camera strawberry tart
Photo: Courtesy of @MeddCoffee
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