8 Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples Who Hate Clichés

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Photo: Courtesy of @MrAndMrsUnique

Dinner? For Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking.

If the wonderfully sarcastic Miranda Priestly were to have an opinion on your plans for February 14th, we reckon that would be it. We suggest dismissing all the clichés that come with being in love in the middle of this month and marking the occasion by doing something you and your other half will actually remember. Whether you’re a bibliophile, an amateur baker, or a smug sapiosexual, you’re bound to find an idea of interest in our round-up, below.


Anti-Valentine’s Day Quiz

If You Agree on its Cringe Factor

Not fans of the holiday in general? This one’s for you. Media City hotspot Garden on 8 will be hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day take on its weekly quiz, complete with themed food specials and prizes ranging from a pint of water to a weekend staycation at Media One Hotel. Just be prepared to brush up on trivia that would fit the bill – think: Who had the most expensive celebrity divorce of all time?

For more details, click here.


Jane Austen Unscripted

If You Know Your George Wickham from Your John Willoughby

Independent performance venue Courtyard Playhouse will host an evening of frolics, merriment, and high society as the work of England’s most adored novelist is brought to life during Jane Austen Unscripted – with a hilarious regional twist to boot (past editions have included Satwa and Solitude and Darcy Does Downtown). Live music will accompany full Regency costumes on stage, so you’re in for plenty of laughs with this one.

To book your spot, click here.

jane austen on stage
Photo: Courtesy of Tim Luscombe

Partner Yoga

If You’re Feeling Out of Sync

The pressure to be “in a good place” on Valentine’s Day is a little excessive – and very off-putting. Enter: Partner Yoga at Yoga Ashram, a JLT-based studio that’s equally receptive to all skill levels. Considering that the word “yoga” means union, joining this session is a great idea if you and your partner are looking to work on trust issues and strengthen communication in a lighthearted setting. And all those calories you’ll burn through performing specially formulated postures? An added bonus.

To book your spot, click here.


Global Art Forum 2018

If You Love Learning Together

90 minutes of intellectual stimulation await as the 12th edition of the transdisciplinary summit Global Art Forum hosts a special evening at d3 on February 14th before continuing in March during Art Dubai. Entitled I Am Not a Robot, it will focus on “the power, paranoia, and potentials of automation”, so expect presentations and discussions that will touch on subjects like female robots in cinema, the relationship between artists and technology, and more.

For more details, click here.



If You’re Both on a Culture Quest

Power, deceit, jealousy, loyalty, and forbidden love – what could possibly be more apt for Valentine’s Day than catching tragic tale Aida at Dubai Opera? Performed by the renowned Polish National Opera, it follows a Nubian princess and an Egyptian military commander as they struggle to choose between their love for each other or loyalty to their countries. The highly acclaimed show will debut on February 14th and run for four days in a row.

To buy your tickets, click here.

Aida on stage opera source planet hugill
Photo: Courtesy of Planet Hugill

Havana Night

If Cuba’s on Your Bucket List

Can’t swing the 19-hour flight to Havana, but craving a bit of what it does best? Havana Night – one of the city’s most energetic offerings – at Catch is actually a great consolation prize, especially if the idea of a quiet candlelit dinner just isn’t appealing. A heady dose of Latin culture comes courtesy of live music by Cuban ensemble Cubache and sprightly dance routines complemented by drinks and dishes designed to transport you to one of the world’s most intriguing travel destinations in no time.

To make a reservation, click here.


Love Is in the Plate

If You First Bonded over Food

Food is the “great connector” – the greatest, we’d argue – and it somehow tastes even better when you’re the one donning the apron. With this in mind, Top Chef has designed a couples-friendly cooking class entitled Love Is in the Plate, which will entail three courses featuring some of the most decadent ingredients known to man. And regardless of how different your palates are, you’re both bound to like the sound of ‘Truffle Ice Cream on Cocoa Shortbread’ for dessert.

To book a spot, click here.


Salvador Dalí. The Memories 

If the Sight of Melting Clocks Excites You

Starting the week of Valentine’s Day, rare lithographs and original paintings created by the world’s most iconic surrealist artist will be displayed for several weeks as part of the Salvador Dalí. The Memories exhibition – a very exciting first for aesthetes across the city. Staged at Dubai International Financial Centre, the showcase can be viewed on February 14th from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. and promises to make oil painting “Shower of Jasmine” visible to the public for only the third time since its unveiling in 1954.

To buy your tickets, click here.

SALVADOR DALI.THE MEMORIES (2) source alpha soul
Photo: Courtesy of Alpha Soul
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