The Best Christmas Movies We Love (Actually) Watching circa Now

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The holidays feel so close that we can practically touch them, which officially makes this the most magical time of the year. Whether it’s the promise of a fresh start with New Year’s Eve, all those festive parties, quality time with family and friends, or the twinkling lights hanging everywhere, the cheer in the air is contagious. In honor of all this merriment, Savoir Flair reveals the seven Christmas films that we’re watching and rewatching – from romantic comedies to, well, more romantic comedies. Is there anything better than the sight of Hugh Grant dancing?


Love Actually

Love Actually is what Decembers are made of. It’s sentimental and witty, and brings with it a touch of actual magic, courtesy of Hugh Grant’s memorable lead performance. And while we’re on the subject, here’s a bit of trivia for you: all that airport footage at the end was filmed using hidden cameras at Heathrow Airport.

Watch it here.

Christmas movies
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The Holiday

The Holiday has so much going for it – Jude Law, for starters, as well as exotic locales and plenty of romance – making it an easy choice for the season. We’re also obsessed with the impossibly chic winter wardrobe of Amanda, played by none other than Cameron Diaz.

Watch it here.

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Sleepless in Seattle

This 90s classic starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan centers on a single Christmas wish. It’s touching and charming, making it to perfect movie to unwind with this month. This Nora Ephron masterpiece may not be considered a traditional Christmas film, but it’s certainly the definitive romcom of the 90s.

Watch it here.



Will Ferrell stars as Buddy, a boy who has been raised by Santa’s elves in the North Pole. Our vote for the funniest festive movie ever made, it delivers hilarious, heart-warming lines like: “I planned out our whole day. First, we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Toll House cookie dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.”

Watch it here.

christmas movies
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Home Alone

This beloved cult classic tells the story of eight-year-old Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) who is left behind as his family rushes off for their Christmas vacation. The movie is a must-watch for its action, sweet family sentiments, and – of course – all the cool stuff Kevin gets to do without his mom and dad around.

Watch it here.


Office Christmas Party

Debauchery at its finest dominates Office Christmas Party though and through, making it a proper guilty pleasure. This hilarious comedy depicts Jennifer Aniston and T. J. Miller as feuding siblings, the latter of whom is determined to throw an epic Christmas party – rather “a non-denominational holiday mixer” – in order to land a big client and prove his sister wrong.

Watch it here.

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The Family Stone

For starters, we’ll watch just about anything starring Diane Keaton – no, really. Anything. This comedy-drama sees Sarah Jessica Parker play Meredith, an uptight businesswoman spending Christmas at her boyfriend’s house and realizing that she is completely out of place in the family – and in love with the wrong man.

Watch it here.


It's A Wonderful Life

No, no, don’t roll your eyes. That movie with the lovable Jimmy Stewart that Mom made you and your siblings watch every Christmas is the perfect movie for 2020. Because it really is a wonderful life, and we love all the feels that come as we discover that truth with George Bailey. Plus, you’re never too old to help an angel earn his wings.

Watch it here.

CHristmas movies
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A White Christmas

If you find yourself in Ikea sticking your head into the Christmas trees because you miss the scent of all the pine and snow from back home, then this movie is the fix you need. Brew yourself some hot chocolate and indulge yourself by singing along with Bing Crosby as he sings his immortal rendition of the Christmas classic “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” in the classic White Christmas.

Watch it here.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

It’s not only for children. A Charlie Brown Christmas brought the beloved comics to our home theaters in 1965, and the film’s soundtrack has been playing every year since to ring in the spirit of Christmas. You’ll fall in love with Charlie Brown, his lovable dog, and his little Christmas tree all over again. Come on. You know you want to.

Watch it here.

Christmas movies
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Miracle on 34th Street

Whether you want to watch the original 1947 version, or the 1994 update starring Mara Wilson, it’s a win-win. It follows a 6 year old girl who has lost her faith in Santa Clause and a man named Kris Kringle who claims to be the real Santa Clause. A court case ensues to establish his mental health, but it opens the doors for a little bit of faith in the minds and hearts of those who never could believe. This movie will always make us believe in Santa. Always.

Watch it here.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

A Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the tale of Jack, the Pumpkin King, who having just finished a successful Halloween decides that he’s bored of only one holiday a year and begins his plans to take over Christmas too. What ensues is a fantastical story with all of the beautiful and aesthetic elements one can expect from a Burton film.

Watch it here.

Merry Christmas
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While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock stars in this romantic comedy about a lonely, public transportation worker who accidentally gets mistaken for a handsome stranger’s fiancée when he falls into a coma. The amazing ensemble cast who make up the stranger’s family, welcome her into their family with open arms and is probably the main reason While You Were Sleeping is worth a watch every year. Them and a young Bill Pullman.

Watch it here.


The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2

It’s Kurt Russell as Santa Clause. What more do we need to say? The Christmas Chronicles is a Netflix original that takes a brother and sister duo on a magical journey literally. every child in the world could only dream about after trying to catch the real Santa Clause on camera. The sequel just came out in November, and holds all of the fun adventures that the first one nailed.

Watch it on Netflix.

Christmas Movies
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The Preacher's Wife

Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston starred in this remake about the wife of a disillusioned clergyman and their family just before Christmas, and the hope that comes in the form of a visiting angel. The Preacher’s Wife has an incredible ensemble, a riveting soundtrack, and two of the most beautiful people in the world playing opposite each other and they never even kiss. But don’t worry. It’s still a fantastic movie.

Watch it here.

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