18 Ice Cream Spots to Help You Survive Dubai’s Never-Ending Summer

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The Best Ice Cream Shops in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @MartinaPinto

With temperatures still hovering around 43ºC, it feels like Dubai residents have had to master the art of eating their ice cream faster than it melts – which, some might argue, is half the fun. Here, Savoir Flair reveals the city’s 18 best ice cream spots to visit for your next frozen fix, from the traditional flavors of Italian gelato to true feats of experimental gastronomy.


Dri Dri

Playful and bursting with color, Dri Dri offers the best in low-fat flavors and sorbets made from organic ingredients. From the ‘Burro Di Arachidi’ made with roasted peanuts to Dri Dri’s speciality, the ‘Crema’, made with organic egg yolk and lemon zest, these frozen treats are guaranteed to satisfy all sweet-tooth cravings.

The Beach, JBR
(+971) 4 553 0647


Wanna Banana

The “ice cream” at Wanna Banana is made entirely of frozen bananas. Choose from three creamy blends before adding something sweet on top. You can keep things healthy with toppings like almond flakes, chia seeds, pomegranate seeds, and blueberries, or pack some extra protein into your ‘Nicecream’ with a scoop of creamy peanut butter.

Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim
(+971) 56 466 9618

wanna banana ice cream dubai @thenecessities
Photo: Courtesy of @TheNecessities


With locations around the world, from Milan and Paris to Osaka and Dubai, Grom has earned a global reputation for its high-quality gelato and sorbet. Made using fresh milk, cage-free eggs, and cane sugar, a refreshing scoop of old-fashioned gelato from Grom will transport you to the charming cobblestone streets of Italy. We’re partial to the raspberry sorbet with dark-chocolate chips – for obvious reasons.

BoxPark, Al Wasl Road
(+971) 4 344 5574


Morelli's Gelato

Family-run since the early 1900s, Morelli’s Gelato serves traditional and artisanal Italian gelato all over the world. Coined the “Rolls-Royce of ice cream”, it’s all about the quality of the traditional flavors (think: vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio). Morelli’s also offers a tempting dulche de leche sundae that’s worth sinking your spoon into.

Mall of the Emirates
(+971) 56 414 0705

morelli's gelato dubai ice cream sundae closeup
Photo: Courtesy of @I6Aifa

Ice Cream Lab

From the posh streets of Beverly Hills, California, the Ice Cream Lab brings its molecular gastronomy techniques to Dubai. A true made-to-order ice cream, each creation is freshly concocted using liquid nitrogen. Watch in awe as the scientific experiment unfolds and choose from innovative flavors such as the ‘Rodeo Road’, ‘Lotus Experiment’, ‘Affogato Vanilla’, and plenty more.

The Dubai Mall
(+971) 4 330 8831



Located in JBR, South Korean concept Milkcow serves up decadent preservative-free ice cream with a choice of toppings ranging from cotton candy and jelly beans to sea salt and macaroons. Don’t leave without trying the signature ‘Milky Cube’, a vanilla soft-serve with a gooey heaping of sweet honeycomb.

Grand Trident Mall, JBR
(+971) 4 456 9988
milkcow soft serve ice cream candy floss
Photo: Courtesy of @Milkcow_UAE


Experts claim that camel milk contains three times more vitamin C and ten times more iron than cow’s milk – reason enough to give Nouq a try. The premium ice cream is crafted using 65 percent whole organic camel milk, with unique flavors like ‘Umm Ali’ and ‘Mint Tea’ paying tribute to the region’s culinary traditions. Nouq is available at various hotels, restaurants, and retailers across the country. Alternatively, you can have it delivered to your home by clicking here.

Various locations across the UAE
(+971) 52 514 9619



If you’re looking to indulge in ice cream that’s as Instagrammable as it is appetizing, Amorino is just the ticket. Free of all artificial colorings and flavorings, the artisanal Italian gelato is shaped to resemble a rose when you order a cone. You can combine as many flavors as you want, but be sure one of them is the signature, incredibly rich ‘Cioccolato Amorino’ that is made using South American cacao.

Dubai Design District
(+971) 4 557 5084

ice cream cone amorino gelato
Photo: Courtesy of @AmorinoGelato


A hidden gem in the heart of JLT, Succharia serves delicious organic ice cream that is made in Dubai using grass-fed cow’s milk and only the finest ingredients. The creamy ‘Almond Caramel’ and ‘Yogurt’ flavors are especially popular, as is the signature ‘Succhatella’, a blend of chocolate and hazelnut. There are also three flavors of sorbet that are vegan friendly: lemon, strawberry, and mixed berry.

Cluster C, JLT
(+971) 4 426 9062


Eyescream and Friends

Throw a pair of googly eyes onto just about anything and it’s enough to get our attention. The almost-too-cute-to-be-eaten shaved gelato (complete with two candy eyes) by Eyescream and Friends originates in Barcelona and is named just as endearingly – think: ‘Sad Tom’ and ‘Inspector Berry’. Admittedly, it looks better than it tastes, but it’s worth a try for the novelty factor alone.

Dubai Festival City Mall
(+971) 50 653 5777

eyescream and friends dubai ice cream
Photo: Courtesy of @EyescreamAndFriends.UAE

Cone Street

Great Italian gelato served in a colorful, brightly lit ice cream parlor that looks like something straight out of Grease – that’s Cone Street in a nutshell. You’ll find a range of flavors that are free of sugar and dairy, and nothing on the menu contains chemical preservatives or conservatives. It is, however, the quality of the ingredients used that makes all the difference. The roasted hazelnuts and sour cherries are sourced from Italy, the coffee is 100 percent Arabica, and the cocoa is imported from Switzerland and Belgium.

The Walk, JBR
(+971) 4 448 6401



Inspired by the endless nostalgia brought about by childhood memories, Booza serves traditional Lebanese ice cream with truly universal appeal. Choose from fruity options like pomegranate, strawberry, and lemon if you’re on the lookout for something light and refreshing or regional flavors such as ‘Meghli’ and ‘Halawa’ for something a little different. The ‘Ashta’ flavor comes dipped in chopped pistachios and has somewhat of a cult following – and for good reason.

Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai
(+971) 4 453 3131

booza lebanese ice cream with candy floss and pistachios
Photo: Courtesy of @BoozaFrosties


The equation here is a simple one: ice cream sans guilt = frozen yogurt. This Californian fro-yo bar boasts over 100 rotating flavors like ‘Gingerbread’, ‘Raspberry Lemonade’, and ‘Mudpie’. Virtually any dietary restrictions can be accommodated at Menchie’s as you’ll find options that are non-fat, low-carb, gluten-free, or non-dairy. Complement these with naughty or nice toppings of your choice – everything from peanut butter M&Ms and rainbow sprinkles to bananas, fresh berries, and coconut chips is on offer.

The Beach, JBR
(+971) 4 391 6881



You might’ve heard of Scoopi because of its famous ‘Black Diamond’ dessert, which clocks in at AED 2,999/SAR 3,062 thanks to a combination of Madagascan vanilla ice cream, Iranian saffron, Italian black truffles, and 23-karat edible gold served in a Versace bowl. Yes, you get to keep the bowl.

You’ll also find a whole host of other flavors that are both unique and affordable, but we recommend bypassing the menu entirely and opting for the ingenious ‘Chili and Rose’. Another claim to fame for this gourmet store? All its creations are made using liquid nitrogen, producing a smooth and buttery-textured ice cream as a result.

Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 2
800 726 674

indian ice cream rasmalai at scoopi cafe dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @ScoopiCafe

Silk Gelato

If there’s one eatery on this list making a case for gelato over ice cream, it’s Silk Gelato. The frozen treats here contain 50 percent less air than ice cream, resulting in a softer and creamier texture. ‘Ferrero’ and ‘Kinder’ are must-haves for chocoholics, while vegans will find three coconut milk-based options that are suited to their lifestyle: vanilla, avocado, and coconut.

European Business Center, Green Community
(+971) 55 875 7420


Atomic Ice Cream Labs

The craze for rapid-freeze technology continues at this ice cream spot in Business Bay, and your inner child will love the theatrics that come with a thick gust of liquid nitrogen transforming into fresh ice cream. Because the ingredients are adjusted on a daily basis (liquid nitrogen eradicates the need to make ice cream in big batches), no two trips to Atomic Ice Cream Labs will be the same. However, you’re guaranteed a spot of indulgence regardless, courtesy of flavors like ‘Rainbow Cake’, ‘Snickers’, and ‘Salted Caramel’.

Prime Tower, Business Bay
(+971) 4 514 9488

blueberry ice cream atomic ice cream lab @atomicicecreamlab_bh
Photo: Courtesy of @AtomicIceCreamLab_BH

Serendipity 3

On days when calories don’t count, iconic New York eatery Serendipity 3 is the place to go for decadent milkshakes, ice cream sundaes, tarts, and pies, particularly because of the wonderfully whimsical surroundings. While you won’t spot the likes of Justin Bieber or Beyoncé at the two Dubai outposts, you will find seven different variations of the signature ‘Frrrozen Hot Chocolate’ on the menu. Willing to splurge? The ‘Dubai Treasure Chest’ is priced at AED 350/SAR 357 and features an edible chocolate chest that comes packed to the brim with enough ice cream, waffle cones, cookies, and cakes to feed four people.

City Walk, Al Safa
(+971) 4 394 9672


Unicorn Vibes

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.” If these qualify as words to live by in your world, then make your way over to what is being touted as “Dubai’s most Instagrammable spot”. The unique, rainbow-hued treats at Unicorn Vibes are as colorful and kitschy as its interiors – think: flavored waffle cones, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, ‘Unicorn Kiss’ candy, and ‘Unicorn Bark’ chocolate. Start with the ‘Unicorn’ ice cream flavor – a mix of bubblegum and cotton candy – for obvious reasons.

The Vogue building, Business Bay

ice cream with unicorn topper unicorn vibes dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @Unicorn.Vibes.Sweets

Promo Photo: Courtesy of @ohhcouture

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