The Undisputed List of Best Ice Cream Joints in Dubai

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Photo: Courtesy of Magnum

With the sweltering summer upon us, our cravings for the best ice cream in Dubai have soared. In order to find the best of the best, we made it our personal mission to sample everything from traditional Italian gelato to unexpected flavors and true feats of experimental gastronomy. And it’s a task we would gladly do all over again.


Bouzet Jeddo

You could sample just about anything at the family-run Bouzet Jeddo and get a sense of nostalgia – you know, that elusive homemade taste that ice cream parlors simply can’t cop? The name of this Lebanese brand quite literally translates to “grandpa’s ice cream”, so regional flavors such as mango, mulberry, and pomegranate are done to perfection. Oh, and absolutely all are entirely devoid of preservatives. We recommend starting with ‘Ashta’, a flavor that pairs mastic with pistachios and sahlab – and wins rave reviews every time.

Cluster X, JLT
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Brooklyn Creamery

Brooklyn, NY is a foodie haven, a place where outside-the-box entrepreneurs develop dishes that are destined to be classics. It’s also the birthplace of some of the world’s best vegan ice cream, so it makes sense that some of the tastiest, healthiest, and creamiest ice cream in the UAE hails from Brooklyn Creamery. The company began as a small ice cream parlour in Brooklyn and has expanded worldwide, finally landing in Dubai this year.

We’re super fans of Brooklyn Creamery, and have to stop ourselves from ordering a pint of vegan ‘Chocolate and Coconut’ a day. Trust us, you won’t miss dairy-filled versions at all. Meanwhile, their regular ice cream is also out-of-this-world delicious, and boasts 50% lower in calories than premium ice cream brands, with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, and up to 60% lower fat content.

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Canvas Gelato

If you’ve ever devoured the decadent ‘Churro Ice Cream Sandwich’ at Maiz Tacos or returned to Kaffe Bloom just for the ‘Affogato’, there’s a reason – the ice cream comes courtesy of Canvas Gelato. Meticulously handcrafted here in the UAE, this artisanal ice cream brand doesn’t have a physical outpost yet, but you can get tubs of its crowdpleasers delivered straight to your doorstop. The latest range is inspired by breakfast favorites, so expect flavors like peanut butter and jelly, avocado, and karak to make 2020 a year that’s slightly more bearable.

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Photo: Courtesy of @canvas.gelato


With locations around the world, from Milan and Paris to Osaka and Dubai, Grom has earned a global reputation for its high-quality gelato and sorbet. Made using fresh milk, cage-free eggs, and cane sugar, a refreshing scoop of old-fashioned gelato from Grom will transport you to the charming cobblestone streets of Italy. We’re partial to the raspberry sorbet with dark-chocolate chips – for obvious reasons.

Multiple locations across Dubai
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The UAE has its own homegrown mochi ice cream brand – much to our delight – and it continues to satiate with an ever-evolving roster of unconventional flavors, combining the best of Japan and the region into one perfectly bite-sized treat.

Multiple locations across Dubai
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Photo: Courtesy of M’OISHÎ

Morelli's Gelato

Family-run since the early 1900s, Morelli’s Gelato serves traditional and artisanal Italian gelato all over the world. Coined the “Rolls-Royce of ice cream”, it’s all about the quality of the traditional flavors (think: vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio). Morelli’s also offers a tempting dulche de leche sundae that’s worth sinking your spoon into.

Multiple locations across Dubai
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Ice Cream Lab

From the posh streets of Beverly Hills, California, Ice Cream Lab brings its molecular gastronomy techniques to Dubai. A true made-to-order ice cream, each creation is freshly concocted using liquid nitrogen. Watch in awe as the scientific experiment unfolds and choose from innovative flavors such as the ‘Rodeo Road’, ‘Lotus Experiment’, ‘Affogato Vanilla’, and plenty more.

The Dubai Mall
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Inspired by the endless nostalgia brought about by childhood memories, Booza serves traditional Lebanese ice cream with truly universal appeal. Choose from fruity options like pomegranate, strawberry, and lemon if you’re on the lookout for something light and refreshing, or regional flavors such as ‘Meghli’ and ‘Halawa’ for something a little different. The ‘Ashta’ flavor comes dipped in chopped pistachios and has somewhat of a cult following – and for good reason.

Multiple locations across Dubai
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booza lebanese ice cream with candy floss and pistachios
Photo: Courtesy of @boozafrosties


Experts claim that camel milk contains not only less calories and lactose than cow’s milk, but also three times more vitamin C – reason enough to give Nouq a try? The premium ice cream is crafted using 65 percent camel milk, with flavors like ‘Honey Saffron’ and ‘Arabic Mastic’ paying tribute to the region’s culinary traditions. You can find Nouq at various hotels, restaurants, and retailers across the country, but home delivery is certainly a tempting alternative when you would rather stay put.

Various locations across the UAE
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If you’re looking to indulge in ice cream that’s as Instagrammable as it is appetizing, think Amorino. Free of all artificial colorings and flavorings, the artisanal Italian gelato is shaped to resemble a rose when you order a cone. You can combine as many flavors as you want, but be sure one of them is the signature, incredibly rich ‘Cioccolato Amorino’ that is made using South American cacao.

Multiple locations across Dubai
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ice cream cone amorino gelato
Photo: Courtesy of @amorinogelato


A hidden gem in the heart of JLT, Succharia serves delicious organic ice cream that is made in Dubai using grass-fed cow’s milk and only the finest ingredients. The creamy ‘Almond Caramel’ and yogurt-based flavors are especially popular, as is the signature ‘Succhatella’, a blend of chocolate and hazelnut. There’s also a handful of sorbet flavors that are vegan-friendly.

Cluster C, JLT
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Cone Street

Great Italian gelato served in a colorful, brightly lit ice cream parlor that looks like something straight out of Grease – that’s Cone Street in a nutshell. You’ll find a range of flavors that are free of sugar and dairy, and nothing on the menu contains chemical preservatives or conservatives. It is, however, the quality of the ingredients used that makes all the difference. The roasted hazelnuts and sour cherries are sourced from Italy, the coffee is 100 percent Arabica, and the cocoa is imported from Switzerland and Belgium.

The Walk, JBR
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You might’ve heard of Scoopi because of its famous ‘Black Diamond’ dessert that clocks in at AED 2,999 and comes complete with a Versace bowl. However, we suggest you skip the splurge and give the recently introduced ‘World Flavors’ menu a try. This rather cosmopolitan collection borrows flavors from the likes of India, Japan, America, the Philippines, and more to create ice cream like nowhere else – read: the sweet and spicy ‘Kachi Keri’ ice cream made using raw mango, ‘Dark Chocolate with Wasabi Cream’ that’s so wrong it’s right, and ‘Coconut Ash’ that (rightfully) screams #pinoypride.

Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 3
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Photo: Courtesy of @scoopicafe

Silk Gelato

If there’s one eatery on this list making a case for gelato over ice cream, it’s Silk Gelato. The frozen treats here contain 50 percent less air than ice cream, resulting in a softer and creamier texture. ‘Ferrero’ and ‘Kinder’ are must-haves for chocoholics, while vegans will find coconut milk-based options that are suited to their lifestyle – vanilla, avocado, and coconut included.

European Business Center, Green Community
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Meet the wild child in town. At iScream, novelty is the name of the game, with the regional likes of ‘Tabbouleh’, ‘Emirati Coffee’, ‘Halawa’, and ‘Umm Ali’ residing on the menu alongside ‘Curry’ and even ‘Flaming Wasabi’. They do, after all, “promise to do things the loud way”. And regardless of the weather, we’re dubbing the ‘Screamelon’ filled with soft serve a no-brainer.

La Mer Central, Jumeirah 1
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The equation here is a simple one: ice cream sans guilt = frozen yogurt. This Californian fro-yo bar boasts over 100 rotating flavors like ‘Gingerbread’, ‘Raspberry Lemonade’, and ‘Mudpie’. Virtually any dietary restrictions can be accommodated at Menchie’s as you’ll find options that are non-fat, low-carb, gluten-free, or non-dairy. Complement these with naughty or nice toppings of your choice – everything from peanut butter M&Ms and rainbow sprinkles to bananas, fresh berries, and coconut chips is on offer.

The Beach, JBR
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