How to Do Mykonos Like a Savoir Flair Editor

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Photo: Courtesy of Aetherial Images/Shutterstock

Famous all over the world for its rolling hills, turquoise blue waters, and party-hard attitude, Mykonos can also offer a more sophisticated holiday experience. Discover how to do this Greek island like a Savoir Flair editor, courtesy of picks from Features Editor Dylan Essertier’s recent trip.

Where to Stay: Myconian Utopia Resort

If you’re a fan of design-y luxury boutique hotels and killer views of the Aegean Sea, the family-owned Myconian hotel group boasts five hotels, all within just nine minutes of Elia beach, one of the most pristine beaches in Greece. Each is set at a different price point and features its own unique personality. I can personally attest for two of the properties.

The Avaton, the most recent of the five hotels, channels a swanky night club feel with its bright-red pool loungers and infinity pool that lights up with stars come nightfall. For the most premium of the portfolio, opt for the Utopia. Here, the abundance of white furniture, reed-thatched roofs, and lightwood accents alongside a peppering of Chanel coffee table books around the lobby make for a shabby-chic aesthetic that is delightfully Hamptons-esque.

Myconian Utopia Resort
Tel: (+30) 2289 076060

Photo: Courtesy of Myconian Utopia Resort

Where to Eat: Sea Satin Market

If your idea of this island is windmills and Cycladic clusters of white-washed cottages, dinner at Sea Satin Market will fulfill all of your Mykonos musings. Located in Little Venice – the island’s most famous part – this seafood restaurant is perched on a waterfront peninsula just outside the city’s most adorable town and easily one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun set over the island. It really doesn’t get much fresher than seeing the fish that you’re about to eat over ice as you walk through the entrance of the restaurant. Come hungry.

Sea Satin Market
Tel: (+30) 2289 024676

Sea satin Market Mykonos
Photo: Courtesy of Greek Travel

Where to Beach: Kalo Livadi and Psarou

There is no shortage of picturesque beaches on which to take in the crystal-blue waters of Mykonos, but there are many different ways to experience them. For a laidback afternoon, head to Solymar for lunch before sprawling out on Kalo Livadi beach, where attentive waiters will be on hand to take your sundowners order. For a more, let’s say, ‘upbeat’ afternoon, head to Nammos Restaurant by the Sea on the beautiful Psarou beach. One of the most famous beach resorts in Europe, it promises gorgeous people and some of the world’s most renowned DJs.

Tel: (+30) 2289 071745

Nammos Restaurant by the Sea
Tel: (+30) 2289 022440

solymar mykonos
Photo: Courtesy of Solymar

Where to Dance: Scorpios

On a craggily rock in the southern part of Mykonos is the uber-chic Scorpios restaurant. This bohemian haven is a great place to grab dinner before heading to the dance floor for an all-night party. If you decide to visit Scorpios by day, be sure to check out its concept shop, which features a selection of handwoven cover-ups imported from Mexico. Note that these items are pricey, just like the Scorpios menu.

Tel: (+30) 2289 029250

Scorpios Mykonos
Photo: Courtesy of TravelPlusStyle

Where to Day Trip: Delos Island

If you’re looking to add a little culture to your Mykonos holiday, take a ferry to the nearby Delos island, the mythological birthplace of Apollo. Book a short tour through Delos Tours – visiting with a professional guide will satiate your hunger for history as they’ll provide context for the island’s many ruins. Oh, and the views from the island are spectacular.

Delos Tours
Tel: (+30) 2289 023051

Delos Island Mykonos
Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia
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