True Life Story: I Went to a Dubai Crystal Healer

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Here at Savoir Flair, we pride ourselves on being trend forecasters. So when crystals started appearing everywhere from the Dinner Club By No.57 collaboration with Noor Fares to being mentioned in celebrity interviews with Madonna and Victoria Beckham as vital parts of their health and wellness routines, our curiosity was officially and utterly peaked. Why had crystals suddenly become the fashionable spiritual cure du jour?

And so my crystal healing journey began where any good journey begins these days, with a hasty Google search. In no time, I came across Dubai-based The Third Eye center, whose website reads: Going Inward, Reflecting Outward. Admittedly, for most of us, including myself, the new year brings about the promise of a fresh and healing start, and crystal healing, despite my realist disposition, sounded rather comforting and in line with my resolution-setting state of mind to conquer my — as the kids these days would say — #LifeGoals of inner balance and utter serenity.

I intentionally did not do much research prior to finding myself at The Third Eye on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is located in Saeed Tower above Nandos and KFC. (Fried chicken with a side of spiritual healing? This already felt like a win-win). Once I entered the center, located on the 11th floor of the skyscraper, I was asked to take off my high heels and was given a pair of plaid slippers in their place. Once fully inside, I began taking in the purple-clad center, including lilac furniture, curtains, and walls, which I was later explained was a color chosen for its associations with peacefulness, compassion, and inner wisdom.

Fried chicken with a side of spiritual healing? This already felt like a win-win.

I was then greeted by Abeer Ayash, the co-founder of The Third Eye, who explained that the center, which was one of the first of its type in Dubai, currently operates with 20 trained practitioners across various healing disciplines, including theta healing and hypnotherapy.

“Crystals are living, powerful things. They come from the ground and radiate frequencies of bio-energy that can impact human beings, especially if you have certain blockages in your chakras,” Abeer explained to me when I asked her why she believes crystals have become such a trendy alternative medicine technique. “Crystals have always been an important part of history. Why do you think kings wear crowns made of diamonds and gold? There’s a chakra, known as the crown chakra, that is thought to connect one with God. Gold crowns act as funnels to connect kings with a higher power. Gold is a powerful source of energy, and diamonds are magnifiers of that energy, so this practice was born out of the power of crystals”.

As if on cue, my crystal healer, Ania Shnyukova, entered the room. She led me from the center’s main reception area to one of The Third Eye’s two treatment rooms. Inside, I noticed several large canvases of artwork for sale, which Ania explained are created by resident therapists and visitors as part of The Third Eye’s art therapy program. We sat across from each other before Ania took out a small pouch with seven crystals in it, which she then laid out on the table for me to look at. “Each stone corresponds to a chakra,” Ania explained. “The stones can be used to energetically influence the senses, balancing the body and mind.” For those who are unfamiliar with the seven chakras (I know I was), the short-and-sweet version of this is that the seven chakras are said to be connected to the seven layers of one’s aura, broken down in the following categories: the root chakra, the navel chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the brow chakra, and the crown chakra.

I was surprised that Ania did not ask for any information about my emotional or physical state prior to instructing me to lie down and placing the seven crystals from my head to my waist. “Now take three deep breaths,” Ania instructed. “Close your eyes and breathe out your negativity with each exhalation. It’s okay to fall asleep.” So with my best efforts, I tried to breathe out the bad and channel any and all healing vibrations coming my way. In my half-awake-half-asleep state, I do believe that I started to feel a pull of energy around my throat and heart — however, like most alternative therapies, I didn’t know if it was my brain or the crystals that brought about these feelings. I did not open my eyes throughout the treatment, but I could feel that Ania was near me throughout the hour-long session, moving her hands over me.

When our session ended, Ania explained that she would now take the crystals, which were filled with “my negativity”, and wash them in salt water before placing them in the sun to be re-energized. Several days later she checked in on me via Whatsapp to see how I was doing since our session. And I must say, when I thought about it, I really appreciated the opportunity to leave the real world and enter the alternate crystal-verse for an hour. Was I a changed woman? I’m not sure, but I surely will think twice — and deeply about what my chakras require — before purchasing my next piece of crystal jewelry.

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