Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Hair Loss

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Hair Loss Tips
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Is your hair falling out in handfuls? Are you seeing more scalp and thinning hair than a year ago? Female hair loss is an increasing problem worldwide. “We are all familiar with male hair loss and thinning as it’s more visible, but a significant proportion of women suffer from it too,” says esteemed trichologist Philip Kingsley.

While female pattern baldness is often blamed on aging, a study by L’Oréal actually found that a sixth of women had experienced thinning hair before their 30th birthday due to stress and work-life pressures. “Female pattern baldness seems more prominent in the Middle East,” comments UAE hair expert and scientist Lars Skjoth, founder of Harklinikken, a hair-loss clinic in Dubai that offers various treatments to treat female pattern baldness and hair thinning. “There are certain conditions that may aggravate this type of hair loss, such as nutrition deficiency, environment, climate, desalinated drinking water, and head scarves.”

Repair Dry Hair Tips
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A sixth of women had experienced thinning hair before their 30th birthday due to stress and work-life pressures.

A woman’s hair can thin for a variety of reasons. It’s often hereditary, but it can also be due to a number of factors such as nutrient deficiencies, an underlying medical problem, or hormone imbalances such as diabetes or a thyroid problem. “Poor diet, stress, and contraceptive pills can also be to blame as these all influence the hormones in the body to some degree,” says Skjoth.

The way you style your hair can also affect hair loss as overexposure to harsh chemicals and heated styling tools, as well as hair extensions and weaves that have been put in too tightly, can all cause your hair to break and fall out. “We see several thousands of these cases yearly,” adds Skjoth.

If it’s happening to you, we’ve got the lowdown on what you can do about it in addition to the latest treatments and products that might help. Read on to discover what they are.

Get an Expert Opinion

“Hair loss is extremely complicated, and the unfortunate aspect is that the person is not aware that their hair is thinning until they have lost 15 percent of volume, which means it started long before they noticed it,” says Kingsley. “And sadly, many women don’t do anything to address the problem, perhaps as they feel too embarrassed to seek help.”

If you notice that your hair is thinning, it’s vital to get a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist, qualified hair expert, or trichologist so you can treat the problem accordingly. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. “The earlier we see it, the better,” says Skjoth. “In many cases, we can reverse the problem 100 percent.”

Supplement Your Diet

Healthy hair comes from a balanced diet that is nutrient dense, but as the hair follicle is one of the last tissues in your body to receive nutritional substances, specific deficiencies can affect the hair. Because hair is mostly protein, this is an important area of your diet, so make sure you’re eating plenty of protein-rich foods such as eggs, beef, chicken, quinoa, and organic soy.

Other ingredients such as essential fatty acids, biotin, and zinc are also vital for hair growth and preventing brittle, unhealthy-looking hair. Worried your diet isn’t keeping your tresses in optimum health? Then boost it with a hair supplement such as Viviscal. Boasting A-List fans including Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, and Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s proven to reduce hair loss by working from the inside out, combining all the nutrients vital for a healthy head of hair.

Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Hair Loss

Viviscal ‘Hair Growth Programme’


Dubai Supplements


Increase Your Iron Levels

A common trigger for hair loss can be an iron deficiency, as iron binds ferritin, a protein that helps build healthy hair cells and guards against premature shedding. Fruits and vegetables can be good sources of iron, so make sure you load up on plenty of dark, leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. In addition, foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, and peppers can help increase the absorption of iron into the body.

Invest in the Right Hair Care

Don’t just use any old hair products and hope for the best. Instead, thicken up thinning, sparse strands with a specially formulated re-densifying treatment, like Philip Kingsley’s ‘Trichotherapy’ regime. This innovative three-step daily program provides instant volume and root lift, improves hair and scalp health from the inside out, and encourages healthy hair growth.

Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Hair Loss

Philip Kingsley ‘Trichotherapy’

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Massage Your Scalp

When you massage and stimulate your scalp, you’re actually helping to enhance blood circulation, which is key for preventing hair fall, as well as easing tension. For an easy-to-do natural remedy, try massaging your scalp with black sesame oil as it nourishes locks and provides them with life whilst promoting new hair growth.

Avoid Chemicals

Many women and some medical experts blame the water in the UAE for contributing to hair loss. Chemicals such as calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, and silica can build up on the scalp and hair, thereby causing dryness and hair shedding. Try installing a shower filter that will remove traces of harmful chemicals and deeply cleanse the hair regularly with a detox shampoo, such as the Christophe Robin ‘Clarifying Shampoo’ to remove any chemical build-up that might contribute to shedding hair.

Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Hair Loss

Christophe Robin ‘Clarifying Shampoo’



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