How to Get the Perfect Summer Look with Tom Pecheux and Dolce & Gabbana

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Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

Inspired by the colors and prints of Dolce & Gabanna’s summer collection, makeup maestro Tom Pecheux has created the Summer Shine beauty collection to perfectly complement this season’s trends. Focusing on bold colors and dazzling brights, it brings the heart of a Mediterranean summer to your beauty bag, with blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, fragrance, and nail lacquers. Speaking exclusively to Savoir Flair, Pecheux tell us about his inspirations for the collection and gives his tips and tricks on how to create a stunning summer look with Dolce & Gabanna makeup.

The Summer Shine collection focuses on bold colors and dazzling light. What was the inspiration for this look?
The collection recalls the glamor and sensuality of Mediterranean summers. Each color and shade is inspired by the beautiful colors and dazzling light of the Mediterranean summer, from the blue flowers painted on white ceramics of Capri, to the light blue hues of the sky and sea, as seen in the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance campaign. Delicate shades of peach and apricot, inspired by ripe summer fruits, feature alongside warm sheer reds reminiscent of evening sunsets. Blue flowers are a recurrent theme in the prints of Dolce & Gabbana’s summer collections, too.

What are the key color trends we will see this summer?
This season, shimmering Mediterranean-inspired colors, such as light blues and warm reds, feature across makeup and fashion. Beautiful bright shades will be paired with nude tones to create dazzling yet wearable looks. Light blue is a key shade this season and you can experiment and have fun by pairing with complementing colors such as matte fuchsia and pale orange for an on-trend, fresh summer look. Matching your lip color to your nail color will also be a key trend this season, and bold, bright reds continue to be a staple look throughout the summer months. I would recommend pairing the Dolce & GabbanaNail Lacquer in Sheer 628’ with the same summery red of the ‘Shine Lipstick in Sheer 130’. Experiment and have fun with color; the only limit is your imagination!

Do you have any insider tips on application that you can share with us?
I would always recommend using a Dolce & Gabbana Retractable Lip Brush to apply lipstick. This allows you to achieve a precise application and it helps keep the lipstick in place. It’s also much easier to blend, so you can create a softer look, too.

Can you tell us how to achieve a luminous Mediterranean summer glow?
There are a few key products within the Dolce & Gabbana Make Up line to create and perfect the summer glow. First, prepare the skin with the primer, which hydrates, protects, and illuminates the skin. To add brightness, follow with the new ‘Illuminator in Luna 4’, the perfect touch of light for any look. One trick I recommend is combining the Illuminator with a bronzer and powdering the entire face with a brush, as this will achieve an overall warm glow. Then sweep theBlush in Apricot 27’ across the cheekbones from just above each eye toward the lips for a radiant, sun-kissed glow.

What are your recommendations for bringing to life the ‘colors and texture’ trend this season, using the Summer Shine collection?
The ‘Eyeshadow Duo in Summer Hue 104’ features light blue paired with matte fuchsia, designed to complement each other perfectly for a warm, Mediterranean summer look.  The new Dolce & Gabbana ‘Shine Lipstick in Light Blue 185’ is also a great choice. If you prefer more natural and warmer shades, you can opt for the ‘Shine On 75’, a pale orange with a golden sheen, and ‘Sheer 130’, a vibrant, transparent red. Both these delicate hues can take you from an effortless daytime look to a glamorous evening style. Match your nails to your lip color with ‘The Nail Lacquer in Sheer 628’ and the summery red of ‘Shine Lipstick in Sheer 130’.

What makes the Summer Shine collection stand out from the crowd?
Its bold and beautiful colors are inspired by Mediterranean summers and each color and shade has been carefully chosen and selected to reflect this. Light blue is perfect for those who seek adventure and like to stand out from the crowd, the peach and apricot shades work well for those who love to relax with friends on the beach, and the bold, bright reds are ideal for those who love a glamorous summer’s evening look that shimmers.

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