Shourouk and Sephora Join Forces: The Designer Talks Exclusively to Savoir Flair Ahead of the Launch of the Collection

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Ahead of the launch event on February 11, Tunisian-born accessories designer Shourouk spoke to Savoir Flair’s Soraya Sawan about her latest venture: a collaboration with beauty giant Sephora. The two brands have come together to create a line of eyeshadows, blushes, and nail polishes with soft and bold hues that work from day to night. The best part? Shourouk also included a unique jeweled pouch, a headband, and a ring in the collection.

Read on to discover how the collaboration came about, what’s in Shourouk’s makeup bag, her best beauty secrets, and more.

Congratulations on this exciting collaboration with Sephora! Tell us, how did it come about? How long had it been in the works?
Thanks so much! It all started because I am a makeup addict and I love collecting eyeshadows, just because I love their colors. It was always my dream to have my own makeup collection and, thanks to Sephora, my dream came true! You never really know how long you work on a specific collection; a collection always starts from a new technique, which drives the creative process. From that moment, I think it was about three or four months before the idea materialized. We started following the color codes of Shourouk and keeping in sync with the Sephora kitschy vibe, until we finally saw the birth of this capsule collection, for morning-to-night makeup.

What were your thoughts when Sephora first approached you?
I was so excited, especially as it was one of my dreams to have my own makeup collection. Knowing Sephora, I knew they where going to be able to understand my trademark and share my attention and love for colors. They helped me express my love for colors in a different and creative way!

What has it been like working with Sephora?
Just perfect. They are a lot of fun! Sephora as a brand in itself is very relatable – the products, packaging, everything! All of us have a little Sephora something in our bags, and it’s so cute. Sephora is all about innovation and prestige cosmetics. And I love their passion and the fact that they are playful; they allow their customers to touch and experiment. I loved working with them!

Are you the kind of woman who can’t leave the house without makeup on, or do you tend to only wear makeup on special occasions?
I will openly admit that I won’t leave the house without makeup.

Do you have a signature makeup look?
It’s the red lipstick look, I think!

What’s in your makeup bag?
Eyeliner, mascara, the illuminator ‘Touche Éclat’ from YSL, and some blush. I also own so many lipsticks! I can’t stop buying them. I have one in every bag, in my makeup bag, in the pockets of my coats, and you’ll even find them in the kitchen! All are more or less the same color, a vibrant red-orange. Some are a little more orange, some are more red, but overall the same. I am obsessed with them!

What beauty product can you not live without?
Since my mantra is to have a clean face, I can’t live without the Sephora ‘Detoxifying and Oxygenating Bubble Mask’. When you have it on your face, the gel turns into a thousand micro bubbles and tickles you.

Do you have any beauty secrets to share with our readers?
One beauty secret is my mom’s illuminating and detox mask! She’s crazy about biology and always prepares something natural for me, like masks mixed with papaya, strawberry, banana, and olive oil. Another beauty secret is the ‘Acqua di Rose’ (rosewater) by Santa Maria Novella – I love its delicate scent and the way my skin shines naturally afterwards. And my ultimate secret is: just be yourself!

As an accessories designer collaborating with a beauty brand, how important was it for you to also include some actual accessories in the collection?
The most important thing for me was to recreate the sparkling stones and the shining side of my jewels in the capsule collection, for a morning-to-night makeup collection of soft shades for the day and glitter-glam shades at night. That’s why we have a lot of technicolored pastels, but also the metallic shades. With the blusher brush, it couldn’t be more perfect. We even added jewels that you can take off and wear as a ring.

Like your designs, the ‘Shourouk for Sephora’ collection is bold and colorful. What three words would you say best describe the special collection?
Seventies hippie-chic.

How do you think the Middle Eastern consumer will receive your collection?
I hope beauty addicts will love my collection as much as I enjoyed creating it. We are looking at a vibrant, savvy market that loves vibrant colors, so I would say, “Middle East, let’s get bling!”

Do you have plans to roll out another collection with Sephora?
Never say never…

Jewelry, bags, shoes, and now makeup. What’s next for Shourouk?
Coming soon is my first line of jellyfish sandals, because even at the beach you need to be sparkling. They have crystal flowers and butterflies… #plasticisfantastic! They will be in stores very soon.

Photos: Courtesy of Sephora

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