An Interview with Freja Beha Erichsen: The Supermodel Talks Travel, Adventure, and Having 16 Tattoos

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Photo: Courtesy of Hugo Boss

Freja Beha Erichsen is not only a famous model, a classic Danish beauty, and an intelligent, individuated thinker, but she’s also the new face of ‘Hugo Woman’, Hugo Boss’ newest scent release. The fragrance celebrates passionate, adventurous women who love to travel and experience the beauty of the world. In this interview with Erichsen, she discusses her new role, her penchant for Tolstoy, her love of far-flung locales like Kenya, and more. Get to know the inspiring model by reading Savoir Flair‘s interview with her below.

As a model you have to adopt lots of different styles, but how would you describe your own individual style?
I tend to wear the same kind of uniform – lots of blacks, olives, indigo, grays, and shirts, jeans, pants, and T-shirts; a very simple uniform attire. There’s nothing better than to put on jeans and a T-shirt. It’s easy! I don’t really dress up; it’s just what I like to wear.

What is the creative inspiration behind your tattoos?
They come from lots of different places over a period of time and what feels natural. I have 16 tattoos. They are quite small; that’s why you can’t see all 16. They’re all personal.

What kind of music do you like?
I listen to lots of Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Smiths, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin. I also love Radiohead, PJ Harvey, and Bjork.

What’s the most unexpected thing that’s happened to you?
Managing to get a ticket for the Rolling Stones gig in Hyde Park one day before the concert last summer!

When or where do you feel your most creative?
If I’ve been somewhere in nature for a couple of days alone – no phone, not having spoken to anyone, not having done anything.

What’s your one piece of advice to embrace life?
I have a friend who always says, “Put on your ‘yes’ hat!” It’s just to embrace life and to not be afraid to do things outside of your comfort zone. Just jump into things.

What do you love doing in your down time?
I love reading. I read a lot. I’m reading Tolstoy at the moment. I’ve just read War and Peace and now I’m reading Anna Karenina. I love hiking and walking too, just being out in nature.

Where’s the most unexpected place you traveled to or visited?
I had a job in Kenya and it just blew my mind. I’d never been to Africa before, and I stayed an extra eight days after the job and saw a different part of Kenya, including a visit to the slums in Nairobi with Doctors Without Borders. It was interesting to see the big difference within a country, which you wouldn’t necessarily see as a tourist. The people are so nice and the nature made me feel so small, as the landscape is so massive and the animals are so big. It’s completely different to the nature I’ve seen and so different to Denmark, where you are by far the biggest thing. You might see deer, but they won’t get anywhere near you. In Kenya, all of a sudden you have giraffes or a herd of buffalo walking beside you. It’s a completely different setting!

Where is your favourite place in the world?
There are many actually. Denmark, obviously, is one of them, as it’s my homeland and the vegetation I’m used to. England is fairly similar, and the countryside especially is so beautiful. Kenya is another. I really love the South of France. There are so many beautiful places!

Are there any places you’d love to visit?
Iceland. I haven’t been there yet, and that’s somewhere I’d love to explore. It looks so beautiful from what I’ve seen and heard from people who have been there.

How often do you return home?
I go home every season. I miss my family and my good friends. I grew up north of Copenhagen and in Copenhagen.

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