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Every week, Dubai is bombarded with yet another gym, a new fitness concept, or the opening of another healthy eatery in the city. Women in yoga pants queue at Starbucks for a non-fat, sugar-free, dairy-free, ice-blended Americano, Paleo breakfast cafés have longer wait times at the door than a nightclub, and a catch-up with the girls now revolves around trading fitness accomplishments. ‘I did eight burpees in 30 seconds!’ says one. ‘I did a triathlon before breakfast,’ says another.

Washboard abs are now standard. Mandatory even. The cool set has traded heels for sneakers and can be spotted rocking Nike ‘Flyknits’ with a sleek cocktail dress or tailored suit. Fitness has become more than just about being healthy and looking good – it’s a lifestyle choice that influences the daily decisions we make. Every bite we eat, every breath we take, every moment we take to de-stress and de-compress all contribute to our holistic wellbeing. And flat abs.

With so many workout options, conflicting information about food, diets, and weight loss, and the never-ending pressure to look good, it can be hard to find the program that’s just right for you. Enter OP Lifestyle.

Conceptualized and designed by Matt and Carolyn Coe, OP Lifestyle has a unique and holistic approach to fitness, wellness, and health. BRAINMASS is an acronym for a system they’ve developed to sum up the different facets that they believe every human needs to be fit, healthy, and happy – a system that is tailored to suit the lifestyle and needs of each individual client who comes to OP Lifestyle.

  • B = Biophilia
  • R = Rest
  • A = Activity
  • I = Interaction
  • N = Nutrition
  • M = Mobility
  • A = Attitude
  • S = Stimulation
  • S = Supplementation

“Even with more health clubs and fitness centers than ever, people are more unfit, sick, and overweight than ever before. Dubai has shocking statistics for health, stress, and obesity. A facility like this is progressive, proactive, and ideal for people who want a lifestyle change with all the solutions under one roof,” says Carolyn Coe, CEO and Business Director of OP Lifestyle.

Indeed, even the interiors of the OP Lifestyle center are designed to give clients their fix of ‘biophilia’; trees, grass, butterflies, sounds of nature, and even animated skies ensure that clients get the restfulness and sense of being with nature even in the midst of a concrete jungle. This isn’t a facility where anyone can walk in and join a class. This is a specialized center for individuals who are looking for total health and fitness in mind, body, and spirit. Sure, there’s a well-equipped gym that is designed to resemble a park playground for adults and is filled with the latest equipment – colorful kettlebells, swings, ropes, Indo boards, space hoppers, and even props that Matt Coe has invented himself so that endless workout combinations can be created based on a client’s fitness level and goals – but OP Lifestyle is a whole lot more than that.

Every client is put through an extensive assessment before any sort of diet, exercise, and supplementation program is advised. The assessment covers the testing of antioxidant levels, eye and hand coordination, injuries, stability, reflexes, attitude, stress factors, emotional needs, motivations, current fitness level, weight, measurements, and body-fat percentage statistics. It also includes identifying muscle and joint weaknesses. The information is then used to build a program for the individual with set goals and target dates by which to achieve them.

In the case of two members of the Savoir Flair team, a program was designed – slightly differing for each – with the objective of gaining muscle tone and losing body fat over the course of three months. This involved three weekly sessions in the OP Lifestyle gym with two personal trainers, a course of supplements to follow, diet recommendations, and monthly check-ins to record progress. It also included corrective exercises for joint issues and rehabilitation work to strengthen muscles that had weakened from previous injury. One of them was also prescribed a 12-week course of OP Lifestyle’s SkyRocket sessions – one-on-one counseling sessions with Carolyn Coe to help overcome stress and emotional issues and to develop healthier ways of thinking and coping with demanding people and situations.

Make no mistake though – the workouts at OP are very much one of the facility’s key selling points, and they are not for the faint-hearted. A typical one-hour session consists of a warm-up, four rounds of a strength-training circuit involving large muscle groups, and a killer cardio circuit to finish – all designed to elevate the heart rate, build strength, and improve stability and balance.

Within three months, both Savoir Flair members had dropped to below 18 percent body fat, developed a penchant for heavy weightlifting, improved sleep quality, and broken poor food habits. Overall health scores, coordination, balance, reflexes, and antioxidant levels had also improved month on month.

Being a client of OP Lifestyle teaches you that fitness is more than just about working out. It’s a lifestyle that factors in the way that you think, feel, breathe, eat, sleep, and move. Visible results are simply the end product of living a healthy lifestyle and, while both our staffers are proud of their six packs, they are more proud of their new lifestyles and the knowledge they have gained.

To book a free trial session and avail a special 50 percent discount on your first month membership, call OP Lifestyle on (+971) 4 365 3399 or visit

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