Lift It High: La Mer’s Latest Innovation and Essential Skin-Lifting Tips

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Photo: Courtesy of La Mer

Lines, wrinkles, and dark spots have always ranked high on people’s list of skincare concerns, but it would seem that times are changing. “We’ve been witnessing something very interesting over the last five years or so,” said Sarantis Tsimilimis, the Regional Skin Director for La Mer. “It started in parts of Asia. Women were saying ‘I’m okay with lines and wrinkles, but I’m not okay with my skin losing volume, elasticity, and firmness.’ Skin ends up looking tired and, as a result, you would feel tired.” This obsession with firmness and lifted contours went to extremes in areas in the Far East such as South Korea, where women were resorting to invasive surgery to recreate the V-shaped jaw, chin, and cheek look. This spread to Japan, China, and eventually filtered through to Europe and the rest of the world.

Recognizing the rising interest in definition and contouring, the experts at La Mer worked on developing a product that they would be able to offer their consumers (a.k.a. the world’s die-hard skincare enthusiasts) and that would result in dramatic changes in the shape, definition, and contour of the face, all the while maintaining the DNA of the brand, the beloved Miracle Broth. “The Miracle Broth is able to carry a tremendous amount of cellular energy, which allows the skin to repair itself much more effectively,” revealed Tsimilimis. “We started searching around the globe for ingredients that would help skin that was losing its structure and elasticity. We searched far and wide, but there was one little gem that seemed to shine more brightly than the others. It was a brown perennial algae that we found off the coast of Brittany.” The waters in this part of the world are not only pristinely clear, but also subject to extreme changes in temperature, which means that plants in these waters thrive under extreme conditions.

After years of extensive research, the La Mer brains discovered that this brown algae, which was already widely used in the French pharmaceutical industry, had profound effects on aged cells that were already damaged. It restored some of their energy and prolonged the cell life expectancy. Combined with blue algae and marine peptides, the results were impressive. It also hailed a new addition to the La Mer skincare family in the form of the Lifting Contour Serum. Aside from the exciting science behind this innovative skin saver, the silky hydrating texture and invigorating citrus oil fragrance make for an indulgent experience in line with the brand’s luxurious skincare ethos.

Read on for Sarantis Tsimilimis’ top tips on maintaining skin firmness during the upcoming warmer summer months.



During the summer, cell turnover slows down. The complexion becomes oilier and the sun thickens the epidermis, meaning the skin needs to be exfoliated more frequently than in the cooler winter months. Use a gentle exfoliating cream twice a week to slough away dead skin cells. This will leave the face smoother and brighter.


Use a Firming Serum

Apply a firming serum such as the Lifting Contour Serum, morning and evening. For the first time, La Mer has collaborated with celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech to develop an exclusive facial massage technique, akin to a deep tissue massage for the face. Take a few minutes to try it for yourself. Join your thumb and first two fingers together and gently press and release in an upward motion from the base of the neck to your forehead.



Use a lighter texture of moisturizer that won’t slide off your face in the heat. The Soft Crème has an easily absorbed gel-cream formulation, which is ideal for humid climates.


Apply Sunscreen

A high SPF is a must in a sunny climate. We’ve created an exciting new sun-protection product, specifically with Asia and the Middle East in mind. It has SPF 50 and contains the Miracle Broth, meaning it nourishes as well as protects. Moreover, it isn’t greasy or opaque on the skin, which makes it an excellent primer for your makeup. After applying all your other skincare products, press the sunscreen into the skin with your fingertips.

La Mer Lifting Contour Serum, AED 1,580, available at Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates.

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