Meet the Next-Generation Products Finally Changing the Way We Treat Acne

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If you thought acne belonged back in high school and that your days battling breakouts were behind you, think again, because adult acne is on the rise. According to research conducted by Tanologist, searches for ‘how to cure acne fast’ are up by a whopping 300 percent, and acne now affects over 90 percent of people around the world, with one study finding that 85 percent of women have it as adults.

“Breakouts occur regardless of your age and are caused by several factors including stress, change in hormones, use of wrong skincare products, and diet,” explains Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, Co-Founder of 111Skin. “The most common explanation for the increase of acne derives from a surge in hormones (which occurs in both teenagers and adults). This surge causes the glands to produce too much oil, which blocks the pores”.

The use of the wrong products really stresses out the skin, in turn causing so much more than just breakouts. We’re talking sensitivity, redness, uneven texture, and dull, dreary complexions. Not ideal. For years, acne-specific products were actually doing more harm than good, stripping skin of moisture and loading it with harsh, often unnecessary ingredients that caused a whole load of problems, and – you guessed it – more spots. Pretty counterproductive, right?

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“There’s a lot of miscommunication that skin that breaks out is the toughest of skins, so many products created for blemishes are very drying and can leave skin sore and red,” explains Amanda Bell, Director of Artistry and Education at Pixi. “There was a time when people were on a quest for higher percentages and more actives, and it was counterproductive because they were creating sensitivity they didn’t have previously. We’ve actually found that skin that breaks out is really compromised, so we wanted to create a base that was all about hydration and soothing”.

Dr. Alexandrides agrees, telling us, When treating acne, it’s important to look for active, targeted ingredients that work harmoniously to balance, nurture, and clarify. Some acne-based formulations can be incredibly drying, which can be counterproductive; dehydrated skin will often overcompensate for excess dryness by triggering an increase in sebum production, which can then lead to an even bigger breakout”.

Thankfully, there is a new class of skincare that aims to tackle the issue of acne once and for all. Say see-ya to spots and bye-bye to breakouts with these next-generation skincare lines that help heal, treat, and prevent pimples whilst showing your skin some much-needed love.


Pixi’s new ‘Clarity’ range features a curated selection of skin-clearing products that blend the best of science with natural ingredients. “Rather than these 15-step skincare routines, go back to the basics and use a couple of extra things as and when you need,” recommends Bell. “There’s a misconception that people with acne have this rhinoceros hide, super oily, resilient skin, when it’s the absolute opposite. So, we used hydrating, soothing ingredients including aloe vera, probiotics, Centella Asiatica, and licorice, which are all very calming, soothing, and anti-inflammatory. Then we wove in actives, so you get the soothing hydration and the results”.

Combining these nourishing ingredients with powerhouse actives including salicylic acid, vegan lactate from sugar beets, glycolic acid, and niacinamide, there’s everything you need to perfect and protect your pores – cleanser, tonic, moisturizer, and targeted serum included. Plus, thanks to Mother Nature’s finest, the other concerns that go alongside breakouts (redness and soreness) are visibly soothed and reduced, making Pixi’s products the perfect pick to treat acne naturally.


A firm favorite amongst the A-list elite, 111Skin’s products combine doctor-backed science with top-quality ingredients to treat skin effectively yet gently, and its ‘Clarity Collection’ is no exception. Formulated to meet the needs of his clients and the rising levels of adult acne, Dr. Yannis focused on naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients that target blemishes and impurities while helping balance and calm the complexion – salicylic acid, rosemary extracts, and kojic acid included.

Boasting everything from a gentle exfoliating cleanser to an anti-blemish tonic, breakout-busting booster, skin-clearing supplements, a whizzy new liquid mask, and – of course – a spot-stopping sheet mask, each product has been carefully created to clear the skin and treat and prevent breakouts without stripping skin of its natural good bacteria. As Dr. Yannis tells us, “What makes our products unique is that they are designed to both cure and prevent blemishes, and they can be used on the body (for example, the back or chest) as well as the face”.

Peace Out

Cult skincare brand Peace Out is taking the beauty world by storm, busting breakouts and tackling pimples one patch at a time. In fact, its innovative and nifty spot solutions are so good that it’s the number one acne brand in America. True story. Its mission is simple – to bring peace back to your skin through fun but effective products that fuse high-performance actives with clean, good-for-you ingredients and playful products.

Not only is there a dual-exfoliating balm that cleanses and clarifies, but there’s also a super-charged acne serum packed with zinc and vitamin C to treat breakouts while brightening. And, of course, its sell-out patent-pending spot stickers that absorb oils, impurities, and bacteria while forming a protective power to help heal pimples, fast.


When it comes to skincare that blends science with nature, it doesn’t get much better than Scientia. One-hundred percent vegan and cruelty-free, its clever creations prove that both avocados and acids work, bringing you the best of both worlds to each shelfie-worthy pastel purple product. Pretty and powerful? You better believe it.

The new ‘Pure Clarity’ range cares for congested, acne-prone skin with a gentle, healing touch without compromising on blemish-busting action. How? By combining detoxifying and purifying powerhouses with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial ingredients to soothe, reduce redness and swelling, and protect against future breakouts. The PHA-rich face wash gets deep down into pores to decongest and calm sans dryness, whilst the glow-getting toner uses 2.5 percent gluconolactone, succinic acid, aloe, chamomile, and green tea to plump, protect, and boost radiancy. Plus, there’s the ‘Blemish Paste’ packed with calamine, zinc, and clay to draw out impurities and diminish pimples with just a dab.

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