This Beauty Brand Uses 400 Million-Year-Old Fern — and It’s Finally in Dubai

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royal fern skincare dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @royalfernskincare

Read the label of pretty much any skincare product these days, and you’re bound to see at least one botanical booster or plant extract of some sort. But how many boast the beautifying powers of a 400 million-year-old fern? Bet that got your attention.

The brainchild of renowned German dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke, Royal Fern launched following years of research into the healing and protecting properties of this humble household plant. Able to withstand drastic climate changes and even natural disasters, the evergreen Royal Fern is extremely resistant to UV radiation, pollution, and environmental aggressors, and it’s able to retain a lot of moisture. In a nutshell – it’s Mother Nature’s secret to achieving younger-looking, brighter, more hydrated skin. Even better news? The brand is now available here in the Middle East. Finally.

royal fern beauty dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @royalfernskincare

“I see a lot of patients from the Middle East in my clinics in Munich and London, and it was always important to me to bring Royal Fern here as well,” Dr. Golueke tells Savoir Flair. “I see huge potential and the demand for a luxury skincare line such as mine. When it comes to me, I have always loved Dubai and now have a personal connection to the region.”

Read on to find out Dr. Golueke’s top skin tips and tricks and why the fern is bound to become your face’s new best friend.


Using plants in beauty is all the rage. Why the Royal Fern?
I chose fern because it has multi-beneficial benefits for the skin. Fern prevents and reduces hyperpigmentation, stimulates collagen production, helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and strengthens the resilience of the skin against harmful environmental factors such as pollutants and UV radiation.

What other ingredients should we be using?
Good antioxidants are key, like vitamin C or green tea. I love hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for moisturizing benefits, and vitamin A can help with acne and aging. This always depends on the individual skin type. No one rule applies to everyone.

How do you think the pandemic has changed people’s approach to skincare?
People are even more concerned about their skin than before. They are keen on doing something good for themselves and their skin at home. There is also major concern around the eyes, as these are even more in focus due to the masks we wear every day.

Speaking of masks, what can do to combat maskne?
Maskne is one of the new skin problems, however, you can do a lot at home to improve this skin condition. I recommend not to use a rich cream in the morning and to wear only a serum under your mask, for example.

In the evening, a thorough cleansing is necessary, and peelings with fruit acids can help against the impurities. If there is no improvement over a longer period of time, you should consult your dermatologist.

royal fern Dr. Timm Golueke
Photo: Courtesy of @royalfernskincare

What’s more effective – a stripped-back routine or the 10-step SoKo ritual?
I prefer a care regime with fewer steps, but with products that can do many things at once. Our Royal Fern products are true multi-taskers and easy to use.

How do you balance the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures – e.g. Botox and fillers – with the need for natural-fueled products?
I think the mixture makes the difference. Treatments achieve no effect if you do not properly care for the skin at home, and vice versa.

There is also a trend towards more naturalness in treatments, if you will. PRP – using the patient’s own blood – is currently very popular, as one’s own bodily substances are being injected.

What lifestyle habits can really affect the skin?
Too little sleep, stress, smoking, and poor nutrition are also reflected in the skin.

Are there any application techniques that can maximize the effect of skin care products?
I am a huge believer in lymphatic drainage and to train the face muscles. It can really improve your appearance.

Secondly, if you apply your products to damp skin, you will maximize the effect. Damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing whatever comes its way.

Photo: Courtesy of @royalfernskincare

What’s the biggest concern amongst your clients?
Adult acne and rosacea are very common. Besides that, aging is always a concern, along with hair loss.

Debunk the biggest skincare myth you’ve ever heard.
That your skin adapts to products you use and eventually stops working. As long as you’re applying what is healthy for your skin, it remains healthy. You may see skin stop improving as much as it initially did, but it will still work!

What are the biggest mistakes women make with their skincare?
Using too many products at once and switching back and forth between products too often. Give the products time to work. Our natural cell renewal process is four weeks, so this should always be kept in mind. 

If you weren’t a dermatologist, what would you be and why?
An artist for sculptures as I love to work with my hands and see results. That’s what I love about being a dermatologist as well!

Complete the sentence: To me, beautiful skin is…
Healthy and radiant.

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