Here’s the Only Place You Can Find the Worldwide Launch of Rose Hermès

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Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

Walking into the luxury wing of the Mall of the Emirates where the iconic Fashion Dome is located, you’ll spot a signature shade of orange. Even without exterior logos or branding, you know instantly what that orange hue signals: Hermès. The new Hermès pop-up is the only place in the entire world where visitors can experience the brand new ‘Rose Hermès’ beauty range right now, with Dubai given the prestigious honor of debuting its worldwide launch 10 days before the rest of the planet gets it.

To experience the pop-up in person, we went with influencers Basma Hamze and Dee Mohamud to see things through their eyes. “It’s a bit mysterious,” Basma said about the logo-less exterior of the pop-up, “It makes you wonder what’s going on inside. What is Hermès up to?” 

After the runaway success of its first beauty chapter, ‘Rouge Hermès’, the second chapter of the Hermès beauty journey unfolds inside of the circular pop-up. Inspired by the silk metier for which the luxury house is renowned, eight shades of ‘Rose Hermès silky blush’ have appeared. The timing of the launch proves serendipitous, as the beauty world’s biggest obsession of the moment is blush – and all of the new ways you can wear it. Why does ‘Rose’ follow ‘Rouge’ in the Hermès beauty chapter? For the house, it is an everlasting code that stands for emotion, and this collection is all about bringing emotion to the face.

Rose Hermes
Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

The highly-pigmented formulation of ‘Rose Hermès’, which is a powder blush, is completely buildable. There are also deeper shades that act as contouring accents, adding depth and dimension to the face. The idea is that a single swipe can give your face that instantly illuminated healthy glow, or you can add a few extra layers to deepen and change it, according to your tastes.

Dee was instantly drawn to the shade ‘Rose Feu’, which is a deeper red, as well as the poppy pink of ‘Rose Pommette’. “These are perfect for my skin tone,” she raved. Dee also pointed out that with a little lip balm, you can add the blush to just the center of your lips to give a cool, modern ombre effect. 

Basma, meanwhile, had trouble picking a favorite, “It’s between ‘Rose Abricot’, ‘Rose Blush’, and ‘Rose Tan’ for me, but I would use ‘Rose Tan’ for contour,” she explained.

Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

With COVID regulations being observed, Hermès found a brilliant solution for trying on the blushes without actually putting them on your skin. The key activation of the pop-up is the Silhouette Booth, where an artist observes your profile and then cuts it out of paper. Then a professional makeup artist matches you to your ideal shade, and applies it to the paper cut-out. Et voila! Now you not only have a great idea of how the blush looks on your face, but you can have a cool keepsake to take home with you as well. Another special offer only at the pop-up is a full beauty consultation, which offers a bespoke shade match, paired with one of three rosy lip enhancers.

But, what would a sublime blush be without a brush to apply it? Hermès has also introduced two elegant new blush brushes, which is artisan made from an atelier that has been creating brushes since 1739. A natural bristle ensures that the perfect amount of pigment is picked up by the brush each time you use it. 

To find your perfect shade of blush from the ‘Rose Hermès’ launch, and experience both chapters of the Hermès beauty journey, visit the Mall of the Emirates pop-up from now until April 15. 

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