Rasasi Perfumes Celebrates Spring Scents on International Fragrance Day

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Rasasi Perfumes
Photo: Courtesy of Rasasi Perfumes

Chilly breezes and foggy mornings are officially behind us as Earth spins into spring. As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter many of us here in the UAE are already mentally preparing ourselves for the scorching summer heat, but not before we celebrate the last remaining vestiges of spring. Clear skies and fresh flora and fauna are blossoming, and injecting nature with bright hues that make the world feel a lot more cheerful. While the predominantly hot weather in the region rarely allows us to enjoy spring in its full bloom (pun intended), Rasasi Perfumes promises us an year ’round (olfactory) spring experience with its most exquisite floral fragrances. 



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Rasasi Perfumes – one of the most significant perfumes houses in the region – is celebrating International Fragrance Day by capturing the essence of spring into its gorgeous perfume bottles. Sprayable blends of nature’s finest ambrosial elements housed in Rasasi’s signature glass bottles allow users to carry around the scent of spring wherever they go. Have you ever wondered about the ingredients that go into your favorite bottle of perfume? As a part of its International Fragrance Day celebrations, Rasasi has unveiled the most popular flowers used in perfume creation. Meticulously sourced from around the globe, Rasasi’s exceptional fragrances are formulated with a few key botanical ingredients. 

Jasmine – labeled as ‘la fleur’ in the perfume industry – is highly sought after for its sweet, refreshing scent. Jasmine is at the heart of many of Rasasi’s bestselling fragrances such as the ‘Qasamat’ collection and the ‘Sutoor Raa’ perfume. Another fundamental ingredient to the alchemy of perfumes is the rose. Crowned as the “queen of flowers”, roses are blended into a variety of Rasasi’s fragrances such as ‘Junoon Velvet Pour Femme’, ‘Junoon Satin Pour Femme’, ‘Oudh Al Boruzz’, and ‘Rooh Al Assam.’ Recognized for its calming and soothing aroma, lavender is another popular flower in the fragrance industry. Often blended with patchouli, bergamot, and neroli, lavender has emerged as a symbol of health and happiness. A number of Rasasi perfumes are infused with lavender including the ‘Sotoor Waaw’ and the ‘Sotoor Taa’ perfumes.

As a part of its International Fragrance Day Celebrations, the Rasasi Perfumes is offering one lucky winner a chance to win its extraordinary fragrances. Answer the question below to enroll yourself into the competition.

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