I Got a Face Tattoo, and I Liked It

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Photo: Courtesy of Chantelle Kemkemian

“Hey baby, guess what? I just got a tattoo… on my face!” 

On the receiving end of that Whatsapp message my unsuspecting husband responded with an appropriate set of emojis, “😧🤨😱”.

I had always planned on getting a tattoo or two. I had them planned; I knew where I would place them. But as I got older, I found myself unable to commit to their permanency. When I visited Brau – the brow and lash service studio beloved by local VIPs, influencers, and celebrities – for a consultation, I wasn’t intending to get anything permanent. As a natural blonde, my brows are barely visible without the aid of tinting, brow pencils, and brow gel. Not only were they pale, they were also sparse with a distinct gap on the left inner corner.  It was a constant concern for me. Even if I wasn’t wearing any other makeup, I’d always have my brows done, otherwise, my face just looked weird – like it was missing something important. When I relayed my brow tribulations to Carla Lewis, the resident brow pro at Brau, she asked how I wanted my brows to look. I love the brushed-up trend, and have been a fan of lamination ever since I first tried it last year. Carla heeded my preferences and then suggested something unexpected: ‘Ombré Brow Microshading’. 

This semi-permanent treatment is less harsh than traditional microblading, and looks softer and more natural. It follows the color transition of the eyebrow, which is lighter at the front and becomes darker near the tail. Carla showed me her book of examples, and I was in love with the finished look. Not only were brows utterly transformed, but they were natural looking, and they lasted that way for a year. I was sold.

Before Carla started the ‘Ombré Brow Microshading’ treatment, she applied numbing cream to my brows, but I swiftly learned something important about my skin. My skin turns bright red at any kind of touch and then quickly fades back to normal. “You have sensitive skin,” Carla informed me. “That means you have more blood vessels near the surface of your skin, and more blood vessels means more nerve endings.” It took three applications of numbing cream before I couldn’t feel the blade. Lesson learned.

As a consummate perfectionist, Carla took her time to carefully map the geometry of my new brows, to make sure they were symmetrical with the rest of my face. She also took her time filling them in with the organic pigments, stopping occasionally to show me the progress. She has a firm hand, and worked swiftly and expertly, taking care to fill in the aforementioned gap and to create a soft ombre at the beginning (widest part) of each brow where I had no hair growing at all. Afterwards, she threaded my arch to clean it up, and produced a mirror for me to see the finished look. I was astonished. Naturally, the depth of color would fade by as much as 60% over the next few weeks, which is why it looks so dark in the above photo. In my mind’s eye, I saw what it was going to look like, and I loved it.

Aftercare is a vital step if you go the semi-permanent route. It’s important to never touch your brows or get them wet. It can be tricky in the shower, but I found tilting my head way back to shampoo and condition was an easy way to keep my precious brows away from water. Carla also gave me an aftercare kit with a cream to apply at morning and night. Occasionally, the cream would build up, so I would swipe it away with a dry, clean cotton pad. They itched a little bit as they healed, but I resisted the temptation to scratch at them.

One month later, and I’m so happy with the results. I still giggle over the fact that my first “tattoo” was my eyebrows, and how easy it was to prank my husband into thinking I had turned into Post Malone overnight. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Book an appointment with the knowledgeable professionals at www.Brau.ae or call +971 50 403 7551.

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