I Tried the Hollywood-Favorite Cryo Facial, and It Totally Lives up to the Hype

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Cryo 'Slim' Facial
Photo: Courtesy of @portermagazine

What do Jennifer AnnistonKate MossJessica Alba, and Demi Moore have in common? They are all huge fans of cryotherapy. With more and more celebrities including the noninvasive treatment in both their beauty and wellbeing routines, recently, Cryotherapy has become a beauty buzzword.

After (quite literally) freezing my face as part of the Cryo ‘Slim’ facial, I now completely understand Hollywood royalty’s obsession. The results of the celebrity-favorite treatment are miraculous, immediate, and lasting – which I didn’t believe until I tried it.

But, before I get into that, let’s backtrack. What exactly is cryotherapy?

Understanding Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, also known as ‘cold therapy’, includes a range of non-invasive treatments that use controlled cooling to boost overall health and metabolism, target and freeze unhealthy fat cells, increase collagen production, and lift, contour, and tighten the skin.

Cryotherapy also includes several recovery treatments aimed at relieving pain and cellular healing. Cryotherapy – especially the Cryo ‘Body’ treatment – is massively popular among athletes and sportspeople. The immersive treatment, which requires you to stand in a small chamber and expose your body to extreme temperatures ranging in between 110 degrees Celsius and 140 degrees Celsius, helps relieve muscle pain, accelerate recovery, reduce stress, and boost one’s immune system. Thankfully, the facial that I tried at Cryo, Emirates Towers was a lot less intense. Phew.


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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Cryo 'Slim' Facial

The Cryo ‘Slim’ facial that I tried (and loved) included the use of subzero temperatures across my face for 45 minutes. Yes, I quite literally froze my face and I enjoyed every bit of it. I know what you’re thinking: does it hurt? I couldn’t be happier to break it to you… no, the Cryo ‘Slim’ facial does not hurt – not even the slightest bit. Think of it as rolling an ice pack over your face, or sticking your face into the freezer. If only sticking my face into the freezer yielded the same results. Remember the miraculous results I mentioned earlier? I left the facial room with a firmer, plumper, lifted, more contoured and glowing face – all in a matter of 45 minutes. So, how exactly does the facial yield these incredible results?

Cryo 'Slim' Facial
Photo: Courtesy of @cryo

How It's Done

After carefully wiping my face clean of makeup, the facialist began the treatment that – unbeknownst to me up until then – was going to transform my skin. First, she applied a gel which she explained to me works as a conductor allowing the facial tool to glide smoothly over the dermis. She then pumped the temperature up and gently rolled the Cryo ‘Slim’ facial tool over my face, treating me to what I can describe as a relaxing, warm, facial massage. But, things were soon about to get chilly – really, really chilly.

After a few minutes of enjoying the warm massage, the facialist then drastically lowered the temperature of the facial tool an entire seven degrees Celsius. “Wow, that’s kind of cold,” I remember thinking as she pressed the cold metal globe against my face. As I lay there, the facialist continued to make gentle but firm upward strokes on my face, freezing the toxic fat cells underneath my skin and encouraging my facial muscle and tissues to remain lifted. After a few minutes of cold-pressing my face, she then turned the temperature down – way down. As the freezing Cryo ‘Slim’ facial tool – now set at minus four degrees Celsius – smoothly glided over my face, I remember wondering why I ever felt nervous about the “cold” bit of the facial.

After about half an hour of freezing, lifting, and contouring my face, the facialist turned the temperature up again. She warned me that the sudden temperature change might make my skin feel a bit itchy. I, however, did not feel anything unusual. After a few minutes of the warm massage, my very first Cryo ‘Slim’ facial came to an end. While I was informed that multiple sessions of the treatment are required to get the optimal results, looking in the mirror, I gasped – my face already looked visibly lifted and contoured. Not only did the Cryo ‘Slim’ Facial exceed my expectations, but it very much lived up to the hype.

The Cryo ‘Slim’ treatment can also be localized around your belly, arms, and legs to tighten the skin, flush out unhealthy fat cells, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Considering a cryo treatment? Book it here.

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