Morning Routine: How Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan Starts Her Day

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justine marjan
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

Successful people around the world have their morning routines down to a fine art. So just how does celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan start her day? Savoir Flair gets a peek into her morning rituals, from where she seeks inspiration to her love of baking, and her top hair tips and tricks.

Now that I’m pregnant, I get up very early because my biological clock has me up at 5am, but usually, it’s around 6.30-7. I’m definitely a morning person and I like to get up early. I feel really energized and the most productive first thing. Also, if I have things I need to do, I like to get them done in the morning. Whether that’s working out or going for a walk. That way I get it over with and I feel good for the rest of the day!

First, I always cuddle my dog — a cute mini Goldendoodle called Cashew — because he sleeps in my bed. After that, I check my phone. I know it’s a bad habit… I check emails and then Instagram. I love Instagram for inspiration, and I love seeing what other influencers are doing. There are a lot of people I follow for inspiration, and some just because I like their pages. I love The Birds Papaya, Brittany Xavier for fashion, Not Skinny But Not Fat for celebrity gossip, and then I check my own notifications. I don’t do TikTok in the morning because you have to have sound on, so I usually go on that later in the day.

justine marjan morning routine dog
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

I make a green juice every morning. It’s a mix of celery, apple, ginger, cucumber, and lemon or lime. Then I make a collagen almond milk latte. We got a Breville espresso maker a few months ago and I’m obsessed with it. I make a regular espresso — although it’s been decaf since becoming pregnant — and then I add almond milk that I steam to make a latte and a scoop of Olly ‘Collagen Peptides Powder’. Right now, I’m also taking the Olly prenatal supplements, but when I’m not pregnant they have a bedtime beauty one I take. I also love their collagen gummy rings.

Breakfast changes depending on the day. I love baked goods, so if I have time, I bake something. Like this morning, I made a gluten-free vegan zucchini bread. If I don’t have time, then my husband will usually make us eggs, or I love cottage cheese with toast or lemon yogurt with berries. It’s always something light in the mornings.

justine marjan
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

I have a stationary bike, so I normally do a Peloton workout in the morning. But now that I’m at the last stage of pregnancy, I’ve backed off that. Otherwise, I’ll go for a walk with my husband and dog. We live in quite a hilly neighborhood and I love walking up and down the hills. I also do yoga, but since studios have been closed, I do Zoom classes. I have a yoga ball and hand weights as I like to explore different at-home workouts. Fiit is good for streaming, and I also follow Christine Bullock, who has these short, amazing 20-minute workouts that you can squeeze in. She posts them on her Instagram and she also has them on an app called The Fit On.

I really enjoy my peace and quiet in the morning, so I don’t listen to music, but sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast because then I feel like I’m being really productive! [Laughs]. I like Marianna Hewitt’s new podcast Life with Me, I also like Hillary Kerr’s Second Life, and I’ve been listening to some pregnancy ones, too, like Deliciously Ella’s Changing The Birth Narrative.

I only watch TV at night before I go to bed. I just watched the movie I Care a Lot with Rosamund Pike, which was really good. She’s so good at being creepy! [Laughs].

justine marjan morning routine workout
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

I shower in the mornings if I sweat a lot from my workout. I love the Necessaire ‘Body Wash’, it’s so good, and I love Lather – they make a great body scrub. I also have the OLEHENRIKSEN ‘Lemonade Smoothing Scrub’ in the shower for my face. Honestly, I’m a product junkie. I love everyone else’s chic, minimalist bathrooms, but I have about 1,000 products in my shower! Including my loofas and this cute new razor I got from a brand called My Billie.

I always keep a WetBrush in the shower for detangling. I use that to brush through my conditioner to make sure it’s fully saturated. I let that sit for a few minutes and I brush when I rinse it out, too. It really helps get the conditioner really soaked in and you don’t have to worry about tangles so much when you get out of the shower.

I wash my hair once or twice a week, not every day, because I have really coarse hair — so it’s better if I don’t wash it all the time. I love the TRESemmé ‘Moisture Rich’ shampoo and conditioner. It’s been great for keeping my hair super hydrated and healthy, especially now that it’s so much longer. I think we’ve all been stretching out our salon appointments. If you’re even able to get one at all! The TRESemmé ‘Moisture Rich Mask’ is also really great.

Sometimes, before I shower, I’ll do a pre-shampoo oil treatment. I usually use an at-home oil for that, like castor oil, jojoba oil, or sesame oil. You can use coconut oil, but I think that’s best for curly hair. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll leave that in for 15 minutes to an hour before I shampoo. I also always use a microfiber towel instead of a regular one. It makes such a big difference to your hair health.

justine marjan morning routine hair tips
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

It’s so funny because I’ve actually been styling my hair more than ever over the past year. I think I’ve just been more inspired because I’m filming more content from home, and I have more time in the mornings because I’m not always rushing to go somewhere! I love the TRESemmé ‘Pro Pure Leave-In Conditioner’, and I’ll work that through with my WetBrush, always brushing from the ends upwards so I don’t cause damage to the hair. Everyone should do that. It makes me cringe when people brush from the roots down because you’re just going to cause breakage. Hair is so fragile when it’s wet!

Then I blow-dry with the GHD ‘Helios’ hair drier. It’s their newest one and it’s so great and dries hair super fast. If I have time, I like to do a round brush blow-dry. It just holds the best for me. I always prep my hair with the TRESemmé ‘Extra Hold Mousse’, as it gives hold and volume.

I’m also a skincare junkie. Lately, I’ve been using a Sonya Dakar toner and then the Versed ‘Antioxidant Oil-Serum’. I love the Summer Fridays ‘Cloud Dew Cream’ as it’s so light, and I also use the Summer Fridays cleanser in the shower. I love the new Shani Darden eye cream that just came out, and I use the Sonya Dakar ‘Organic Omega Oil’ over everything. For lips, I use the Tatcha ‘Lip Mask’ – it’s so good.

I also love skincare devices. I have an LED face mask that I use when I have time in the morning, and I love the Nurse Jamie ‘UpLift Beauty Roller’, which I use after I apply my skincare. I also just got the Dermaflash, which I use once a week to keep my skin really smooth.

I like to get ready for the day and wear makeup, especially if I have a Zoom meeting or if I’m filming something for social media. I love a lot of clean beauty brands when it comes to both makeup and skincare. I love the ILIA foundation, Laura Mercier’s ‘Translucent Powder’, KKW for blush and lip liner, and the Buxom Cosmetics plumping lipsticks. For mascara, it’s Armani and for eyeshadow, I love the Makeup by Mario palette.

I just got the Tom Ford ‘Bitter Peach’ perfume, which has an amazing citrusy scent. That’s my favorite fragrance.

Nowadays what I wear is so different. Thankfully, athleisure is really in right now, which has been really helpful since I’m pregnant! [Laughs]. I’ve definitely invested in a lot of sweatsuits over the past year. You can make a sweatsuit look really chic if you add nice jewelry, have your nails done, and wear a cute bag and cute shoes. That’s my go-to. But when I’m not pregnant I love following all the fashion bloggers and influencers for cute clothing tips, and I think some of them have really great clothing lines. I love Song of Style’s line for Revolve, and also Camila Coehlo’s collection.

“It’s fun to see what the trends were 20 years…You can really get inspired by older generations”.

Beauty trends, fashion trends… everything is cyclical. I’m really inspired by old movies and old magazines. It’s fun to see what the trends were 20 years ago, because now they’re back in style! You can really get inspired by older generations, which I think is really fun. Old cinematography is just so different, and it makes you think in a totally different way. I also love foreign films for that, like French New Wave.

On the digital side, Pinterest is so great for inspiration. TikTok has been really interesting because the platform is so different, and I think people feel a lot freer on there. There’s a lot of creative expression on it, whereas sometimes I feel like Instagram is a lot of the same.

justine marjan morning routine style
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

I have a calendar that’s like my Bible. If something’s not in it, it doesn’t get done. That’s the only way that I can stay organized. I really don’t like routine, to be honest. That’s why I think this lifestyle really works for me. Usually, I’m traveling all the time and I’m constantly on the go and every day and every job is different, which I like. Otherwise, I get really bored. I don’t feel as creative when every day is the same. But I have those few things every day that really keep me healthy, like exercising and my green juice.

I like to do mantras and positive affirmations in the morning when I’m doing my makeup or skincare. And, as I said, if I wake up early, I love to get as much done as I can as it’s when I have the most energy, so I also like to clean!

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