Morning Routine: How Makeup Artist Hindash Starts His Day

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hindash morning routine
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

Successful people around the world have their morning routines down to a fine art. So just how does makeup artist Mohammed Hindash start his day? Savoir Flair gets a peek into his morning rituals, from his trusted grooming routine to his go-to playlist, and how he juggles creating a brand and inspiring content.

I’m quite an introverted, creative person, and most of my creative workflow happens at night. But, unfortunately, I do like to wake up early, so I’m often really tired halfway through the day! 9 a.m. is the average time I get up. Not too early, not too late. A lot of my work aligns with the US, which is why I stay up late. Also, because I have to find the right balance so all my followers can see what I’m posting. I don’t want to post when a different region is asleep, so I try to do it around 11 p.m. People in Dubai don’t sleep early!

I don’t wake up with a burst of energy. I need my coffee, silence, and alone time. I like to take my time to get ready. The first thing I do is check my phone. Again, because a lot of what I create gets posted late at night, I have a lot of catching up to do. I don’t sit on my phone for hours, but I’ll do a quick scroll.

I actually follow a lot of food videos on YouTube because I find them really relaxing. I’ve gotten really into watching skincare content too, and skincare has become a big passion of mine, especially during COVID. I’ve really nailed down my routine and have worked out what I like and what products work for me. I think that’s why skincare really boomed. No one was worried about what they looked like, and no one was getting ready for anything!

hindash makeup look
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

In terms of accounts, I love following my friend Susan Yara. Also, Skincare by Hyram – he’s amazing. I find it therapeutic watching someone get ready, whether it’s skincare or makeup. It’s entertaining as well as educational.

I’ve never really received negative comments, but I do see a lot on other makeup artist’s accounts. The only negative thing is that people want to see fewer models and more real people, and I’ve really pushed for that. I would love to work with more everyday women and men, but I have to bear in mind that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera.

The everyday Arab woman has really conceptualized the idea of beauty, and it’s much more sophisticated and understated.

When I first started my platform, it was mainly Arab women. I feel like in the height of Instagram makeup, everything was so heavy, and there was a stereotype of women in the Middle East loving heavy makeup. But I feel that now, the everyday Arab woman has really conceptualized the idea of beauty, and it’s much more sophisticated and understated. They’re also very knowledgeable when it comes to makeup. So, I tried to break that and show the world what the everyday Arab woman looks like.

hindash morning routine makeup
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

Once I’m up, I have my coffee. I have it black, either iced or hot, or I have an almond milk iced latte, which I had today, and it killed me! [Laughs]. Because I’ve been so excited with the announcement and the reveal, I think I’m good for energy, so maybe I just needed a matcha.

I also let my two dogs out. They follow me everywhere and do whatever I do! Right after lockdown, I got my longhaired chihuahua, Cosmo, because I wanted Timmy to have a brother, but Timmy hates him [laughs]. Timmy is like a lazy housecat; he just doesn’t do dog things. Cosmo is like my baby, he’s so, so cute. I’m already ready for another dog! They just make me happy.

I don’t really work out. I tried last week and I was sore for the entire week! So that didn’t end well for me… but I do want to get into something like Pilates. I love being at the pool and swimming, so I’ll do that more now the weather is so amazing.

Sometimes I’ll have breakfast, sometimes I’ll wait for lunch. I’m a creature of habit, so I’ll go through a phase where I just have bagels the whole time. If I have avocado toast, I’ll have it for three months and then I’m like, okay maybe it’s time to try something else… I take omegas, a potent vitamin c and turmeric, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. I’ve gotten back into vitamins now I’m almost 32 and I’m doing so much. I need to put good things back into my body.

hindash morning routine dogs
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

Then I jump in the shower. I’ve been using Molton Brown shower gels for over two years and I can’t go back. I didn’t think shower gel could be that special, but it is! My favorite is the ‘Rhubarb and Rose’ because I like very fresh, crisp scents.

I usually have four face washes that I rotate around my bathroom, so one stays in the shower, one’s by the sink… I’m not that picky with face wash, I just like a nice foam, but the one I use in the shower is less stripping because it’s the morning and I don’t have anything on my skin. I’m on my third bottle of the SkinCeuticals ‘Simply Clean’, and I also use Drunk Elephant because it’s more hydrating.

Once I’m out of the shower, I’ll use a vitamin C. I’ve tried so many but the SkinCeuticals ‘CE Ferulic’ is the one. Then I’ll use a hyaluronic acid serum, which is either Dr. Barbara Sturm’s or SkinCeuticals again. I’ll assess how my skin feels before I moisturize. I’m picky because I’m combination and sensitive, so I can break out and get really oily. I love the SkinCeuticals ‘Triple Lipid Restore’ cream. I thought it would be too heavy, but it really restores the skin’s barrier. Biossance is another brand I love, but I can’t find it in Dubai, so I order it. I’ve also been using Drunk Elephant, I really like that brand.

Usually, that’s where I stop, but I do use sunscreen if I’m going out. My favorite is the Elta MD ‘Clear’. But I don’t really leave the house. I’m such a homebody. I could stay at home for two weeks straight and be fine with it. It’s a bit nuts! I have my studio at home, all my equipment is here, and I have a beauty room which is basically a mini Sephora [laughs].

I’m very particular about scents, and I love finding new niche fragrances and brands. I like to mix, so depending on my mood I’ll use Escentric Molecules first, and then I like to go in with something else. I love orange blossom, and I love iris, which is quite powdery. I’ve used the Prada iris fragrance for a while. Also, Tom Ford’s ‘Oud Wood’, when mixed with the Eccentric Molecules, makes for such an interesting scent. I want to collect all of the Tom Ford perfumes because they look so good!

I wear makeup if I’m filming or have a meeting. I use concealer, a bit of powder because I’m oily, a brow product…anything that makes me look more polished. Maybe a bit of blush or bronzer to help me look like I’ve been out in the real world! [laughs]. I like the Fenty cream bronzers because they’re so light and you can’t go overboard, and the Nudestix cream blushers are amazing. I think NARS nailed its concealers – I love the ‘Soft Matte’ one. It’s so underestimated. You can sheer it out, you can build it up, it’s great for blemishes and under eyes. I use my personal products up until they’re totally done – I’ll hit pan on each one!

I’ve been passionate about makeup since I was a child. I found a strong link between beauty and my artwork when I started drawing faces and portraits. I never looked to other artists for inspiration – I looked at magazines and advertisements. There was something really interesting and beautiful about those overly photoshopped campaign images. Remember in the early 2000s they were kind of extreme? They looked like digital paintings, and I was so inspired by that. After I graduated from university, I got really into makeup and beauty and I’ve been doing it since 2015.

I’ve been able to try a lot, but I felt like I wanted something more. I wanted to get excited about beauty again.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many amazing brands and to receive so many beautiful products. I’ve been able to try a lot, but I felt like I wanted something more. I wanted to get excited about beauty again – I missed that feeling. I’m a lover of neutrals and things that do more than one thing, so multipurpose products. I wanted what I created to be very universal, and I worked on it for two years. It’s my masterpiece, and I can’t wait for you to see it! I’ve invested so much into it, and every time I look at it, it gets me excited about makeup. I didn’t want to just throw up a collection of products that you might already have. I wanted something that’s very thought out, very personal.

hindash morning routine coffee
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

There’s been a lot of getting out of bed and sitting at my computer emailing the manufacturer and the factories. Because of the time difference and COVID delays, I really had to be on top of things, so sometimes I’d have to stay up later than usual and work all hours with the team in the US and Italy. Because of COVID, I couldn’t be there for a lot of the process, so things took place over Zoom and through shipping things back and forth, like the color samples. But luckily, because I have a background in the arts, I was able to really narrow down a very concise color swatch for each of the shades.

I wanted to do something outside the box and to create something that resonated with my background as an artist and painter. I wanted to conceptualize the painter’s palette and to bring that to life. It wasn’t an easy process because this particular technology hasn’t been used with the type of formula I created. It’s never been done before, and that’s always an exciting risk. I believe in it 1000 percent and it makes me so happy.

I have to separate time for the brand and for my social media and YouTube. It’s been a challenge because some days I just can’t keep up with uploading content because of everything else going on! I edit my own photos, I do my own shoots, and I work with my brother on my videos. I’m very hands-on with everything, so I’ve been juggling a lot!

hindash morning routine rihanna
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

Music is very important to me and I have it playing at all times. I usually go back to what I listened to when I was younger, so a lot of alternative rock – which surprises people! Garbage is one of my all-time favorite bands, or I like something with more of an 80s vibe, like Daft Punk. I grew up listening to everything from Britney to Marilyn Manson. I have two polar opposites, which is a big part of my personality. Even with my work, I like to mix the very dark with the pretty.

We usually start filming around midday. I’ll spend the morning picking out my favorite brushes, and my cousin helps with the setup and with choosing the products. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to brushes because I really feel like they make the look. MYKITCO. do amazing ones. Also, Wayne Goss, Rae Morris, Make Up For Ever… I have a bunch of different ones. I love synthetic brushes because they’re cruelty-free and you can use them for creams, liquids, and powders and not worry about the bristles falling everywhere.

I’ll have an idea of what type of look I’ll do, but I’ll never completely plan it. I like to see the model face to face and to get to know more about what she’s like. I think that adds to the look.

hindash morning routine rihanna
Photo: Courtesy of @hindash

I work from home with my brother and my cousin who come over pretty much every day. But I make sure I dedicate at least a day or two where everyone is at their own home, so I have my free time. When I do that, I focus more on the creative side of things, and I get more of that done when I’m on my own.

If I feel a bit stressed or anxious, I’ll light a candle or an incense stick. I won’t chant or anything [laughs] but the scent relaxes me. I love the Diptyque ‘Bais’ candle, and right now I’m using the Tom Ford ‘Lost Cherry’ one, which is so beautiful. Fragrance is a big part of my every day.

There’s one crazy thing that I do – and I think it’s a really good tip – and that’s that I get ready in multiple rooms. As a guy who wears makeup, I want it to look undetectable in different lights. So, I’ll get ready in the beauty room, which has a lot of natural light, and then I’ll go to the bathroom, and then to a different room. If you have a special event where you want your makeup to look undetectable, I think it’s a good trick. I love those white neon bathroom lights; those are the best ones to get ready with!

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