The Dior Skincare Scanner Detects Every Skincare Issue, Once and for All

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Dior Skincare Scanner
Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty

Maybe I’ve been spending too much time on #SkinTok, but every other day I’m convinced I need to load up on new skincare products that I had never thought to buy before. Do I really need to add a retinoid, Vitamin C serum, and ceramides to my regimen? Do I need to start chugging chlorophyll? Do I need to “slug” my face with occlusive jellys? 

In the past year, due to seismic life changes, we swapped our makeup buying habits for skincare, and sales for face creams, face oils, moisturizes, and their ilk shot through the stratosphere. The constant onslaught of skincare advice from both amateurs and professionals alike became its own viral blackhole of social media, forcefully sucking in the curious. I am one of them. 

I’ve always been told I have great skin, but I never believed the messenger. If I have such great skin, I’d irrationally think, then why don’t I look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? And so, convinced that perfect skin was a goal I was far from achieving, I sought cures for problems I didn’t really have.

And then, a robot solved all of my problems. Not really. The Dior Skincare Scanner is not a robot, but it is a really high-tech scanning device containing three specialized-light sources that analyze eight skin features on both the surface of the skin and deep down to the dermis. I headed to the Dior Beauty store at Dubai Mall for an appointment with the scanner, with few expectations. I’m the YOLO Queen of Beauty Directors. I’ll try anything once. Except for surgery. I have a low threshold for pain.

I was led to the scanner by one of Dior Beauty’s resident experts, where I watched them clean and disinfect it in front of me. Only then was I allowed to remove my mask and stick my chin in the stand, kind of like when you go to the optometrist and they blow that dreaded puff of air straight at your naked eyeballs. The set-up triggered my flinch reflex, but I was told to close my eyes, so I relaxed. As the light scanner crossed my face, I felt a pleasant warming sensation. Then it was all over. 

Dior Skincare Scanner
A Scanner Darkly | Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty

As the machine did advanced calculations of 0s and 1s, I was handed an iPad by the skincare expert, who had me fill out a detailed questionnaire about my skincare regimen. Afterwards, I was presented with my results, and this is where things got really exciting. As a classic overachiever, I seek validation from the world in the form of scores. High scores in video games, A+ on tests, perfect driving records — these are the things I live for. The results I now held in my hands proved once and for all, with indisputable scientific data, that I had… really great skin. Green lights across the board! If it was a test, I would have aced it. I was practically giddy. 

For the surface, the scan looks at wrinkles and fine lines, texture, visible pores, and surface spots. At the subsurface layer, it looks at emerging brown spots and redness, and deep down in the dermis it looks at UV damage and clogged pores. If you want to know once and for all what your real skin issues are, this is the answer. Suddenly, seeing all of those green lights on that glowing iPad screen calmed me faster than a Headspace meditation session. 

Now not everyone will get the same results, and even fewer of them will gloat about it as much as I did on Instagram Stories straight after. But, what is really nice is that the expert conducts a consultation right then and there, recommending products and easy steps towards solving anything that might have come up. I do have some redness in my cheeks, and that’s been there as long as I can remember, but it’s not full-blown rosacea by any stretch. Luckily, Dior has a solution for that. 

If you really want to know what your skin needs, and you really want to set yourself on the path to luxurious, beautiful skin, get off TikTok and get thee to a Dior Skincare Scanner. 

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