Celebrity Launches, Mask Makeup, and All the Other Big Beauty Moments of 2020

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2020 Biggest Beauty news mask makeup
Photo: Courtesy of @cyndlekomarovski

From major celebrity launches to some unexpected makeup switch-ups and lots of colorful hair makeovers — despite a global pandemic, this past year didn’t disappoint when it came to big beauty news. Read on for all the beauty moments that defined 2020 in Savoir Flair’s year-end round-up

Celebrity Beauty Launches Reigned Supreme – Again

biggest beauty moments 2020 selena gomez rare beauty
Photo: Courtesy of @rarebeauty

Just when we thought we’d had our fill of celebrity beauty launches, 2020 happened. In fact, so many celeb beauty brands launched this year that if we were to going to recap, we’d need a much bigger word count, so here’s a brief synopsis instead. Selena Gomez sent her fans into a frenzy with the launch of her Rare Beauty makeup line, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley announced her upcoming clean skincare line Clean Beauty Collaborative, Alicia Keys created her wellness and beauty brand Keys Soulcare

JLo Beauty brand
Photo: Courtesy of @jlobeauty

Jennifer Lopez created her own glow-getting skincare brand JLo Beauty, Pharrell Williams entered the beautysphere with his vegan, genderless skincare line Humanrace, and Kanye West is set to join the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and their beauty ventures as he filed a trademark for Yeezy Beauty. Yes, really.

Lipstick Sales Plummeted...

biggest beauty moments 2020 lipstick sales
Photo: Courtesy of @sarahbrownphoto

One makeup product that’s barely seen the light of day this year? The lipstick. In 2001, Leonard Lauder, Chairman of Estée Lauder, coined the term “lipstick effect” and the theory that during a financial crisis or just a generally bad time (we’re looking at you, 2020), consumers turn to retail therapy – and a tube of fancy lipstick – to lift their spirits. This year, however? Not so much. Thanks to the introduction of masks, combined with the fact we had next to no reason to glam up, global lipstick sales fell by a whopping 49 percent.

…While Eye Makeup Had a Major Moment

biggest beauty moments 2020 eye makeup
Photo: Courtesy of @katiejanehughes

Eye makeup, on the other hand, had a major moment – with sales soaring up to 204 percent as “above the mask beauty” became a thing. From matching our makeup to our masks to experimenting with more creative liner looks and digging out those eyeshadow palettes, we can safely say that this year was all about letting our eyes do the talking.

Beauty Brands Stepped Up

beauty brands fighting coronavirus 111skin
Photo: Courtesy of @dryannisofficial

The beauty world seriously stepped up as brands came together to do their part in the fight against coronavirus. Helping those in need and supporting frontline workers risking their lives, brands – both big and small – gave back, one hand sanitizer, hand cream, and hefty donation at a time. From beauty giants like the Estée Lauder Companies donating millions of dollars and masks to doctors and high-need groups to smaller, niche brands like Pai producing hand sanitizers and donating to them to the less fortunate and frontline workers – this really was the year that beauty gave back.

Rainbow Hair Was Everywhere

biggest beauty moments 2020 rainbow hair lady gaga
Photo: Courtesy of @ladygaga

The hair essential du jour? A box of bright hair dye of course. From Kim Kardashian’s rich red locks to Lady Gaga’s icy blue makeover, Kaia Gerber’s pop of pink, and Dua Lipa’s bright orange ‘do, it’s safe to say that this year’s biggest hair trend was far from au naturel. What better way to brighten up a global pandemic? Exactly.

Black Beauty Brands (Finally) Got the Recognition They Deserve

biggest beauty moments 2020 black brands
Photo: Courtesy of @shopkaike

In the wake of George Floyd‘s death, people around the world came together to support the black community and make a stand against racism and police brutality. Thanks to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, beauty brands created by black women and for black women finally got the recognition they deserved, sparking a global demand for more inclusivity and diversity in beauty campaigns and brand imagery. Is the #fentyeffect finally changing the mainstream? We hope so.

Byredo Launched Makeup

Byredo makeup
Photo: Courtesy of Byredo

What do you get when the founder of one of the world’s coolest fragrance brands collaborates with one of the most in-demand and visually creative makeup artists? Only the most hotly anticipated makeup launch ever. This year, Byredo makeup finally hit the market, and it’s safe to say we were obsessed from the off. All about cool color and embracing individuality, Ben Gorham and Isamaya Ffrench pushed the boundaries of beauty with their revolutionary multi-use products, textures, and formulas. Plus, just look at that packaging. Like we said – obsessed.

The Collab of the Century Happened

2020 Biggest Beauty Moments pat mcgrath supreme
Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath x Supreme

Two words: Pat McGrathSupreme.

The Biggest Names in Beauty Opened up

2020 Biggest Beauty news jen atkin
Photo: Courtesy of @jenatkinhair

The pandemic didn’t just change our beauty habits and the way we wear makeup, but also our outlook and priorities. The same went for some of the world’s biggest names in beauty, who opened up to Savoir Flair about what life in lockdown taught them. For Charlotte Tilbury it was the importance of self-care and wellness, while Jen Atkin was grateful for the little things…

2020 Biggest Beauty news christian wood
Photo: Courtesy of @cwoodhair

Patrick Ta was finally able to detox with a juice cleanse and look after his health, whilst celebrity hairstylist Christian Wood felt “immense gratitude for so many people I’m seeing in a new light, and perhaps took for granted”. It might not have been the easiest year, but here’s hoping the world will be a better place for it.

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