All You Need Is Love (and Chopard’s New Fragrance)

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Love Chopard Perfume launch
Photo: Courtesy of Chopard

If there’s one thing we could all do with after the year that has been 2020, it’s a whole lot of love. And what better way to release those feel-good endorphins and bring a splash of happiness to your day than with a stunning new scent?

Answering all of our perfume prayers, Chopard’s new love-inspired fragrance is just the ticket. An ode to the most romantic flower in the world, the rose (six different varieties, to be exact) – it’s a celebration of all things love, seduction, and red-carpet glamor, like an invitation to embrace the Maison’s positive and glamorous love-of-life attitude, which reaches its peak on the mythical red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. And all with a festive red bottle to boot.

Love Chopard Perfume Fragrance
Photo: Courtesy of Chopard

“In creating ‘Love Chopard’, I was immediately drawn to the rose. Rose is the queen of Beauty and the queen of Perfumery. With its endless facets and hues, creativity has no limits,” reveals Master Perfumer and creator of the scent, Alberto Morillas. “For ‘Love Chopard’, I was inspired to play with its extraordinary versatility and reinvent this eternal theme, fancying a whirl of the most gorgeous roses in the world, spreading their aura like a red carpet, and leading the dance from top to trail.”

On that note (no pun intended), join us as Savoir Flair speaks exclusively to Morillas about the romantic power of perfume, how best to wear it, and what makes this scent the ultimate olfactory love story.

Love Chopard fragrance perfume
Photo: Courtesy of Chopard

Who is the ‘Love Chopard’ woman?
For ‘Love Chopard’, I wanted to create a vibrant, glowing fragrance: combining tradition, heritage, and modernism — just like the house of Chopard. For me, this woman is powerful, elegant, and very confident.

What smell do you love most in the world?
I tend to gravitate towards scents that use a variety of intense and complex aromatic notes that have a slightly poisonous, ethereal, and mysterious side to them. That said, musks are an obsession of mine. I savor working with the musk family; each one is different, and each has its own unique characteristics, so you cannot simply talk of musk as just one note.

This scent is a celebration of the rose. What drew you to this flower in particular?
I love working with rose. The scent fills me with vivid, happy memories of my childhood. For me, rose is sensual, innocent, and sweet, but not overpowering. It’s powerful, yet delicate all at once. It’s truly a beautiful ingredient to work with.

What makes this perfume so different from other rose fragrances?
‘Love Chopard’ is refreshing and young, with a twist. Inspired by the radiance and pure luminosity of rose. Several different rose essences were used to create the floral signature, which is intensified through the vibrancy of pink and black pepper and patchouli. Many of the natural ingredients used in this fragrance are also sustainably sourced.

Describe the scent in three words.
Sensual. Sophisticated. Luxurious.

All You Need Is Love (and Chopard’s New Fragrance)

Chopard ‘Love Chopard Perfume’




How do you apply your perfume?
There are many ways to enjoy a fragrance, but I find spraying a cloud of perfume in a downward motion and walking into the mist is great for full coverage. Two or three quick sprays in a row does it. I would also suggest using fragrance on your pulse points (wrists, behind the ear, on your collar bone) as it will awaken these areas. There are truly no rules to wearing fragrance, however, which is the magic of it… it is a very personal experience.

What are your fragrance rituals?
I am often working on creating fragrances; thus, I rarely wear them when working so as not to distract from the scent I am crafting. That said, I do have a habit of dabbing cologne on my neck, right below my jawline. I remember watching my father do this as a child, and I adopted the habit as well.

There are truly no rules to wearing fragrance… which is the magic of it… it is a very personal experience.

What feeling does ‘Love Chopard’ evoke for you?
As with all my creations, I want to make a person feel joy. I hope to tap into beautiful memories they have, as well as create new ones. For me, this fragrance is like soaking in a tub filled with thousands of different rose petals, smelling the essence of each one saturate the warm water. It’s a tender perfume.

The world really does need some love right now! Where is your happy place?
Spain! Growing up in Seville, my memories are of the sun, ocean, and long summers spent outdoors in my childhood. Each of these memories brings a certain freshness and vitality to the fragrances I create, such as the mineral saltiness of the air, citrus fruits, and florals. Spain has influenced all of my creations, and a little bit of my childhood nostalgia lives in each one. I must point out that I also take inspiration from my travels, not just Spain, as they open me up to new scent profiles and new ingredients.

Chopard Love Chopard Perfume
Photo: Courtesy of Chopard

The fragrance showcases 30 sustainably sourced ingredients. How important is this to you?
This perfume is an ultra-luxe fragrance of the highest quality, in which I used sustainably sourced ingredients such as rose Damascena, rosebuds, jasmine sambac, patchouli, mandarin, etc. I choose to use a multitude of responsibly sourced natural ingredients to bring this fragrance to life because of their unique properties that create the formula’s signature. I feel that the ‘sustainability’ movement in my industry is only in the beginning phases and that soon it will become standard practice. Consumers are intelligent, and they care about this topic and the quality of what they put on their skin.

What would you say to those who believe floral fragrances should only be worn by women?
False! Anyone can wear any fragrance… it just has to mean something to them and make this person feel special when wearing it.

What is your earliest fragrance memory?
My earliest fragrance memory came to life at the age of 20 when I read an article in which Jean-Paul Guerlain explained how to create a perfume. That day, I realized that there was a creator, a man behind each perfume, and I was fascinated by this idea. It was a true revelation for me. After joining Firmenich in 1970, I began my full training on ingredients and perfumery and understanding how to translate a feeling into a scent.

Where do you seek inspiration for your perfumes?
Everywhere! I am smelling things all day long. All day! New travels to faraway places, new sounds I hear, people watching, and fashion… everything I touch, see, and taste can become an inspiration and spark new ideas for a creation.

If you could only wear one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I think it would be a simple mix of musks, lemon primofiore, and mineral salts. Refreshing yet earthy.

What is the biggest mistake people make with their perfume?
There are no mistakes that can be made when wearing fragrance. The experience of choosing a perfume to wear and application techniques are extremely personal, inviting the user to do as they wish. This is the allure of fragrance…there is no right or wrong. It simply matters how you feel as the end result, not how you got there.

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