Could This Be the Anti-Aging Cure We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Sisley Sisleya Le Cure Anti-Aging skincare
Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Zaessinger | Savoir Flair

The beauty world is full of big claims and sensational statements, making it next to impossible to separate the facts from the, well, impossible. A serum that can eradicate every single wrinkle, in just two days, all thanks to activated charcoal water and nail slime? Sure. And tomorrow it’s going to rain chocolate drops…

But what if we told you that in just four weeks, your skin could be totally transformed? It might sound too good to be true, but Sisley’s new launch is set to seriously shake up the skincare world thanks to its advances in ‘cell energy’ – two words set to dominate the beauty world and forever change anti-aging skincare. Why? Well, in a nutshell, because our cells hold the secret to slowing down the aging process. Bet that got your attention.

Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age La Cure
Photo: Courtesy of Sisley

Backed by over 30 years of research and a lot of innovation, the new ‘Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age La Cure’ is a four-week treatment that “switches on” cell energy. Drawing on Nobel Prize-winning medical research, it uses concentrated botanical extracts (peony, yeast protein, Ginkgo Biloba, and Centella, to name a few) to activate the cellular processes responsible for keeping skin young, rejuvenated, and energized. Working alongside our skin’s natural renewal cycle (approximately 28 days), it’s the ultimate fix for faces suffering from fatigue or stress. We’re looking at you, 2020. Four weeks, four steps, and lots of skincare magic.

Not only did Savoir Flair get an exclusive sneak peek of the revolutionary new launch, but we also got to tap Sisley’s Global Vice President Christine d’Ornano to find out what makes this skincare system so special. Read on to find out why this is, quite literally, the anti-aging cure we’ve been missing in our lives.

What’s so unique about the ‘Sisleÿa l’Intégral Anti-Âge La Cure’?
‘Sisleÿa La Cure’ is the ultimate result of nearly 30 years of research on global anti-aging with the Sisleÿa line. We started to work at the end of the Eighties on this idea of global anti-aging. The challenge was: how to treat all the factors which provoke the aging of the skin. We needed to identify these factors, genetic and epigenetic, and we needed for each of them the best natural actives.

The ‘Sisleÿa’ line, and especially ‘Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge’, aimed to have a super-efficient global answer. This high-end routine, ‘La Cure’, which uses new discoveries on the energy of the cells, is the ideal booster treatment. It is an intensive program, for a very specific use to restore the vitality of the skin at its source: the cell energy or mitochondria. That’s also why it’s a cure and you do it in four weeks, in addition to your usual treatments, and it will give your skin a full blast of energy.

Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age La Cure skincare
Photo: Courtesy of Sisley

How does it work?
It’s a treatment that acts at the very source of skin youth by reactivating its vital energy in four weeks. The source of energy for the cells comes from the mitochondria, which are sort of the “batteries” of the cell. These mitochondria are numerous and operate in a network. The more the network is well connected, the more the cells are rich in energy. Conversely, when this network is poorly connected, cells lose their energy and aging accelerates.

We have discovered that maintaining the good activity of the cellular energy cycle depends on three mechanisms that are the defensive systems of the cell: a protection mechanism, a rescue mechanism, and an elimination mechanism. This last mechanism of elimination, or autophagy, was discovered by scientists whose study received the 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine. We were inspired by their discovery. By successfully intervening and reviving these three mechanisms, the skin is therefore able to regain all the vitality of more youthful skin. The ‘Sisleÿa La Cure’ formula — rich, complex, and highly dosed in key ingredients  —acts in four weeks. The four bottles will revive each of the key mechanisms at the source of cellular energy one by one.

Could This Be the Anti-Aging Cure We’ve Been Waiting For?

Sisley ‘Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age La Cure’




Why four weeks?
It is the time necessary for the renewal of the skin, for its complete regeneration. ‘Sisleÿa La Cure’ follows natural biological rhythms to boost cell vital mechanisms week after week, with a real increase in power of the results obtained. The four vials correspond to four key steps:

In the first week, the energy of the cells is reactivated. Signs of fatigue are reduced.

Week two is cell detoxification. The quality of the skin improves.

Third week: the antioxidant defenses of the skin are boosted. The signs of age are fading.

Fourth week: the vital mechanisms of the cell are restored, with a marked acceleration of anti-aging benefits. The skin is regenerated.

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