Sorry, But No Flat Iron Stands a Chance Against Dyson’s New Corrale

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Photo: Courtesy of @novitskaiaa

Remember when the fairy godmother transformed Cinderella‘s look within seconds merely by flicking her wand? We’d be lying if we said we’ve never woken up wishing we could miraculously slip out of our PJs into a chic outfit complete with on-point hair – especially on days when we need to wash, dry, tame, and style our manes.

While hairstyling is never easy, the battle of calming our tresses in the humidity of the Middle East has always been a lost cause. How many times have you left the house with perfectly ironed straight hair, only to have it attacked by humidity by the time you reach your destination? If only we could style our hair on the go.

Our hairstyling dreams have finally come true, courtesy of Dyson‘s ‘Corrale’ Straightener, a.k.a. the modern-day equivalent of a (hairstyling) magic wand.


Dyson Straightener Corrale
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

The game-changing hair styling tool promises to straighten your hair with one single pass – and that’s not even the best part. Dyson’s ‘Corrale’ straightener – that was brought to life after seven long years of research and around 600 hours of trials – guarantees up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling without compromising on the thermal performance. Told you, it’s a dream come true. Every single part serves a unique function, proving that the brilliant tool has been crafted to perfection down to every little detail. 

Curious to know more about the Dyson straightener? Scroll down to read our interview with hairstylist Natalie Kasses, the creative director of Pastels Salon, Dubai, where she discusses the extraordinary features of the gadget – hairstyling tips included. 

Photo: Courtesy of @nataliekasses

Can you please walk us through the key features of the Dyson Corrale straightener?
With the Dyson Corrale, its beauty is that it comes with intelligent heat control that checks the temperature a hundred times every second. When you are using any other device, it continues to get hotter and hotter – which you can feel on the top of the plate, making it untouchable – but with the Corrale, you can hold it without worrying about it getting hot. The intelligent heat control comes with three different temperatures. There’s 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F), and 210°C (410°F). Different hair types work well with different temperatures, and when you put it on that temperature, you know that that’s the temperature you’re going to get. Say, for instance, someone’s got super fine, damaged hair, you would go with 165°C.

A big problem that people face while straightening their hair is that they have to iron many times over one place. The idea with the Corrale is that you do one pass, but you do it very slowly. And that’s all you need to do. Those are some of the great benefits of the Dyson straightener. And the fact that it is cordless – there’s nothing else on the market like that.

Can you please elaborate on the cordless feature? How much run time does the battery allow?
You can use it for 30 minutes without it being plugged in. I also love that the cord is magnetic. It comes with a docking station, and you can leave it on the docking station while plugged in, and it doesn’t drain the battery.

The best part is that you can travel with the Dyson Corrale straightener. You can even carry it in your cabin luggage while flying; all you need to do is put it on flight mode by pulling a small tag with the battery symbol on it, which disengages the lithium battery. The Dyson straightener comes with a heat-resistant bag, allowing you to style your hair on-the-go without worrying about burning anything. You can pretty much take it anywhere. Another great feature is that should you leave it on, it completely shuts down after 10 minutes, so you’re not going to burn your house down.

What exactly are the flexing plates, and how do they help reduce heat damage?
The Corrale is equipped with ‘Flexing Plates’ that shape to gather the hair, resulting in 50% less damage. While straightening, people tend to press their hair really hard. With the flexing plates, you don’t need to have as much tension on the hair. You know when you’re straightening your hair, and it gets caught in the plates? That doesn’t happen with the Dyson straightener, which is incredible.

Dyson Straightener Corrale
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

When it comes to hair styling, what feature, according to you, is the most important one?
I am all about natural, organic, healthy, beautiful hair. The most important feature for me is the intelligent heat control. The fact that it’s my decision as to how much heat will be put on the hair is key for me. With colored or sensitized hair, when you put heat on it, it can disintegrate. And that’s not a nice feeling. Knowing that the temperature is my decision, not the machine’s decision, is critical for me. 

How has your experience with the straightener been so far? What difference did you notice while styling hair using the Corrale straightener?
It’s a lot easier to use. It is very different than a traditional flat iron. The damage is a lot less as you can control the temperature, and you’re only doing one pass; you’ll find that the hair’s condition is a lot bouncier and a shinier. 

Does the Corrale straightener work on all hair types? How effective is the straightener on tough curls?
Yes, it is totally suitable for all hair types. The crucial thing to remember for anyone who has very curly hair is not letting your hair dry naturally and then ironing it straight. You’re not going to get the best result, that way. I always recommend blow-drying your hair straight, and then ironing it. You really need to stretch it out. Another huge problem is that many people don’t completely dry their hair before straightening it, and then it singes. So the key is to dry your hair thoroughly before you iron it. So for me, you need to do it properly. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair or texture; you always smooth it out first and then straighten it.

Natalie Kasses - Dyson Straightener Corrale
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

Is it safe to use the Corrale straightener every day?
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use a lot of heat on their hair every day, whether it’s with a blow-dryer or a flat iron. If you’ve done your hair correctly with the Dyson straightener the day before, it should last for two days. I have naturally curly hair, and when I do my hair with the Corrale – blow-dried and then ironed – it lasts three days.

If you were to use it every day, I would recommend using heat protection and hair masks every time you wash your hair. There are so many different factors in heat styling your hair that people don’t realize; if you’re ironing your hair every day, you’re likely to have problems with it. 

Does the straightening effect last longer than usual straighteners?
I can honestly say, yes, it does. I think it is because of the flexing plates and because I am doing my passes precisely and slowly. That makes a big difference. 

What tips would you like to give our readers to keep in mind before using the Corrale straightener?Make sure your hair is 100% dry before you start using the Corrale. Using heat protection is essential. While using the Dyson straightener, make sure you take small sections and make only one slow pass. And have fun using the genius tool. 

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