A Fragrance That Lets You Travel (When the Pandemic Won’t)

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narciso rodriguez ambree perfume launch
Photo: Courtesy of Narciso Rodriguez

Although long summer days basking in the sun’s rays and exotic vacations spent with your toes in the sand might seem wishful thinking this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that carefree holiday feeling courtesy of a new summer scent. And when it comes to one that will leave you smelling like you’ve spent all day under the glow of the sun, it’s Narciso Rodriguez’s new ‘Eau de Parfum Ambrée’.

Collaborating with perfumer Aurélien Guichard, Rodriguez – inspired by a woman’s golden freckled skin radiating with the warmth of the sun – sought to create a scent that leaves skin smelling like it has been kissed and caressed by golden rays. Achieved with a heart of musk wrapped in frangipani flower, ylang-ylang, cedar, and amber, this new perfume radiates warmth and luminosity while oozing summertime seduction. Needless to say, we’ll be spritzing it all the way through to next season.

Speaking exclusively to Savoir Flair, Rodriguez introduces his new olfactory creation and reveals how women he admires were instrumental to its inspiration. Here’s what we found out.

narciso rodriguez perfume ambree
Photo: Courtesy of Narciso Rodriguez

Who is the ‘Ambrée’ woman?
She is self-possessed, confident, cool, and sensual. She is more interested in timeless style and feeling good.

What drew you to the scent of amber?
Amber is such a unique and beautifully sensual material in fragrance, especially when mixed with musk. It is so deeply warm and radiant… like an intensely quiet fire.

Did you and Aurélien Guichard share the same vision when creating the scent?
I met Aurélien in 2009 and love working with him. We have collaborated on many fragrances together on both the ‘for her’ collection and the ‘NARCISO’ collection. He has a great understanding of my abstract ideas, and brings incredible finesse and creativity to each scent and our ongoing conversation.

I feel fortunate to work with a brilliant creator who pushes boundaries and ideas in an original and artistic way. He really understands who the Narciso Rodriguez woman is and how sensual the soul of each of our fragrances needs to be. He is truly a master, especially when it comes to working with musk.

Did you face any challenges during the creation?
No, it was truly a labor of love between a designer and a creator of fragrance who both truly enjoy the process. The proof is evident in the end result, which we are both in love with!

A Fragrance That Lets You Travel (When the Pandemic Won’t)

Narciso Rodriguez ‘Eau De Parfum Ambree’




‘Ambrée’ is an olfactory homage to the women who have inspired you. Who are these women?
Michelle Obama for her intellect and poise, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy for incredible style, timeless beauty, and brilliance, and my mother for her strength and imagination.

Describe the scent in three words.
Radiant, sensual, and mesmerizing.

What is your favorite smell in the whole world?
That’s difficult – there are so many scents that fascinate me! But I love orange blossom, gardenia, and musk.

How do you apply your scent?
After the shower when my skin is still moist.

What are your fragrance rituals?
I love hinoki candles and baths, as well as spraying eucalyptus and lemongrass in the shower every morning. It truly lifts your spirit and mind after sleep! I also spray them on my sheets and pillowcases. I have diffusers in my home and use oils such as rosemary, geranium, Egyptian musk, and neroli that I mix with others to create new scents.

ambree perfume narciso rodriguez
Photo: Courtesy of Narciso Rodriguez

What feeling does ‘Ambrée’ evoke for you?
Warmth and the purity of the sun.

How do fragrance and fashion intertwine?
I think both are worn to make a statement about oneself. They can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like.

If ‘Ambrée’ was a dress in one of your collections, what would it look like?
A golden slip dress…

What’s your earliest fragrance memory?
Discovering gardenias and their rich scent while playing in my aunt’s garden. I will never forget what an impression the white flower and its beautiful scent made on my childhood.

Where do you seek inspiration for your perfumes, and what is your creative process?
That is top secret! [Laughs]

If you could only wear one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Musk… I have worn musk since I was about 14 years old, and it will be a constant in my life for years to come.

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