What Social Distancing Has Taught the Biggest Names in Beauty

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celebrity beauty social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @sarahbrownphoto

While we spend another week cooped up indoors, getting our steps in by walking over to the fridge for the umpteenth time and becoming worryingly familiar with the home page on Netflix, there is a lot to learn and reflect on during this time at home. Savoir Flair spoke with some of the biggest names in beauty to find out what life is like when you swap red carpets, glitzy soirées, and celebrity friends for sweatpants and solitude. Here are their insights.

Ash K Holm

Celebrity Makeup Artist

celebrity makeup artist ash holm social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @ash_kholm

Social distancing has forced me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I went from working with celebrities seven days a week to working from home and completely changing up my schedule. I’ve taken this time to do acts of kindness in the community. It’s so important to give back to the leaders in this. For me, that’s the healthcare providers on the frontlines saving lives. In the midst of chaos, there’s always an opportunity. Dripology and I put together some beauty care packages for nurses all over America as a thank you.

It’s times like this that make me feel like I should be doing so much more to help! Alone we can do so little, but together, we can do so much. It also makes me so happy that healthcare workers are getting credit where it’s due. When I met my husband, he was an ICU nurse, so I’ve always had a lot of compassion for the healthcare world. Social distancing makes even the smallest human encounters so special. I’m getting closer to loved ones and catching up with family more. I’m reflecting on my life and career. Since I can’t be with my clients and my wedding work with Styled has been canceled, I’ve been doing makeup tutorials on myself. Even though I’m stuck at home, I’m taking this time to be creative and try new looks I never had time to do.

Taking care of my mental and physical health has always been important, but now, I really see how effective it is for the mind, body, and soul. I’ve been doing at-home workouts – stretching, yoga, meditation, and power posing. It’s amazing how clearly I see things after doing something positive for myself. It’s also time to do little things around the house. I’ve never eaten three full meals a day! The pantry is a place I visit a little too often. On the flip side, home-cooked meals are the best. There’s been lots of family-bonding time. It can be a great time to start new and healthy habits, but also break bad ones. No matter what you do, it’s just important to stay positive and adapt. We are all in this together.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Celebrity Aesthetic Doctor

celebrity dr barbara sturm social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @drbarbarasturm

Although we are socially distancing – in a weird way – it’s bringing us closer together. It is scary, but at the same time also necessary for the world to have this break in order to survive. Although businesses are undergoing extreme challenges to survive, there are positive transformations happening, too. Though we feel trapped at home, it is also healing to get back to our roots and what really matters: family, health, and food. Pandemics often lead to challenges and shifts in the way that people think, and that’s something that is very inspiring.

So, instead of putting my head in the sand, I roll up my sleeves, stay home, and try to keep everyone working. I take care of my people and family. I try to understand the needs of the customer today. I can help by staying home, sharing my knowledge with people, and giving advice and care while supporting other businesses, people, and charities – the saviors on the frontline – through my network. My philosophy is about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. In some ways, the world is going through an anti-inflammatory process, which will hopefully make it a better place when this is over. It’s remarkable to see that pollution is decreasing, nature is healing, etc.

I can imagine that, in the future, everyone will undergo this reset process for themselves. I myself feel like I don’t have to travel all the time as many things can be done virtually through Zoom and social media. I want to spend more time at home and with my family and to live a simpler life. I think it will be the same for a lot of people. Everything we do for more than 20 days becomes a habit, and people will learn how to rest and re-connect again instead of feeling like they’re in a hamster wheel. The world was moving at such a high speed, it became too fast to keep up with. I am very sad and worried about people who are sick, can’t leave their homes, don’t have enough food, and are losing their jobs or businesses. My team and I are thinking a lot about how we can help as many people as possible in businesses and severe situations. We all have to support each other.

Charlotte Tilbury

Celebrity Makeup Artist

celebrity makeup artist charlotte tilbury social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @ctilburymakeup

Darlings, during this unprecedented time, social distancing has taught me how connected we all really are and how much we care about each other. The power of community has shone through so brightly through all of this, and I’ve been so moved by the shared empowerment – how the world has come together, uplifting each other with moments of joy and positivity. People are looking after one another. It’s so important to keep a positive mindset right now and use this time to find happiness wherever you can. Do the things you’ve not had time to do or wish you’d done more of.

I’ve come to really appreciate the importance of finding moments of calm and the impact of rituals and self-care. It’s key during these stressful times. Also, I have to talk about our incredible doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, law enforcement officers, and everyone else on the frontline around the world. How absolutely, incomparably selfless and incredible these superheroes have been during this crisis. It’s times like this that we realize how vital they are and how much we take them for granted until we need them. We are so lucky. The work they’re doing on the frontlines to protect all of us and keep our families well, whilst putting themselves at risk is so incredible, awe-inspiring, and compassionate.

Christian Wood

Celebrity Hairstylist

celebrity hairstylist christian wood social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @cwoodhair

Does anybody else feel like we’re living in a Will Smith movie from the early 2000s? My friend Frankie asked me what I’ve learned from this time at home. I’m super lucky, I’m healthy for now, my close friends and family seem okay, and the only thing I’m being asked to do is stay home to avoid spreading this virus. For the first few weeks, I thought something was being taken away from me – like I was living in a gilded cage – but I have a totally new perspective now.

Firstly, I feel immense gratitude for so many people I’m seeing in a new light, and perhaps took for granted. The doctors, nurses, and police on the frontline, risking their lives to protect us. The people working in supermarkets to make sure we’re able to get necessities. After cleaning my house myself for the first time in years, I was dripping in sweat and out of breath. When I finally stood up, it felt like I’d been wearing a backpack full of bricks! I thought about my housekeeper, and it made me realize how hard people work without asking for much in return, and how lucky and privileged I am to have these people in my life. Long story short, it’s made me so grateful.

It’s so easy to get swept up in daily life, on what I think I’m missing out on. Normally, I only have to look at social media once to feel some sort of low self-worth or that I’m not doing enough. It all seems so silly in this current crisis, so I’m focusing on what I’m grateful for. My family and friends, my health and the health of others, being able to have time to reflect, which is such a gift. I’m also thankful for my job and the people who allow me to do it. My agents who work so hard for us artists all year round. I’m grateful that I get to do something I love, and for so many small things I never noticed before. But what I’m most grateful for is to have this time to appreciate it all and help and support those around me.

Gucci Westman

Celebrity Makeup Artist

celebrity makeup artist gucci westman social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @westmanatelier

The more time I spend in quarantine, the more normalcy I crave. At first, I was wearing sweatpants every day, but that wasn’t helping my mood! Making an effort every day and having a routine has been so helpful. Exercising and getting ready for whatever the day throws at me has been so crucial to my mental and physical health. With the extra time indoors, it’s really nice to give your beauty routine some extra TLC – something that can easily be neglected. Experiment with different shades, play around, and have fun! Giving yourself a daily boost is worth it. It feels so good.

Jen Atkin

Celebrity Hairstylist

celebrity hairstylist jen atkin social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @jenatkinhair

Well, I have to say I never even considered a world where we all end up quarantined or under ‘stay at home’ orders. And as much as I love a good date night snuggled up with @mrmikerosenthal and my fur babies watching Love Is Blind, anyone who knows me knows that I’m typically on the go – out taking care of my clients, meeting tons of different people at events, and traveling to Europe and the Middle East with Styled. Sometimes you get so caught up in the pace of everything that you don’t stop to really, truly appreciate the joy that comes from working with all of these amazing people. And then all of a sudden, it stopped.

For the first time in over a decade – maybe even two – my typical, everyday life just ceased to exist. So, while I can’t say I’m thrilled about social distancing and not seeing my friends, clients, and employees, maybe this time apart will allow us to reflect on the importance of our connections. We can really put some time into thinking about how we should appreciate or be more grateful for the things we may have previously taken for granted. Well, that’s my two cents, anyway. I can’t wait to get back out into the world with my newfound appreciation and gratitude!

Jo Baker

Celebrity Makeup Artist

celebrity makeup artist jo baker social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @missjobaker

Social distancing is probably the hardest thing I’ve encountered in my career. I’ve spent years feeling free and being close to my clients, which is such a privilege. Being unable to be next to my friends is the biggest test. I’m shocked at how still my life has become. I’m used to moving at an alarming pace – getting on and off planes, different time zones, jet lag, going from one client to the next. It’s pretty manic! So, this has given me an opportunity to reflect and be still.

I have immense gratitude for my family and how tight we are, even across the miles. And for my agent, reps, and friends, my support structure who allow me to live out my dream as a makeup artist. I’ve been keeping touch with everyone dear to me, but I have one-on-ones with each person, really taking the time to listen and express how we both feel. Maybe that’s what I like about being a makeup artist – that one-on-one time when you get to be with someone who inspires you. I’m navigating this phase with masses of reflection, humor, and creative time during which I can dream up new concepts.

In short, it is what it is. It’s hard. But to be honest, I think it was harder trying to break into the entertainment industry. So, I am here. I will keep slathering on my Weleda ‘Skin Food’, trying to enjoy the simple self-care routines that make daily life feel good. We are resetting – as a planet and as a race – and I’m excited to see what comes from this recharging time. One thing’s for sure: the creativity that is going to spawn from this period will be incredible! I look forward to the burst of visual magic that will explode and bloom after this time has passed.

Justine Marjan

Celebrity Hairstylist

celebrity hairstylist justine marjan social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @justinemarjan

Social distancing has really taught me to expand the way I’m working and appreciate the present. I’ve spent the past five years of my life constantly busy, working hard, traveling, and planning my future. I feel so fortunate to get to spend this time with my husband and puppy in a home I’m able to work from. I’ve tried to not stress about what the future holds and appreciate this time, to be creative, and focus on my other passions.

This includes yoga, meditation, creating content, cooking, and binge-watching my favorite shows, as well as connecting with my audience on social media through daily live streams. It’s also forced me to create content and style my own hair, which I never do! It’s been fun playing with new looks and using myself as a subject instead of a model. I hope I can encourage more people to have fun with their beauty looks and try new things.

Laura Polko

Celebrity Hairstylist

celebrity hairstylist laura polko social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @laurapolko

So, I have learnt a lot about myself during lockdown. While I thought I loved to be social and work was everything to me, I now value my time off even though I cannot wait to get back to work! On a lighter note, I’ve learnt that I still don’t like gardening, but I love a home project. I’ve also learnt that I really needed – and am so grateful for – a break. To just hang and take a walk and be present with my daughter is such a gift.

I really miss traveling and changing up my day-to-day routine. I miss my clients and being creative, but I’ve found other ways of being creative, so I’m excited to see how I am at work with changing up my creative outlets. Overall, I don’t hate lockdown, although I’d love for it to be over sooner rather than later. And most importantly, I’ve learnt that at-home workouts are way cheaper and just as effective – and that I still can’t cook to save my life!

Marianna Hewitt

Co-Founder of Summer Fridays

influencer marianna hewitt social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @marianna_hewitt

I’ve learnt that social distancing doesn’t mean isolation. It has taught me, now more than ever, the importance of connecting with others online. I’ve always had such a close relationship with my online community, but we’ve really connected over the last few weeks and bonded through our feelings and by bringing joy to each other. I’ve shifted my content to reflect how we’re all currently living. On my blog, I share everything from wellness and mindfulness tips to how fashion and beauty have shifted at home. There’s advice on trying to stay positive, loungewear and self-care items, and my favorite at-home workouts.

In general, most people I follow have done an incredible job of shifting their content. I really love seeing how businesses pivot to help out where they can — like Neighborhood coffee shop in LA, which is now offering grocery pick-up with local produce. I’ve learnt that I need to do absolutely nothing on some days, while I feel most confident when I get dressed or do my hair and makeup on other days. The days during which I do nothing mean that I don’t feel the need to be overly productive outside of the work I have to get done. I think there’s so much pressure right now to be making the most of your time at home, but some days, that just means to rest and relax. The time alone has taught me to be efficient with my time and given me pause to be with myself, something I haven’t had in a long time.

Mary Phillips

Celebrity Makeup Artist

celebrity makeup artist mary phillips social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @maryphillips

Social distancing has given me so much more time to do things and take care of myself, which has been really nice. It has given me time to be home with my family. We also just got a new addition to the family – the sweetest puppy called Alfie – and having time to play with him has been so giving. My job always requires me to be on the go, so to be home and read a book, meditate, take a nap is something new for me! I never get to do these things. I truly miss my clients, my colleagues, and trips to the Middle East with Styled, but the stay-at-home order is giving me new views on self-care!

Patrick Ta

Celebrity Makeup Artist

celebrity makeup artist patrick ta social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @patrickta

Social distancing has taught me so much! At first, it was crazy because I’m used to constantly traveling, going from client to client or city to city. It was definitely like a complete reset to my daily life. I’ve been working on renovating my home for the past two years and it’s been so refreshing to be part of the finishing touches. I’ve really been into gardening and seeing all my appliances being delivered and installed. I’ve also been able to focus on a set diet – I was even able to do a juice cleanse recently, which I wasn’t able to do while constantly traveling. I think quality time with the ones you love is often taken advantage of, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to spend more time with my parents.

This has allowed me to take time to refocus on my creativity and be more eager than ever to get back to working with my clients! I also can’t wait to come back to the Middle East with Styled for brides and private client events. I love seeing my friends and fellow artists creating amazing social content during this time and keeping people motivated with major beauty looks. It’s also amazing to see everyone coming together to fight this virus worldwide. No matter where you’re from, everyone is dealing with the same thing and, as scary as it seems, it’s comforting to know the entire world is experiencing what we are. For example, to see the world’s pollution drastically diminish is a blessing. It’s great to find light at such a dark time.

Dr. Michael Apa

Celebrity Dentist

celebrity dr michael apa social distancing
Photo: Courtesy of @apa.aesthetic

Social distancing has meant I’ve found a higher appreciation for the clinics, the teams within them, and all the Apa Aesthetic patients. I have daily Instagram Live lectures and collaborations that help ease my day and, from what I’ve heard, the days of others. These lectures include past cases, industry topics, and informative guest lectures from my incredible team, as well as experts in fields like dermatology and plastic surgery. I’ve also brought other dentists and viewers on to discuss their cases and answer any questions. It’s my goal to connect the community around the world and offer some sort of help, guidance, and fun.

We have taken Apa Aesthetic completely digital for now, which includes FaceTime consults for new patients. I’m in constant contact with current clients to address their needs and create comfort until we can reopen. In the short term, given this unexpected change in the world, you can expect to see me adjust and strategize to bring clinics up and running as quickly as possible. I’m working on how to begin seeing patients again while ensuring their safety and the safety of the team – everything from communication to scheduling is being tirelessly worked on so that we’re ready. There’s much more to come, but for now, the priority is to resume business with a new form of normalcy. Personally, I’m looking after my teeth the same way I always have. Oral hygiene is a key component to overall health, so it’s important to brush twice a day and floss daily, as well as incorporate mouth rinse and gum care.

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