Makeup Products So Pretty They Double as Accessories? Yes, Please

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carolina herrera makeup collection
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

Designer makeup brands are officially the new celebrity perfume – everyone is jumping on the beauty bandwagon, and rightly so. It is an industry worth $532 billion (and growing) after all. But not all designer beauty brands are created equally, as Carolina Herrera’s first foray into makeup proves. This isn’t just makeup, it’s mini works of art.

We’re talking customizable creations that double up as ready-to-wear accessories and statement jewelry pieces. Choose your print, add charms, tassels, or letters et voilà – your lipstick becomes a chic keychain or trendy earrings. In the words of the Carolina A. Herrera, the brand’s Beauty Creative Director, “Traditionally, makeup is something that you keep out of sight, whether on your bathroom shelf or in your vanity pouch. But it’s such a personal form of expression, why shouldn’t you wear it? Literally! We wanted to give women an opportunity to wear their makeup like a piece of fabulous jewelry.”

carolina herrera makeup powders
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

And if that wasn’t enough, leading celebrity and editorial makeup artist Lauren Parsons joined as Global Makeup Consultant to bring her beauty expertise to the creation of each product. The result? 36 lipsticks available in matte, sheer, and satin finishes, all loaded with lip-loving ingredients to paint your pout every hue from hot red or deep plum. For a flawless complexion, there are refillable powders in eight shades, a mattifier, and a highlighter. In this interview shared exclusively with Savoir Flair, Parsons reveals her top tips on how to use the new collection as well as her top product picks. Listen in.

carolina herrera makeup beauty collection
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

What do you think sets Carolina Herrera makeup apart from others?
Putting personality and individuality first was very much at the heart of the creative process behind this collection. I think of Carolina Herrera as fearless and fabulous, which is all about that joie de vivre. I wanted to do something very in sync with the brand, which is all about family and tradition, meaning that I wanted three generations to be able to find something in the range that would suit them. But beyond that, I’d have to say the formulations, which are really forward-thinking and innovative.

I have a real thing for individual beauty, and such a love for every skin tone.

What was the process behind developing the compact powders?
I have a real thing for individual beauty, and such a love for every skin tone. One face can have two different undertones and darker sections, so it was important for me to bring that understanding of color to the skin-perfecting powders. Ensuring diversity and inclusivity is also really key for me, so I wanted to make sure there would be a shade of a combination of shades for everyone because one size doesn’t fit all.

The compacts were designed to be everyday staples. For example, the highlighter is universal and, when applied, gives this illusion of softly lit skin. It’s also very gentle so you can’t really overdo it. The embellishers are also foolproof as they’re so finely milled that they blend effortlessly. The mattifier is translucent, so it works on everybody.

What’s your take on the classic ‘Carolina Red’ lipstick?
In terms of lipstick, it’s the most wearable and visible choice, and evokes confidence and classicism. It’s so brilliantly entrenched in this idea of elegance. I think the ‘Carolina Red’ is very specific to the brand. It’s jolly and exuberant, and that’s what we wanted to bring to the lipsticks.

Carolina Herrera makeup lipsticks
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

What are your other top Carolina Herrera lipstick picks?
There’s the satin lipstick in ‘Extraordinary Pink’, which is nothing short of extraordinary! It’s got a little bit of red in it, so it’s very wearable. The matte lipstick in ‘Algeria’ is also great. It literally feels like summer in a tube – fresh and healthy. This color, a tan, and you’re good to go. ‘Red Obsession’ is another great one. The color that’s guaranteed to suit everyone as it’s got that really lovely deep, merlot richness to it that complements every complexion.

What are your top tips for applying the products?
A little bit of knowledge goes a long way. When you’re choosing a lipstick, look at the undertones of your skin because you don’t want the lip to be wearing you! If you’re unsure about trying a color that’s a little out of your comfort zone, start with a sheer lipstick in a bright shade and work your way up to a bold, opaque satin or matte. You need to experiment, and practice makes perfect.

In terms of the nudes, you should never choose a shade that matches your foundation. Always go two to five shades deeper. If you’re on the fair side of the spectrum, look for a touch of pink within your nude. Mid-tones want to work with their skin, so anything with a little more brown is perfect. Darker tones want to tend towards more purple hues. And if you only have five minutes to spare, 100 percent start with ‘The Mattifer’. Mattifying your T-zone makes you look fresh immediately. Then, a pop of highlighter on the cheekbones to lift the face and any texture of lipstick that you love – it just gives you that polished finished look.

Carolina Herrera makeup beauty powders
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Beauty will be available in the UAE from June 2020.

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