This Clean Beauty Platform Has Made Us Rethink Our Skincare Routines

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Photographed by Jeremy Zaessinger for Savoir Flair

The world as we know it is in a state of war against the climate crisis. With more and more brands going down the sustainability route, it’s evident that a chemical-free lifestyle is not just good for the planet, but also vital for our health and well-being. The beauty world is currently undergoing a sustainable makeover due to an increased consumer demand for organic, clean, chemical-free products. Enter: Balmessence.

As the first platform in the UAE to offer pure beauty products and artisan-crafted fragrances, Balmessence promises to be a one-stop shop for clean beauty needs. Born with the intention of “swapping synthetics for authentics”, it offers a wide range of carefully curated eco-luxe products and is committed to minimizing the presence of harmful ingredients in our beauty regimen. A hunt for products that not only boast organic ingredients, but also deliver results led founder Angela Turovskaya to a treasure trove of unique brands – some of which happen to be exclusive to Balmessence.

Angela Balmessence clean beauty
Angela Turovskaya | Photo: Courtesy of @balmessence

When speaking exclusively to Savoir Flair on a recent visit to Dubai, Turovskaya revealed she is so committed to clean beauty that her personal regimen is 100 percent clean. Inspired by her unwavering loyalty to the clean beauty movement, we discussed the main reason for embracing it.

“Synthetic products, while capable of delivering quick results, contain toxins that are harmful,” she shared. “Over time, these toxins can actually age the cells in your body. Products with natural ingredients provide the essential vitamins and minerals your skin needs. You may see results more slowly, but it’s all about sticking with and committing to a clean beauty regimen because the results are long-lasting and deeply effective,” she concluded. 

It’s like the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion, where you might get short-term satisfaction from purchasing a cheap and trendy piece, but it’s not built to last. Toxic chemical additives are a temporary shortcut, while clean beauty offers long-lasting, effective results over time – with the added benefits of authentic nourishment. 

farmhouse fresh coconut scrub
Photo: Courtesy of @farmhousefreshme

When discussing some of the amazing products offered on Balmessence, Turovskaya steers us towards Esse, the only certified probiotic skincare brand in the world. While we were aware of the benefits of probiotics for gut health, we were shocked to discover that live probiotic cells can be used to gain optimum skin health and fight signs of aging. Using live probiotic microbes, Esse products create an environment on the skin that favors the growth of beneficial microbes that eliminate pathogens on the skin. 

The Insta-famous brand Codage Paris also makes its way to the GCC exclusively on Balmessence, as does Farmhouse Fresh, which crafts its products using 99.6 percent natural and naturally derived ingredients, and are chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from US farms, including the brand’s own. And incredible skincare aside, Balmessence also offers makeup, fragrance, and wellness products like candles, diffusers, and essential oils. This is the beauty update we never knew we needed.

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