More than Makeup: This Is How Stars Get Ready for the Red Carpet

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Bella Hadid | Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Between nutritionists, stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, and personal trainers, it takes a village to get a celebrity ready for the red carpet. With paparazzi snapping photos by the thousands, perfection is required from every angle. We would argue that some A-listers look better now than ever before – decades after they first appeared in Hollywood. How is that so many veterans of the red carpet circuit seem to be aging in reverse?

Enter: minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. No, the secret to looking flawless isn’t a mysterious elixir or a magical pill. It’s usually the handiwork of a highly qualified plastic surgeon. But stars aren’t signing up for drastic treatments – those are too noticeable. Instead, they’re opting for subtle changes and tiny tweaks, courtesy of two simple procedures: thread lift and Baby Botox. These quick, affordable, and practically pain-free treatments are increasingly popular amongst stars looking to get red carpet ready. For starters, there’s almost zero recovery time involved, but the results are so astonishing that they’ve shot to the top of the glam prep list. 

In investigating exactly how stars get ready for awards season, we turned to Dubai’s own Dr. Dany Kayle. With a stellar five-star reputation and an impressive three-story clinic in Umm Suqeim, he is one of the most adept and accomplished practitioners of these ‘red carpet procedures’ in the region. A thread lift is primarily used to delay the use of surgical intervention by preventing or fixing sagging skin. “It removes the effect of gravity,” Dr. Kayle explained. Delicate threads with hooked or serrated sections are inserted under the skin and then pulled. As the hooks or serrations catch and are pulled upwards, the skin is drawn and tightened.

“The effect is completely natural, and it can be done with local anesthesia and takes only three to four days to recover,” he added. Dr. Kayle has even had patients who underwent the procedure and returned to work the same day. There is very little bruising or pain involved, which is good news for those in need of fast and visible results, but have busy schedules.

Nicole Kidman | Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Dr. Kayle sees patients for thread lifts who are usually between the ages of 30 and 50. He doesn’t recommend the procedure for legitimate surgical cases, but he did show us a surgical case where a more invasive procedure was recommended, but the patient refused it in favor of a thread lift. We couldn’t believe the results. The patient’s jawline, which had been aged by extreme sagging of the jowls and under-chin, had been transformed into the jawline of a 25-year-old. Color us shocked – and impressed. 

One should note that a thread lift eventually gets absorbed into the body, but lasts between one to one and a half years. Another quick fix is Baby Botox, which uses micro injections of Botox to quickly fix frown lines, crow’s feet, and other issues. It is also occasionally used on the neck to help smooth the jawline. This is a very common procedure, which leads to subtle, more natural results than a full dose of Botox.

Irina Shayk gold mask
Irina Shayk | Photo: Courtesy of @irinashayk

If thread lifts and Baby Botox aren’t for you, Dr. Kayle’s clinic has a celebrity-loved solution that is all about pampering – and boasts long-lasting results. 24K gold facials are a popular treatment used by both models and celebrities alike, and work by adding hydration to the skin that lasts for weeks because the gold works to stimulate cellular growth of the basal layer, leading to continued regeneration of firm, healthy cells. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that calm redness and fight free radicals that can prematurely age the skin. 

At Dr. Kayle’s clinic, the ultra-knowledgeable and passionate skin specialist Manal El Hage administered my 24K gold facial. She began with an enzymatic diamond scrub made from micro (real) diamond particles. It might sound like the world’s most indulgent way to exfoliate – and it just might be – but the diamond polish really works. The gold mask, containing real gold, was then applied and covered with a warm towel to allow it to penetrate deeply. It felt cool and smooth on my skin, with a slight warming sensation that was more pleasant than uncomfortable. El Hage then followed the mask with an incredibly hydrating gold serum that was gently worked into my skin with a circular, lifting motion. 

Afterwards, my skin was luminous, moisturized, and glowing, but the real test of the facial was in the days that followed. I continued my normal skincare routine, but noticed that my skin maintained hydration better. I have combination skin and, where I normally see a slight redness in my cheeks due to dryness, the redness was completely gone and my skin tone was more even. I also noticed that my foundation glided on more smoothly; it didn’t ‘sink’ into my pores, providing a more natural-looking finish. I don’t think the red carpet will ever demand my presence, but if it does, I know just where to head beforehand.

To book an appointment at Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic, call  (+971) 4 330 6611 or click here.

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