Celebrity Launches, Body Hair, and Other Big Beauty Moments of 2019

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Celebrity Launches, Mask Makeup, and All the Other Big Beauty Moments of 2020
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body hair 2019 nike
Photo: Courtesy of @nikewomen

From major celebrity launches to some seriously strange skincare routines and lots of body hair, this past year didn’t disappoint when it came to big news in the worlds of hair, skin, makeup, and fragrance. Read on for all the beauty moments that defined 2019 in Savoir Flair’s year-end round-up.

Literally Everyone Launched a Beauty Brand

victoria beckham beauty makeup line
Photo: Courtesy of @victoriabeckham

No, seriously – everyone. So many celebrity beauty brands launched this year that if we were to going to recap, we’d need a much bigger word count, so here’s a brief synopsis instead. Legendary makeup artist Gucci Westman launched makeup line Westman Atelier, Lady Gaga sent her “little monsters” into a frenzy when she made Haus Laboratories official, Lily Aldridge went into perfume, Victoria Beckham Beauty hit stores…

Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories
Photo: Courtesy of @hauslabs

Patrick Ta finally created his own glow-boosting buys, Tracee Ellis Ross brought women of color to the forefront with her Pattern Beauty line, Kendall Jenner joined her sisters in the beautysphere with the launch of Moon oral care, singer Kesha unveiled her vegan makeup line Kesha Rose Beauty and, of course, there was the launch of Florence by Mills by Millie Bobby Brown.

Skincare Videos Featured Strange Things...

Photo: Courtesy of Florence By Mills

Speaking of whom, the young star created quite a stir when she posted a video of her nighttime skincare routine to promote her brand. Problem one? She didn’t actually use the products. Two: you could hear her bare, dry hands making contact with her bare, dry face. Three: her makeup stayed intact, right until the end. Needless to say, viewers were seriously unimpressed (and confused). Now we’ve seen some stranger things in our time, but this was definitely up there.

... And Downright Dangerous Suggestions

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

Bella Thorne also made headlines when she revealed her natural, DIY acne-fighting routine. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but when she started sloughing her face with an olive oil, sugar, and lemon juice scrub, the internet lost it. While lemons might be natural, they’re full of citric acid which can alter the skin’s pH, cause irritation, and increase sensitivity. Add to that a pore-clogging coconut oil mask – not a friend to oily, acne-prone skin – and you had all the professionals urging, “Don’t do this!”

The Most Expensive (And Extra) Perfume Launched

Worlds most expensive perfume
Photo: Courtesy of Nabeel

Valued at a staggering AED 4.752 million, breaking records and making headlines, and covered in a whopping 3,571 diamonds, topaz, and pearls, the world’s most expensive perfume launched in 2019. Inspired by the rich and diverse heritage of Dubai, ‘Shumukh’ is a decadent, heady blend of amber, sandalwood, musk, rare Indian agarwood, Turkish rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and frankincense. It is designed to bring the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to your olfactory collection, namely because it comes housed in a diamond- and jewel-encrusted 1.97-meter case that is remote-controlled, adapts to your height, and sprays the scent for you. #onlyindubai

We Got a Glimpse into the Future

jonas brothers celebrity aging face app
Photo: Courtesy of @jonasbrothers

Ever wondered what your favorite celeb would look like if they skimped on the anti-aging cream and swore off Botox? Well, thanks to this year’s viral #faceappchallenge, we got to see what the likes of Miley Cyrus, DrakeWill Smith, and the Jonas Brothers might look like in 20+ years time. Our feeds were filled with scarily real-looking aged snaps courtesy of FaceApp, which allows users to upload selfies and apply wrinkle-filled filters and swap their locks to 50 shades of gray, all with just the click of a button.

Gucci Broke the Beauty Rules

new gucci lipstick campgain
Photo: Courtesy of @thomasdekluyver

When we heard Alessandro Michele was reinventing Gucci Beauty with the launch of the ‘Rouge à Lèvres’ lipsticks, we knew the whole thing would be unique. Needless to say, he didn’t disappoint. Gucci’s groundbreaking campaign saw punk queen Dani Miller flaunt her gappy grin, models rock lipstick on their teeth, and women of all ages and skin colors take center stage. Although the brand’s “authentic beauty lies in imperfection” approach was polarizing, it paid off, to say the least. Over one million lipsticks were sold in the first month alone. Imperfect is officially the new perfect, and we’re all for it.

The World Mourned the Loss of Brandon Truaxe

brandon truaxe 2019 death
Photo: Courtesy of @deciem

The year started off on a heartbreaking note with the death of Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe. A true visionary who changed the beauty world as we knew it, his revolutionary formulas and iconic cult products sparked the trend for ‘hero ingredient’ skincare. His loyal following of fans around the world couldn’t believe the news of his untimely death, but through them, his legacy will live on forever.

Body Hair Made a Comeback

2019 beauty moments news body hair emily ratajkowski
Photo: Courtesy of @emrata

Not only did the hashtag #januhairy take off, with women worldwide posting pics of their body hair throughout January, but we also saw body hair make a major comeback in the fashion world. There was that controversial Nike campaign featuring singer-songwriter Annahstasia Enuke and her unshaven armpits, and not forgetting Emily Ratajkowski’s provocative pic in Harper’s Bazaar Australia that stressed the importance of women’s rights to choose how they dress and want to present themselves – and if they want to shave or not. As Ratajkowski proudly wrote, “Do your thing ladies, whatever it might be.”

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