New Hair, Who This? Every Major Celebrity Hair Transformation of 2019

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biggest celebrity hair transformations 2019 selena gomez
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

From blonde to brunette and bursts of blue to long, luscious locks and sleek bobs aplenty, Savoir Flair rounds up the most drastic celebrity hair transformations of 2019. Discover them, below, and say hello to some major #hairspo – just in time for the New Year.

Olivia Culpo

We’d gotten so used to seeing Olivia Culpo with short hair that when she stepped out with long, beachy locks, we did a double take. This was all thanks to hairstylist Justine Marjan, who used Hidden Crown extensions to create beautiful, believable length.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 olivia culpo
Photo: Courtesy of @oliviaculpo

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell slayed this year when it came to her hair transformations, not only because she launched a range of bright hair colors with Schwarzkopf, but also because she had fun with wigs. This platinum-blonde lob was a particular favorite, sending fans into a frenzy as she posted the snap. But don’t panic – she was back to her long brunette ways the very next day.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 shay mitchell
Photo: Courtesy of @shaymitchell

Allison Williams

One celebrity who did actually brave the brunette-to-blonde transformation was Allison Williams, who started the year off with a dark chocolate hue before going for going a natural, balayaged blonde by the end of January. This was all for an upcoming movie. She took to Instagram to declare, “I swore I wouldn’t do this to my hair again…but new movie, new hair.”

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 alison williams
Photo: Courtesy of @aw

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale, on the other hand, went the other way – she started 2019 with a beautiful blonde bob before reaching for the dark brown hair dye three months later. “Officially back to the 👩🏻 emoji & it feels so good,” she announced, while definitely looking good, too.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 lucy hale
Photo: Courtesy of @lucyhale

Barbara Palvin

Model Barbara Palvin bid farewell to her long locks as she opted for an on-trend lob this year. Although she has flirted with extensions a few times (remember those long curls at the Venice Film festival?), she always went back to her shorter, tousled style.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 barbara palvin
Photo: Courtesy of @barbarapalvin

Ruby Rose

Perfectly personifying the phrase ‘January blues’, Ruby Rose gave us major frosty feels with her icy blue ‘do. But her blue-hued hair only lasted a month as she was rocking a rich brown pixie cut by February.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 ruby rose
Photo: Courtesy of @rubyrose

Katy Perry

Whether hosting American Idol or making her way down the red carpet, Katy Perry always keeps us on her toes when it comes to her tresses. This year alone, she has gone from pixie to long to short and everything in between, but always staying true to her bright blonde hue.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 katy perry
Photo: Courtesy of @katyperry

Dua Lipa

There’s no denying that 90s beauty was back with a vengeance this year, and one star who seriously channeled the trend was Dua Lipa. The popstar ditched her signature dark locks for a two-tone brassy blonde and a jet-black bob that looked like something straight out of a 90s music video. Luckily she didn’t swap her big, bushy brows for pencil-thin slivers though…

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 dua lipa
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian

It wouldn’t be a hair transformation round-up without a Kardashian making an appearance and, this year, it was Khloé Kardashian who wowed us with her wigs and color-changing ways. Fans went crazy when the campaign for the new KKW fragrances was revealed, which showed her sporting big, bouncy brunette curls. Despite calls for her to make the change permanent, she was soon back to her blonde ways.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 khloe kardashian
Photo: Courtesy of @khloekardashian

Jourdan Dunn

When model Jourdan Dunn asked, “New fringe who dis?” alongside a post of her beautiful bangs, we thought we couldn’t possibly love her locks anymore. But then she hit the British Fashion Awards red carpet with a gorgeous, glossy bob, and we were utterly obsessed. Will she stick with the sharp, short style? We hope so.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 jourdan dunn
Photo: Courtesy of @jourdandunn/@adamburrell

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid practically broke the internet when she went blonde this summer, revealing her new ‘do via an Instagram post with the caption, “Back to dirty blonde, back to my roots!” Although she was born blonde, the supermodel has been brunette for years, so we’re all for her returning to her natural hue.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 bella hadid
Photo: Courtesy of @bellahadid

Selena Gomez

Okay, so it was only temporary – hairstylist Marissa Marino revealed that it was, in fact, a “faux bob” – but Selena Gomez caused a social media meltdown when she posted snaps of her short style at the American Music Awards. If you were after inspiration to brave a bouncy new bob, this is it.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 selena gomez
Photo: Courtesy of @hungvanngo

Emma Roberts

“Surprise…what a difference a day makes,” said Emma Roberts alongside the snaps of her new “honeydew” hair transformation. Not only did the actress add lots of length to her mane, but she also went for a hot new hue, making the switch from brunette to blonde in the blink of an eye.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 emma roberts
Photo: Courtesy of @emmaroberts

Kaia Gerber

The only way to accessorize chiseled features and a sharp supermodel jawline? With a “drama cut”, of course. Kaia Gerber ditched her longer, Crawford-esque locks for the fashion world’s favorite chin-skimming style.

celebrity Hair Transformations 2019 kaia gerber
Photo: Courtesy of @kaiagerber

Charlize Theron

She started the year brunette, then went blonde, then braved a bowl cut – and is currently sporting an edgy, short, spiky ‘do. Charlize Theron has certainly proved to be a true beauty chameleon this year, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll try next…

Hair Transformations Charlize Theron
Photo: Courtesy of @hairbyadir
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