Thank U, Next: 5 Beauty Trends to Leave Behind in 2019

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weird beauty trend 2019 glitter face
Photo: Courtesy of Imaxtree

As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of the interesting beauty moments that made their mark for all the wrong reasons – we’re talking teeth that rival rainbows, glitter in places it just doesn’t belong, and some seriously questionable nail art. Yes, Kylie Jenner gets a shout-out. These are officially the bizarre beauty trends of 2019 that we’ll happily bid farewell to. Finally.

French Drip Nails

This year, the French tip became the French drip, a trend sparked by none other than Kylie Jenner. Known for her love of very long nails and bold designs, the beauty mogul garnered over four million likes for her #dripnails snap, sending Instagram into a frenzy as women around the world booked in for their talon transformations.

But have you ever tried typing an e-mail or shampooing your hair with nails this long? Trust us, it isn’t easy. Not to mention those clashing colors and that drip design, which will have heads turning for all the wrong reasons. A beauty fad? We think so. We’ll be sticking to the classic French for now.

Sunburn Tattoos

Just when we thought people couldn’t get any more mindless in the name of beauty, the hashtag #sunburntattoo became a thing this summer, and we genuinely feared for mankind. As you can probably guess, the ‘trend’ involved using stencils or using sun cream to create various shapes and designs whilst leaving the rest of the skin uncovered to bake and burn in the heat.

The result? A ridiculous-looking white mark – or ‘tattoo’ – on raw, red skin that doesn’t only look awful, but also seriously damages the skin. Needless to say, dermatologists and skincare experts were up in arms, pleading with people to have a little more common sense when it came to their summer skincare. We’re with Baz Luhrmann on this one – wear sunscreen!

weird beauty trend 2019 sunburn tattoo
Photo: Courtesy of @funtantattoo

Lightning Makeup

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but that definitely wasn’t the case when it comes to this beauty trend, which exploded onto our Instagram feeds. Taking a cue from YouTube star James Charles, who actually created his look at the beginning of 2018, beauty Instagrammers and makeup artists took to their pages to showcase their stormy spin throughout 2019.

But we’re not talking about a Bowie-inspired bolt or two. We’re talking full-on, electric storm vibes made up of metallic and fluoro hues. Although we can appreciate the attention to detail and skill involved, we’ll be keeping this one for the Halloween inspiration archive.

Glitter Overload

Glitter beauty products are nothing new, but 2019 saw glitter go from a subtle sparkly adornment to a full-blown glittery get-up. We’re talking glitter-packed face masks, super sparkly hairsprays, pigment-packed body glitters, glittery armpits, and faces literally covered in it. Yes, really.

But this trend leads to two big beauty problems. One: you’ll never be free from the sparkly stuff. Good luck trying to wash it off successfully. Two: it’s not good for your skin nor the environment. As a microplastic, glitter particles are too small to be filtered by water systems, meaning they end up in our oceans, where they’re consumed by marine life. A beauty trend that compromises our planet and comprises of entire body parts covered in glitter? No, thanks.

milan fashion week ss20 beauty frankie morello
Photo: Courtesy of Imaxtree

Tooth Polish

We’re all for oral hygiene and looking after our pearly whites, but covering them in colored polish? Not so much. Beauty brand Chrom hit the scene with an offering of glittery, metallic, and bright tooth hues that saw the hashtags #toothpolish and #paintedteeth becoming trending topics – ‘rainbow teeth’ became an actual thing. Whatever floats your boat, of course, but we suggest sticking to nail polish.

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