Morning Routine: How 111Skin Co-Founder Eva Alexandridis Starts Her Day

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Eva Alexandridis morning routine
Photo: Courtesy of 111Skin

Successful people around the world have their morning routines down to a fine art. So just how does Eva Alexandridis, co-founder of luxury skincare brand 111Skin, start her day? Savoir Flair gets a peek into her morning rituals, from her trusted beauty routine to her go-to breakfast and how she manages life as a working mom.

I wake up at 6:50 a.m. every morning. It’s set in stone because I have two children, and I have to take my 14-year-old to the train station at 7:30. I like to have breakfast with him because he’s a teenager and it’s the only time I have him to myself! For me, sitting at the breakfast table with him at 7 a.m. is crucial. I love waking up because I know I’m going to spend time with my kids, and that’s such a precious time because my life is so busy.

I love waking up because I know I’m going to spend time with my kids, and that’s such a precious time because my life is so busy.

I brush my teeth, wash my face, and apply the original 111Skin essence, so I don’t waste time applying all my skincare. It means I can spend time with my son and do the rest of my beauty routine later. The essence is such an important step in my skincare because it balances the pH levels of the skin and helps everything you apply after to penetrate better. So if I’m on the go or on a plane, sometimes I just use the essence because it’s very light, but gives you that antioxidant boost without having to put loads of creams on top.

Morning Routine: How 111Skin Co-Founder Eva Alexandridis Starts Her Day

111Skin ‘Antioxidant Energising Essence’




Once I’ve walked him to the train station, I come back and wake up my other son. He’s eight years old and does not like to wake up. I have a second breakfast with him or another coffee before I walk him to the school bus. So, the first hour of my day is kids, kids, kids. My children make me so happy, so I look forward to waking up in the morning. It’s difficult for me not to start my day in a positive mood because I know I get to spend time with them!

Eva Alexandridis morning routine family
Photo: Courtesy of Eva Alexandridis

I don’t have an alarm; I wake up on my own. Very rarely, if I have a very late night, my son wakes me up. That makes it easy for me not to reach for my phone straight away. I grab it when we are on our way to the station and, after I’ve dropped him off, I check WhatsApp because I conduct most of my business there. I have big groups with the global marketing team, top sales groups, our US headquarters etc. Everything happens on there. I’ll then check my e-mails and, if I have a minute, I’ll check the news and The Business of Fashion. I love that it touches on controversial subjects, and I find it very engaging.

I don’t check the 111Skin Instagram account, but I do check my own. I’ll see if I have any messages or what my friends are up to, but only for a few minutes. I actually don’t scroll anymore – I do that maybe once a week if I’m waiting for an appointment. I just check Stories, and I read news through those, too. I actually learned this morning that Lily Aldridge was spotted using our mask from one of the publication’s stories! Then you see an article that Dr. Martens are back in fashion, then you see a bag you like, and suddenly you’re on something totally different. It’s like a maze!

Eva Alexandridis dr yannis 111skin eye mask
Photo: Courtesy of @eva111skin

By 8 a.m., everybody is out of the house and I have one hour to myself with my husband [Dr. Ioannis Alexandrides]. We normally go for a run in the park with our dog Sparky before grabbing a coffee and taking a little walk for some quality time together. Because of my schedule, working out in a gym never works. I discovered these tapes that are only 15 minutes long, and I sometimes add those to my routine. For me, running isn’t about maintaining a good body, it’s about clarity of the mind. It’s so important. You don’t have technology distracting you, you observe nature, you get fresh air.

I also have a little ritual where I like to talk to trees, and it’s amazing how you can feel energy from them. I saw this one tree about two years ago and it actually has a heart shape on it, and there’s just something so amazing about it. That’s my special tree! I do believe in living in harmony with nature, and we have to remember these things are alive and have energy. I love to swim in the summer, so I won’t run. Instead, I’ll swim and as I swim, I’ll channel that positive energy and be thankful for everything.

Eva Alexandridis running
Photo: Courtesy of @eva111skin

I always have a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice first thing. I haven’t researched the benefits, but it just feels good! Then I have my coffee and, 90 percent of the time, I have pancakes for breakfast. I have a sweet tooth and love to have something sweet with my coffee. But they are healthy – we use oats, oat milk, eggs, and a special protein powder. I cover them in honey and wild strawberries that my grandma sends me. Breakfast is very important to me as I also get to spend time with the family.

I used to take supplements, but I stopped because I was getting everything I needed from my diet. We eat a lot of fruit and fish and meat. I do take ‘Beauty Dose’ as that’s amazing for the skin as it stimulates the production of glutathione and regenerates the skin, but it’s always sold out, so that’s if I can get my hands on some! We are actually launching two new supplements soon…

Morning Routine: How 111Skin Co-Founder Eva Alexandridis Starts Her Day

111Skin ‘Radiant Skin Beauty Dose’




I don’t wash my hair every day, and I can’t do my own hair, so I have a hairdresser who comes to the house twice a week. He has been in our lives for years and does my kids’ hair, so he’s part of the family now! I wash my hair, but he blow-dries it as I’m rubbish at it. I’ve been using the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner, which I love. My kids like to use my stuff, but those are so small, I’m like, “Don’t use them!” I like to take a bath in the morning with two big cups of Epsom salts and the Aromatherapy Associates ‘Revive Morning’ bath oil. Then I have a cold shower and I’m ready to go.

I’m one of those boring people who have to use 111Skin all the time because I have to try and test new products. Actually, in the last six or seven years, I haven’t used skincare from any other brand because we’re constantly evolving and developing, and there are at least 15 products we’re working on. There’s physically no time for me to try something else!

We have four new cleansers, so I keep testing and trying to see which I prefer in the morning and evening. At the moment, I love the ‘Vitamin C’ cleanser because it’s very light, but has the added benefit of infusing the skin with vitamins. In the evening, I like a balm cleanser as it’s a bit heavier.

Morning Routine: How 111Skin Co-Founder Eva Alexandridis Starts Her Day

111Skin ‘Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser’


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Every day is a little bit different as I have to use lots of products, but I will definitely use a booster. At the moment, I am using the ‘Cryo-Booster’ as I love its effects. Then I use the ‘Black Diamond’ or ‘Y Theorem Serum’, and I’ll wait for those to absorb before applying my day cream. Sometimes, in winter, I’ll use a night cream in the day if I need some extra hydration.

Around my eyes, I rotate between the contour gel and, sometimes, a booster instead of eye cream. I like to mix and match and play around, and I like to think of myself as a chemist in the morning. Your skin changes from stress, environment, weather, your cycle – everything – so you need to understand what it needs and change accordingly.

If I’m going to work, I wear makeup. I’ll use a light BB cream – I like the Clé de Peau one – and a touch of concealer under the eyes. I really like the By Terry eyeshadow palettes, and I always use our ‘Lip Duo’ on my lips. That’s actually the product that Martha Hunt said changed her lips! I also like using Clé de Peau lip pencils, and I love Givenchy and Armani lipsticks.

I’m quite picky with my mascara, especially when it comes to the brush. I have an old By Terry wand that I use with whichever mascara I’m using, which at the moment is a Marc Jacobs one. My signature scent is Frédéric Malle ‘Portrait of a Lady’ – I love it. I also love the Baccarat perfume, so I switch between the two. I don’t change perfumes and I’m very particular about my fragrance. I will only use those.

My makeup routine literally takes five minutes. I don’t have the luxury of time because all our markets have opened by 10 a.m. and I’m in the mood to work. Life is so precious, and I don’t want to waste time on my makeup.

I also never plan what I’m wearing. I feel like I have two separate parts of my life. There’s my work life, where I’m very focused on work and I don’t want to be a beauty or fashion icon. I like to wear comfortable clothes in the day as I’m at my desk. My husband and I are out a lot in the evening, and that’s when I like to plan my outfits.

Eva Alexandridis dr yannis 111skin
Photo: Courtesy of @eva111skin

When it comes to inspiration for our products, we don’t look at trends, we don’t follow other brands, and we don’t read comments on social or anything like that. My husband is a plastic surgeon and has been in his practice for 19 years. We’re fortunate because he has constant contact with the industry and with people who are searching for the next thing in beauty. He goes to conferences around the world where they always discuss new trends. The nature of his work means people are always intrigued about new products, and they tell him what they want and need.

For example, with acne, we have a whole range called ‘Clarity’. My husband was using other brands in his clinic and could never find the right fit for his patients. He had a very clear understanding of what he wanted to achieve, so he came to us and said this is what we need in the products, and we created them! We also now have global spa destinations, so we also get inspiration from clients using our products and talking to therapists.

We’re so well-known for our masks, but it was such a challenge to establish the category. I first discovered them years ago in South Korea, where I actually went to look for packaging as they have lots of new developments. Masks were everywhere, and I started investigating what they do and why they’re so popular. We did a lot of research into the technology, but when I came back here, buyers actually weren’t interested and said it was just a trend that wasn’t going to stick around. But we firmly believed in them, and my husband started using the masks on his patients post-laser peel and facials, and we saw how much they helped heal the skin.

Now we’re the leaders in masks, and everyone is following us!

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