Bet You Never Knew This About Cleaning Makeup Brushes

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They’re an essential piece of our beauty kits, and we just can’t do without them. Yes, makeup artists love to wax lyrical about blending, dabbing, and smearing with your fingers, but nothing beats the precision of a brush. Their soft, dense bristles and balanced handles help us sculpt, shape, and swirl to ensure our makeup looks flawless. But according to a survey by Cosmetify, we’re not always sure how to care for our brushes – much as we love to use them daily.

Indeed, searches for ‘how to clean makeup brushes’ are incredibly popular according to Google Trends, and research by the brand suggests 26 percent of British women have never cleaned their makeup brushes, and 68 percent have shared their makeup brushes with others.

Hands up if you’re guilty of one or both of the above. Top reasons for our slackness with the soap dish were: “I didn’t know they needed cleaning”, “They didn’t look like they needed cleaning”, and “It’s too much effort”. To help give your makeup brushes the treatment they deserve, Isa Lavahun, beauty expert at Cosmetify, shares her top tips on how to clean, dry, and prep them for a perfect makeover.

Wash Them on a Weekly Basis

“Makeup brushes should be cleaned once every week – you most certainly wouldn’t leave the same layer of makeup on your face for a week or longer, so don’t let it sit on your brushes either,” says Lavahun. “Not only will the brushes be softer on your skin, but you’ll also be reducing your chances of clogging your pores and causing breakouts and dermatitis.”

Use a Specific Makeup Brush Cleanser

“If you can’t find one or don’t have the time/finances to do so, you can use the shampoo or soap that you have at home. This will work temporarily, but it may not be as effective at cleaning your brushes and removing the makeup residue [as a proper makeup brush cleanser would be].”

Invest in a Brush-Cleaning Mat

“Brush-cleaning mats have a number of different textures, levels, and layers that will help clean even the deepest of bristles. All areas of the mat should be used with the cleaning of each brush,” explains Lavahun. “Once you’ve wet your brush, apply the cleanser and massage this around the palm of your hand to create a lather, then rub the brush around the different levels of the mat – watching as the makeup residue rinses away. The one rinse may not be enough, though,” she adds. “Once you think you might be done, rinse the bristles and see if the water is running clear. If not, repeat the process.”


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I love clean brushes and even if usually takes me ages to clean them all, i never skip this! For a very long time i ve had the Mac brush cleanser and i still use it, but i thought its time to “make some new friends”, so i ve bought these! Anyone using any of them ? On a side note :” Synthetic brushes are the low maintenance choice,easy to clean and loger lasting. Natural bristles are potous so can be more difficult to clean. They become limp and useless if not washed .As the grease build up ,the bristles are unable to blend,so makeup loks patchy.”#Walford-Richards #makeupbrushessoap #cleanbrushes #boots #makeupbrushcleanser #superdrug #leamingtonspa #leamingtonspamakeupartist #coventrymakeupartist #warwickmakeupartist

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Prepare the Brushes for Drying

“Before putting your brush out to dry, ensure you squeeze out all excess water and pat dry with a towel. You can then either lay your brushes down flat on the towel to dry or you can invest in a makeup-brush dryer, which will hold your brushes in place,” says Lavahun. “Just ensure not to let your brushes dry standing up as the bristles may fall and bend, making them less effective when putting on makeup.”

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