Morning Routine: How Gucci Westman Starts Her Day

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Gucci Westman
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci Westman

Successful people around the world have their morning routines down to a fine art. So just how does celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman start her day? Savoir Flair sat down with Westman at the launch of her new clean cosmetics line Westman Atelier, where we didn’t just get a sneak peek of her amazing new makeup products, but also her morning rituals – go-to beauty products and breakfast smoothie included.

Each day is so different, but if I’m home, and I’m home for a while – I usually set my alarm for 6 a.m. and meditate from 6 to 6:20 a.m. I might hit snooze, but have to be up and ready by 6:30 to wake our kids up. My husband and I meditate together. He’s really funny because we both do the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, but his teacher told him he’s allowed to lie down and meditate, so he always falls asleep! That’s David every morning. And I’m like, “Why are you allowed to lie down!?” He replies, “Bob told me I could!” Bob Roth is his teacher. He also gave him his TM training for free because he said David has a beautiful soul. He didn’t do that for me! [laughs]

So we start off with our meditation, and then we get the kids up and I make breakfast, which is a shake. I’m obsessed with the WelleCo chocolate protein powder. There’s a kid’s powder, too, and my nine-year-old daughter loves it. It’s very hard in the mornings because my son doesn’t like smoothies, and my daughter only wants smoothies! And I’d rather she has some substance, so I sneak in avocados, a massive spoon of almond butter – as much omegas as I can.

We all have different milk bases, too. My husband prefers oat milk, but I make my own almond milk. Then I add the WelleCo chocolate powder, Moon Juice probiotics, half an avocado, almond butter, hemp seeds, a massive amount of wild blueberries, collagen, mushroom powder – I love the ‘Beauty Shroom’ by Moon Juice. I also have some adaptogens that I bounce back and forth between. WelleCo also has a hormone support that is really good, it’s raspberry flavor. But it’s annoying because you use them up so quickly, and they’re always sold out! Elle Macpherson sent me a box and I loved it, but then I ran out and tried to buy more and couldn’t!

My shake is quite filling, and that has been my dilemma recently. On the weekends, I have homemade gluten-free bread with almond butter, honey, blueberries, and a homemade almond-milk latte, and that’s nice because it’s not too filling. But when I have my shake, it’s all about the timing – if I have too much liquid before hot yoga in the morning, it can make me quite nauseous. That’s why I started having the shake much closer to when I wake up as opposed to later with my coffee, which is always a double espresso. I use the Bluestone Lane espresso with my homemade almond milk, but sometimes, that’s after yoga.

I alternate between yoga and running. I love running in the park, but on weekends, I run in Bedford in the countryside, or in the Hamptons if it’s summer. Running is what I do pretty much every day. I find it hard to find classes that are good enough, and there’s nothing worse than going to a class you don’t like and wasting your time. I used to listen to music when I ran, but now I don’t. I like hearing the birds. I’m also a little worried that I won’t hear cars or bicycles! During the fall and winter, I run around our house in the country on the weekends and it’s very hilly, so that’s a good workout as it makes your butt hurt. Anything that makes your butt hurt makes me happy!

gucci westman breakfast smoothie
Photo: Courtesy of @GucciWestman

When I’m waiting for the kids to wake up – which takes forever – I’ll check my phone. But that’s not the first thing I do. I listened to Arianna Huffington speak at a panel, she has this platform called Thrive, and she’s super adamant about not having your phone in your room when you sleep because it carries so much anxiety since so much of our lives are in our phones. She’s really against it. I was like, “How do you wake up then?” And she said, “An alarm clock!” And I thought, “Oh… okay.” I still need to do that, but I do turn my phone on airplane mode now.

I’ll check my e-mails, texts, and calendar when I do check my phone, but I don’t check Instagram until way later in the day – sometimes not until after lunch. Sometimes, I’ll sit and respond to Instagram questions, which I have to get better at, but I try to respond as much as I can. But I also have to be present, you know? I have to prioritize if I have an hour to be with my girls – there has to be a little bit of balance.

gucci westman daughters
Photo: Courtesy of @GucciWestman

I have a shower when I get back from my workout. I like to do a mask in the shower because I can exfoliate when I have my mask on, and then I wash one thing off and then use another, so I get ample time. I alternate between products a lot, and let’s just say I’m testing some of my own things at the moment, but I can’t say more! I love a good exfoliant, and I have a whole plethora of amazing body products, so I can knock out multiple things at once.

I love Pai and Grown Alchemist body products, and I’m really into this Grown Alchemist body cream at the moment because I hate it when they feel lotion-y – I want it to be a really rich cream. Herbivore has a great scrub I love, but I really do alternate. It totally depends on the season. If my skin is parched, I don’t want a salt scrub. I want something more hydrating.

I tend to go super clean and pretty organic with my body products. I don’t need the color projection or performance like I do with makeup, and I don’t expect a body lift, so I just want it as pure as possible. I really like some of Tata Harper’s stuff, her body scrub is great. May Lindstrom has a really nice mask that’s really moreish as it smells like chocolate, but I use that one mainly in the bath. I try to do something like that most mornings and have a little moment for myself before everything starts happening!

On my face, I’m really into the Augustinus Bader ‘The Rich Cream’ and I alternate between that and the Dr. Hauschka ‘Rose Day Cream’, which I still love. I also use the Dr. Devgan ‘Platinum Hyaluronic Serum’. I love Subtle Energies, which is a really nice Australian brand. They have a gold cream that I love.

I often forget what I like, but it does take a lot for me to go back to a product. If I don’t have time to exercise, I try to do some type of LED routine because I feel like my face doesn’t wake up properly if I don’t exercise! So I’ll try and do something in its place, and that LED microcurrent really does give you a lifting boost.

So that’s my skincare. I have to wear makeup every day because of my rosacea. I’ll usually use some of my ‘Super Loaded Tinted Highlight’ because I don’t sit in the sun anymore as I had skin cancer on my nose. Actually, saying that, I do put sunscreen on. I really like the La Roche-Posay ‘Anthelios Mineral Broad Spectrum’ for face, but not every day. I should, but I don’t!

So I’ll use the ‘Super Loaded’ and then I’ll start with my ‘Vital Skin Foundation Stick’. Depending on what I’m doing and how refined I need to look, I’ll use my brush or my fingers. Then I add a bit of blush and a little bit of contour, and I have to do my eyebrows. I use a Chanel brow pencil for that. I feel like my eyebrows and foundation, I have to have. If I see photos of myself without my eyebrows done, I look 97 years old! I don’t wear mascara every day.

When it comes to my hair, I have a girl who’s super lovely and does it for me. I really feel like a good blowout makes such a difference. I’d rather have a good one, so I see her once or twice a week, depending on what I have on. We women have a certain amount of maintenance to be considered, and something that is annoying is that I have a lot of gray hair, so I have to do my roots every two to three weeks. I go to David Mallett, I’m there all the time like, “Hi, it’s me again!” I really don’t like having roots, it makes me feel dirty or something. That’s something that usually happens in the morning!

I don’t wear any perfume or fragrance – zero. Because do you know what’s in your perfume? I haven’t worn fragrance in 15 years.

gucci westman david mallett hair
Photo: Courtesy of @GucciWestman

I find it such a conundrum to work out what to wear every day – I do tend to wear a uniform of sorts. I’m not going to lie; I have designers who I rely on and I trust what they do. Obviously, it’s not all designer, I wear high and low and a real mixture of things. But there are certain things I consider investment pieces, so I’ll save money – well, not at the moment, when we’re in start-up phase! But in the good old days, I would invest money in really good sweaters because I wear them all the time, along with jeans and nice T-shirts.

I also tend to wear a lot of jackets and blazer type things, and I have some that I’ve invested more in, but I keep wearing them over and over again. They might be a bit expensive, but in the end, they last. If I try to save money and buy things I don’t love as much just because they’re more affordable, I find that I don’t feel as good wearing them, and they don’t last. I just kind of lose interest. I have an old Saint Laurent blazer from when Hedi Slimane was there, which I often wear. Obviously, Chanel makes a good one! I’ve learned in later years that investment pieces aren’t to be underrated and they’re actually quite valuable.

I alternate between sneakers and a little bit of a heel, but always comfortable ones. I do love the Gucci loafers, both the flat ones and the ones with a little heel. We have all of our meetings at my house, so what I wear depends on if I’m at a shoot or working from home. If I’m on set, I’ll be in sneakers and a button-down shirt, a sweater, blazer, jeans – that kind of tomboy but preppy look. I love clothing and how you can put your own twist on something.

gucci westman makeup
Photo: Courtesy of @GucciWestman

I do have some help when it comes to organizing my day. I obviously have my calendar and we have weekly calls with our team and, in addition to that, I have multiple calls with the girl who helps me with product development. We also have face-to-face meetings a couple of times a week with our packaging partner, and there’s also now a whole world of content filming that has to be taken into consideration. Every day varies hugely. We usually have a morning meeting that happens with the girls from the office, and we say right, “We need to do this, we need to do that.”

There’s a lot of e-mails that need to be answered, and I find that if I don’t answer them immediately, I sometimes forget. It’s better to just answer them right away! We’re also so accustomed to immediacy and we require attention, like, “Why didn’t you answer my message?” Especially with text messages. We can take it so personally if someone doesn’t respond.

I’m very frequently reviewing products; I have submissions being sent over all the time. In fact, I got something sent over to the hotel yesterday – a new submission for me to try – which is cool. I do try to send any feedback on product development immediately because, as I was saying, the lead times are crazy, so the responses are very helpful for the labs to move along. It’s super exciting.

Westman Atelier is available exclusively at Net-a-Porter.

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