Bright ‘Dos, Big Launches, and Other Memorable Beauty Moments of 2018

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Photo: Courtesy of @FentyBeauty

From major celebrity launches to drastic transformations and some seriously futuristic technology, this past year didn’t disappoint when it came to big news in the worlds of hair, makeup, and fragrance. Read on for all the beauty moments that defined 2018 in Savoir Flair’s year-end roundup.

Charlotte Tilbury Set Up Shop in Dubai

Charlotte Tilbury in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

After what felt like an eternity waiting for Charlotte Tilbury to open one of her beauty wonderlands in Dubai, she finally did. Located in The Dubai Mall, the store is stocked full of her sell-out products and is one of the coolest beauty destinations we’ve ever stepped foot in. Complete with cutting-edge digital innovations – including a magic mirror that allows you to try on each of the ten Tilbury looks with the touch of a button – it’s a one-stop shop for the city’s beauty buffs. You know where to find us.

The Beauty Industry Got Shook

estee laundry instagram account
Photo: Courtesy of @EsteeLaundry

Insane influencer behavior, bizarre beauty treatments, and dupes galore – there was more madness in the beauty world this year than an entire season of KUWTK. And where better to air out the industry’s dirty laundry than on social media? Estee Laundry, dubbed the “Diet Prada of beauty”, is an unapologetically honest Instagram account uncovering the (very) ugly side of the beauty industry, calling out brands for everything from false product claims to embarrassingly obvious dupes. No scandal goes unnoticed, and its revelations will blow your mind.

Glass Hair Was a Thing

Olivia Culpo Glass Hair
Photo: Courtesy of @JustineMarjan

First, K-Beauty brought us glass skin (a.k.a. dewy, ultra-illuminated skin) and then celebrities made “glass hair” a thing. This super shiny trend took Hollywood by storm this year, with the likes of Olivia CulpoBella Hadid, and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan getting onboard the glossy bandwagon. Long locks were swapped for sharp, classic bobs, with short hair with a high-shine finish becoming the look du jour.

Rihanna Launched 'Tutorial Tuesday'

Rihanna tutorial
Photo: Courtesy of @BadGalRiri

2018 saw Rihanna finally venture into the world of makeup tutorials, releasing them on YouTube for all to see. Entitled Tutorial Tuesday, the series sees RiRi taking to her Fenty Beauty channel every Tuesday to show how to create her favorite beauty looks so, if you haven’t already, mark your calendars.

Inclusivity Ruled

Fenty Beauty foundation
Photo: Courtesy of @FentyBeauty

Speaking of Fenty Beauty: since its launch last year, the brand sparked what has been called “The Fenty Effect”, pushing brands to up their inclusivity game. The last 12 months saw countless brands (Dior, Tarte, and MAC included) either adding more shades to existing lines or following in RiRi’s footsteps by launching foundations with at least 40 shades. And it’s about time.

The World Mourned the Loss of Oribe

oribe death 2018
Photo: Courtesy of @Naomi

We lost a true icon with the passing of hair legend Oribe Canales. Rising to fame in the 80s with the looks he created for the ‘original’ supermodels – including Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington – he fast became the most in-demand hair stylist in the world. The list of stars paying their respects upon his passing on December 16th was endless, and it’s safe to say his legacy will live on forever.

Chanel Created the First Ever 3D-Printed Mascara

Le Volume Révolution de Chanel
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

Never before had a makeup product been created, developed, and improved using 3D technology – until 2018. Chanel’s ‘Le Volume Révolution de Chanel’ mascara was over ten years in the making and reworked over 100 times to ensure absolute perfection. Its revolutionary, honeycomb-structured brush releases just the right amount of product in one dose and, in a single sweep, lashes are volumized sans clumps.

Huda Beauty Sent the Beauty World into a Frenzy (Again)

Huda Beauty Kayali perfume
Photo: Courtesy of @Kayali

Not only was 2018 the year of Huda Beauty’s ‘New Nude’ eyeshadow palette (which we’re still obsessing over), but it was also when the world went mental over the Kattan sisters’ first foray into fragrance. And rightly so. A collection of four stunning scents, Kayali is inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition of scent layering, allowing you to mix and match according to your mood. We’ll take them all, please.

CGI Influencers Happened

cgi beauty influencer noonoouri
Photo: Courtesy of @DiorMakeup

Yes, you read that right – CGI influencers are a thing. In a nutshell, they’re animated characters who have their own Instagram accounts, which are so scarily real that you’ll be forgiven for thinking they’re actual people. There’s Miquela, who has ‘worked’ for Prada, and Noonoouri, who has ‘modeled’ for Dior Makeup. We’ll leave it at that…

Hair Color Went to Bold, Bright New Levels

Bright neon pink hair Kim Kardashian
Photo: Courtesy of @KimKardashian

If celebrity hair color is anything to go by, being blonde or brunette simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Luminous locks were all the rage this year, and just about everyone who’s anyone braved a bold, bright hue. Kim Kardashian tried pink and neon green, Rita Ora braved a bright orange, Jourdan Dunn went vivid purple, Hailey Beiber picked pastel pink, and Kylie Jenner tried them all – obviously.

Naomi Campbell Returned to NARS

Naomi Campbell NARS makeup
Photo: Courtesy of @Narsissist

During her entire career, Naomi Campbell has only ever fronted the campaign for one beauty brand: NARS. A close friend of François Nars, she was its first ever model when the brand launched in Barneys with just 12 lipsticks. Now, to mark the 25th anniversary of the brand, the supermodel will star as the face of the new campaign – at the age of 48, no less.

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