Spa Meets Skincare With This Luxurious New Brand

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Aman skincare launch
Photo: Courtesy of @Natascha.Lindemann

I’m a sucker for a spa brand, but honestly – who isn’t? They feature powerful natural ingredients, look amazing on a bathroom shelf, and smell so good that you save them for special occasions. So when I heard that luxury hotel chain Aman was launching its own spa-inspired skincare line, I couldn’t quite believe my luck – especially when I was one of the first in the region to try it.

This year marks Aman’s 30th anniversary, and it clearly has a lot to celebrate. #AmanJunkies include the Clooneys, the Beckhams, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Mark Zuckerberg – all of whom regularly visit the exclusive resorts and properties in exotic locales such as Bali and Bhutan. And what better way to mark the occasion than with the launch of 30 luxurious, all-natural products? It’s been well worth the two-year wait, that’s for sure.

Aman Skincare
Photo: Courtesy of Aman

I was lucky enough to stay at the Tokyo property last year, and I can safely say its spa was one of the most incredible – if not the most incredible – places I’ve ever been pampered. This, however, created one problem. How could I ever recreate that experience at home? Enter: Aman Skincare. Famed for its natural and holistic approach to beauty, the products are packed full of rare and precious natural ingredients, many of which have actually been wild-harvested in various Aman destinations.

Drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of ancient wellness traditions while harnessing the power of nature, the collection was created to meet specific physical and emotional needs. It also reflects the unique and varied landscapes of Aman’s many properties: deserts, rainforests, and oceans that span continents and cultures. Featuring the likes of maca, oxygen-rich spring water, precious gemstones, rainforest muds, and silver, they work holistically to nurture skin and enhance overall wellbeing.

Aman Skincare beauty
Photo: Courtesy of Aman

The range has been divided into three collections inspired by the resort’s stunning locations, all featuring face, body, and bath products to treat from top to toe. ‘Grounding’ (from the mountain and desert destinations) is designed to soothe restlessness and stress brought on by our fast-paced modern lifestyles. It includes a ‘Smoked Body Butter’ made with wild Amazonian butters to quench dry, thirsty skin and a ‘Desert Dew Face Mist’ infused with rose and homeopathic colloidal silver to hydrate and boost cell recovery.

The ‘Nourishing’ products nurture your skin and soul alike, and are perfect for anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves. Inspired by the lush green jungles surrounding many Aman resorts, the ‘Jade Mask Concentrate’ is made with jade, gold, honey, and raw royal jelly to deeply nourish and hydrate skin while tackling signs of aging. Alongside is a ‘Coconut Milk Bath’ to help you bathe your way to sweet-smelling indulgence that helps re-energize the body and mind.

Ocean and seas inspired the ‘Purifying’ range that uses marine-inspired ingredients to help ease restlessness and aid detoxification. The ‘Marine Facial Wash’ gives skin a refreshing boost and is loaded with anti-aging seaweed extract to rejuvenate and refresh, while the ‘Auric Cleanse Bath Salts’ are infused with 84 essential minerals and trace elements to ease tension and weary limbs. But whichever range or product you choose, you’ll be instantly addicted to the tantalizing textures and invigorating aromas waiting to be discovered inside each beautiful bottle.

Aman Skincare
Photo: Courtesy of Aman

Also, just look at that packaging. It exudes wellness and all things earth, but – in true Aman style – with a big dose of understated style. What else would you expect from packaging that has been designed by world-acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma? Masterfully channeling Aman’s Eastern roots into striking bottles and jars inspired by Japanese porcelain with echoes of wood and stone, his creations are simple yet sleek, smooth yet weighty – definitely worthy of pride of place amongst all those products you’re hoarding.

That’s your next trip to the spa sorted.


Aman Skincare is now available through the Aman website. Click here for more information. 

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