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Mona Kattan Perfume
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Evening plans can entail a lot of planning, from what outfit to wear and what makeup to match it with to accessorizing an evening ensemble with a spritz of the right scent. Savoir Flair sat down with beauty influencer Mona Kattan to find out how she gets ready for a night out with friends, from her go-to products to the music that gets her in the mood.

When I get ready for a night out, I think about where I’m going and then take it from there. I usually get dressed first, and then I determine my makeup based on what I’m wearing. I think about what outfit will make me feel my best wherever I’m going. If I’m off to a nice dinner with friends, I’ll wear something that’s glamorous and fun. I love pops of color, textures like sequins, and a bit of bling! Then I’ll do my makeup and – of course – layer on my perfumes.

If I have the luxury of time, I’ll wear about 15 perfumes! I layer them on while I get ready. When I first get out of the shower, I’ll put on three – usually a vanilla, a rose, and a jasmine scent – and let them sit as I get ready. I apply them all over my body and on my hair, too, as I feel like it soaks up the fragrance so nicely, especially when you get out of the shower.

You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously – people who worry too much about looking perfect don’t ever have fun.

I always apply perfume on my skin first, and then I get dressed. It makes your clothes smell incredible! It’s so important to me, and it makes a huge difference. Huda always makes fun of me. She’s like, “You sweat musk!” – and I do because I put on so much perfume!

Once I’m dressed, I’ll add my next layer of perfumes. I don’t like rules; I think you should just go with what you’re feeling. I love so many fragrances that it’s hard to remember them all! I’ve been a fan of the Calvin Klein ‘Euphoria’ fragrances for so long and, in particular, the ‘Amber Gold’ that is so perfect for nighttime. I just discovered Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Gold Collection’, and I’m so drawn to the ‘Divine Oud’ and ‘Precious Leather’ scents that are part of it. I really love more manly notes like leather, but I also really like vanilla, so I find the Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Orchidée Vanille’ just so beautiful.

Mona Kattan Perfumes

I’ve always loved the classic ‘My Burberry’ scent, and the new ‘My Burberry Black’ is really nice. It contains jasmine and rose, two of my favorite things! TFK create a lot of great perfumes, and I especially love the ‘Bloom Club’. Another brand that’s special to me is M. Micallef – it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with perfumes when I was younger. ‘Watch’ is me in a bottle.

I also frequently apply perfume to my clothes, which I prefer to spraying them directly onto my neck as my skin there can be quite sensitive. I think it lasts longer, too, as your clothes soak up the scent. I only stop when I feel my clothes are getting too wet, otherwise I’d never stop applying them! I do think adding bukhoor to perfume is amazing, and I love how locals here do that. It’s a beautiful mix that can be very sexy.

Sometimes, I’ll apply an oud oil just behind my ears because, if you’re going from dinner to a lounge and you sweat a little, it makes you smell really nice! If you don’t like oud, I maybe wouldn’t advise it, but some brands offer options that aren’t too strong. Plus, with oud, the more you use it, the more you become addicted to it. It also really changes the way your scent smells. I wouldn’t wear it on its own, though. I mix it with other perfumes.

Mona Kattan Outfit Style

My usual going-out beauty look isn’t too heavy in terms of makeup. I contour lightly, but go heavier on my eyes and lips. I love a smoky eye with rosy colors, so the Huda Beauty palettes – both the ‘Desert Dusk’ and the ‘Rose Gold’ – are my go-tos. My favorite shades are ‘Royal’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Amethyst’, and ‘Saffron’. Oh, and ‘Desert Sand’ is a must! I love ‘Eden’ too. The purples and the mauves are the ones I’m really into right now. I also wear false lashes, and my favorite ones are ‘Noelle’ by Huda Beauty – they’re made up of three layers of lashes and look good on everyone.

When it comes to lips, the Huda Beauty ‘Flirt’, ‘Icon’, ‘Jetsetter’, and ‘Trophy Wife’ are probably my favorites. I don’t like to stick to the same lip color, though. When I do, I feel like it affects the other shades I wear on my face, so I like to mix them up. For the evening, I love the ‘#FauxFilter’ foundation as it’s a heavier coverage and stays on all night! During the day, I would go for something super light instead. I also use a lot of mineral powder; my favorite one is by MAC.

If I had it my way, I’d take two or three hours to get ready, but I’m usually pressed for time, so I take 30 to 40 minutes, which isn’t as much fun. I love listening to George Michael and Prince while getting ready; I’m such a ‘90s girl! I love that era, and it really puts me in the mood. I think music is so important for making you feel good and having fun. You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously – people who worry too much about looking perfect don’t ever have fun. The best nights are when I’ve taken 20 minutes to get ready before heading out; it’s more spontaneous.

Huda definitely takes the longest to get ready. I mean, if she had the luxury of time, she would take two hours. She’s a perfectionist, so she layers light makeup on top of light makeup, which takes time. I have more of a heavy hand so, for me, makeup takes no time. Choosing an outfit is what gets me though – especially the shoes! I’ll change so many times before I pick a pair. It can be really stressful.

I steal Huda’s bags a lot and she doesn’t like it. We don’t have the same shoe size, which is lucky for her as I’d probably steal those too!

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