Morning Routine: How Celebrity Makeup Artist Hrush Starts Her Day

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Photo: Courtesy of @StyledByHrush

Successful people around the world have their morning routines down to a fine art. So just how does celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer Hrush Achemyan start her day?

She was recently in Dubai to participate at MyBeautyFest – a jam-packed weekend of masterclasses, curated panel discussions, and product launches – so Savoir Flair took the opportunity to chat with her about her morning rituals. From how Hrush keeps on top of her hectic schedule to the products that keep her looking and feeling her best, here’s what she had to say.

I typically wake up at 7 a.m. and, of course, have ten separate alarms! I tend to hit the snooze button a lot – I’m not much of a morning person and am usually tired from lack of sleep. Having said that, I absolutely love what I do and that’s more than enough to get me out of bed. I’m lucky to get six to eight hours in! I’m definitely more of a night owl, but I have to be a morning person with my career.

The first thing I do when I wake up is order my coffee through Postmates. It helps wake me up and start the day right. My absolute go-to is a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte. I drink coffee every morning and tend to eat something on the go as I’m running around between client appointments, meetings, etc. I love oatmeal and a Starbucks coffee!

Photo: Courtesy of @StyledByHrush

I check my e-mail and text messages immediately to see if there are any changes to my schedule for the day and what my plans are for the evening. Instagram is the number one app I check on my phone as it’s such a creative platform and a digital portfolio that I use to display my work. Social media was a prominent tool in my journey to becoming a celebrity makeup artist, and Kim Kardashian West actually discovered me through Instagram!

I try to work out daily and schedule it in when I can, which is normally in the early afternoon between client appointments. Even when I’m traveling, I try to stick to my workouts because they make me feel good physically and mentally. I’ve worked out here in Dubai with a trainer and she kicked my butt! I usually go to the gym and do cardio, whether it’s the treadmill, stair stepper, or elliptical. I also like to do any exercise that tones my legs and butt – donkey kicks and squats are my go-to!

I shower twice daily, once in the morning and once at night before bed. I’m obsessed with Caress vanilla body wash and Ouai shampoo and conditioner. I use oils – including coconut oil – that I mix myself to remove my makeup. Other go-to products are the Caudalie ‘Instant Foaming Cleanser’ as well as La Mer’s ‘The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum’, ‘The Concentrate’, and ‘The Eye Concentrate’. Showering and prepping takes me 20 minutes.

My makeup products always vary, and usually all of the product breakdowns I post on Instagram are those I try out as part of my night out routine. My everyday makeup generally starts with Giorgio Armani’s ‘Luminous Silk Foundation’ and Laura Mercier’s ‘Secret Camouflage Concealer’ and ‘Translucent Loose Setting Powder’. My contour powder is the Smashbox ‘Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte’. I also use the Tarte Styled by Hrush ‘Eye and Cheek Palette’, Lancôme ‘Hypnôse’ mascara, and Dior ‘Crème de Rose Lip Balm’.

I don’t take very long to get ready in the morning – 20 mins max. I choose a look for the day pretty quickly and aim for professional, but also comfortable, as I am standing for most of the day.

I love playing with my dog Alaia and giving her kisses and hugs. She is the cuddliest in the morning and it’s the best way to start my day. I get to bring her to work sometimes, and that is always a bonus! I love listening to Tidal and all the hip-hop playlists on it. TV shows that I am currently obsessed with are Empire, Law and Order SVU, and SNL. They’re pretty much on repeat.

I usually leave my house around 8 a.m., but it depends on my schedule for the day. If I’m lucky to have a day to myself, I like to hang out with my dog, friends, and family. Spending time with my loved ones means a lot to me, so I try to do that as much as possible!

Hrush Achemyan Dog
Photo: Courtesy of @StyledByHrush

I talk to my operations manager on a daily basis, and we plan out the day and respond to e-mails. Working with clients is a huge part of my day, but business management is as well. Staying organized and on schedule is key to running a successful business. There is a lot that goes into my work as a celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer, including brand meetings, events, and workshops.

I share a calendar with my team and they add all of my bookings, appointments, and events to it to make sure that I don’t miss anything. I’m definitely a fan of a to-do list because it helps me prioritize what needs to get done on the business side of my company.

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