Could This Be the Best New Spa in Dubai?

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Six Senses Spa Dubai Reception
Photo: Courtesy of Six Senses Spa

The list of spas in Dubai is seemingly endless, so when a new pampering player enters the scene and makes us sit up and take notice, you know it’s doing something special. And that’s exactly how we’d describe the new Six Senses Spa: special. The first outpost from the luxury brand to open in the UAE, it is changing the spa scene as we know it thanks to innovative treatments that are like no other. Don’t believe us? Here are six reasons why we are obsessed with the new Six Senses Spa.

Location, Location, Location

Located in the recently opened Renaissance Downtown Hotel, the spa takes pride of place, spanning out across the fifth floor. Situated in the heart of the bustling Business Bay area, it’s within walking distance to Burj Khalifa and looks out over the stunning Dubai Water Canal, providing you with some seriously stunning views as you relax and unwind. But despite its central location, you’ll feel like a world away from the buzz of the city as soon as you enter thanks to its impeccable design and ambiance. It’s your very own piece of peace and privacy.

Dreamy Décor

And that brings us to the dreamy décor. The spa’s design is rooted in the brand’s heritage of balancing all the senses, and it does so perfectly by incorporating natural light that floods in from floor-to-ceiling windows and a soft palette of natural hues. Once you’ve enjoyed a creamy cinnamon-yogurt drink in the beautifully light and bright reception, you’ll step through a large wooden door to enter the heart of the spa. With wooden floors accented by lanterns to light up your path, your troubles will literally be left at the door as soon as you step foot inside.

Six Senses Spa Dubai Taste Suite
Photo: Courtesy of Six Senses Spa

The Suite Life

Forget the communal changing area and having to share your steam room with a stranger because, at Six Senses Spa, it’s all about that sweet suite life. With just six private suites to choose from, it’s cozy and intimate, but never feels cramped. That’s because each suite boasts enough light and space to rival that of a plush apartment. They also have everything you could possibly want to make the most out of your spa experience, including private steam rooms, showers, and relaxation areas. In short, each suite is a one-stop shop to a spa experience like no other.


Sensory Sessions

Of course, the spa menu is brimming with massages, facials, and wraps galore but, here, they are served with a twist as each suite brings with it a totally unique sensory experience. That’s because each of the six suites is dedicated to a different sense: smell, sound, sight, touch, taste, and intuition.

In the ‘Smell Suite’, you’re guided through an entire menu of herbs and spices to make your own 100 percent natural products, and you can inhale the beneficial herbal essences in your own steam shower. In the ‘Sound Suite’, it’s all about – you guessed it – sound. Here, you’ll lie back on a healing vibroacoustic lounger while sound vibrations resonate through your body at a deep, cellular level. Not only does this help your body and mind let go of any tension, but it also rebalances blood pressure and improves circulation! Not to mention the guided singing-bowl and hanging-chimes relaxation session that you’re treated to, too.

Over in the ‘Sight Suite’, you’ll relax under hi-tech lights that use two biological LED spectrums to either help boost energy and make you alert or promote healthy and restful sleep. There’s also a light mask that uses monochromatic light to help reset the brain, and an infrared sauna that projects digital images above you that are specially designed to help you relax. Pretty cool, right?

The ‘Touch Suite’ boasts a huge living-moss wall for you to sink your fingers into to help you focus on your sense of touch, as well as a private floatation pod filled with Epsom salts that help the body deeply relax and detox. The buoyancy created by the pod removes the effects of gravity on the body, so you’ll feel weightless and like you’re literally floating on cloud nine. Bliss.

For beauty that’s good enough to eat, it’s all about the ‘Taste Suite’, which is dedicated to a variety of Hammam therapies. Here, taste buds are tantalized with an array of ingredients that you can then use in your products and treatment – if you can stop yourself from licking them off, that is.

The ‘Beyond Suite’ is the place to be if you need to work on mental relaxation as, through a series of guided yoga, stretching, and breathing techniques (as well as singing-bowl therapy and chakra balancing), everything from achy joints to water retention and stress will be a thing of the past.

The only problem? You’ll want to try all six.

Six Senses Spa Dubai Touch Room
Photo: Courtesy of @SixSensesSpaDubai

The EX-tra Factor

If all that wasn’t enough, you get the added bonus of a complimentary 30-minute extra sensory experience when you book a treatment of 60 minutes or longer. Whether it’s time to relax in a scent-infused steam room or unwind in a private floatation pod, these extra experiences are just some of the little touches that set the spa apart from the rest.

Perfectly Personalized

To top it all off nicely, your experience is perfectly personalized from start to finish. Depending on your mood or the area that you want to work on, everything from the suite you’ll be placed in to the sounds and lighting used is customized, creating the ultimate haven of health just for you. There are even wellness programs during which the experts at Six Senses use smart technology to create a bespoke program to tend to your needs. It measures key physiological biomarkers – heart rate, stress parameters, and oxygen levels in your tissues included – that will be used to create your very own day (or days) and leave you feeling better than ever. This is one wellness journey you’ll never want to end.

Six Senses Spa Dubai Touch Suite
Photo: Courtesy of Six Senses Spa

To book in at the Six Senses Spa, click here or call (+971) 4 512 5566.

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