Beauty Tips from a Brand That Combines SoKo Innovation with French Luxury

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Erborian Creams
Photo: Courtesy of @Erborian_USA

When it comes to skincare secrets, we often find ourselves looking to two places: France and South Korea. French women are notorious for their love of the more natural aspects of beauty, whilst SoKo is all about innovative ingredients – along with lots and lots of steps. That being said, imagine our excitement when we were first introduced to Erborian, a brand that fuses both French and South Korean beauty principles.

The skincare brand was created in 2007 by Hojung Lee (a Korean scientist) and Katalin Berenyi (a globetrotter with a penchant for beauty), both of whom were strongly inspired by traditional Korean medicine and modern French luxury. Creating sophisticated and high-end formulas, Erborian was the first-ever brand to launch a BB cream in Europe and, to this day, continues to push the beauty boundaries with its amazing creations.

Here, Berenyi reveals exactly what we should (and shouldn’t) be doing with our skin, as well as her expert tips and tricks. Read on to find out more and get ready to say hello to beautiful, superstar skin in 2018.

Eborian skin tips
Photo: Courtesy of @Erborian

What inspired you to get into the skincare world?
I have always been into health and healthy skin, so the love for beauty – and especially South Korean beauty – came to me completely naturally. Being a globetrotter with many roots, I started in one of the biggest cosmetic houses in France, where I had the chance to learn all aspects of beauty quite early.

Bust the biggest myth you’ve heard about skin.
That skin does not need night care!

What’s the biggest mistake you see women making with their skin?
Overloading the skin with rich products and rich textures. Many women come to us with completely unbalanced or reactive skin, which is the result of years of using products or a skincare routine that is too rich.

What key ingredients should we be looking out for on skincare labels and why?
We should look for two things: a shorter list of ingredients and a formula that is as natural as possible.

Are there any ingredients we should be avoiding?
I definitely would not recommend parabens. Some essential oils can also make our skin quite sensitive. That’s why we always avoid them at Erborian.

Erborian Bamboo Splash
Photo: Courtesy of @Erborian

If you could only have three skincare products, what would they be and why?
I could never do without my ‘Yuza Double Lotion’ for the best in hydration, my ‘Elixir au Ginseng’ as it’s the best anti-aging serum on earth, and my best-seller ‘CC Crème’.

The ten-step South Korean skincare routine is all the rage right now. What are your thoughts on it?
I’ve studied South Korean beauty in depth for over a decade, so I consider the ritual to be naturally beautiful, sophisticated, and ultra-expert – but it is just too long to be adapted into our lives outside of Asia. That’s why we created our own “Korean routine”. It creates the perfect skin, but in ten minutes tops! This is our savoir-faire at Erborian.

Why do you think South Korean skincare has become such a huge beauty phenomenon?
Because it’s an incredibly rich field of innovation. South Korean women are obsessed with having perfect skin, therefore the beauty industry there develops its innovations at an incredibly fast pace.

Are there any beauty tips that you picked up from women in South Korea that you didn’t know before?
Not one, but many! One of them is to never apply a product without an appropriate massage technique, and another one is to use hydrating booster lotions for their incredible moisturizing ability.

Having spent a large part of your life living and working in Paris, did the French beauty philosophy also influence the creation of Erborian?
Absolutely! I always say that I have been able to develop our “Korean-type perfect skin” products because they’re also inspired by a more Parisian approach to beauty: being quick, efficient, and chic.

Did you pick up any beauty tips from Parisian women that you swear by?
Definitely! I love micellar waters, which are very popular with French women. I love the idea of a quick and chic beauty ritual and, at Erborian, you can recreate “Korean-type perfect skin” with only three products!

Have your travels led you to discover any other unique beauty tips from around the world?
I always come back with beauty treasures and incredible beauty tips, so I have too many to share! I usually share them on Instagram.

At what age should women start focusing on anti-aging products?
Prevention can begin at the age of 25, which is when we usually start to be more tired and begin to see the first lines around the eyes. I recommend switching to a proper anti-aging routine at 35 for smoothing and plumping. We use the incredible Korean ginseng in our anti-aging products.

What’s the ultimate skincare routine?
The ultimate one is the real ten-step routine: Double cleansing, hydrating lotion, serum treatment for wrinkles, serum treatment for radiance, eye treatment, smoothing base cream, CC Crème, and BB Cream.

What’s your top skincare tip?
Never sleep alone; night skincare is your best friend. Also listen to your skin, it always tells you what it needs the most!

Complete the sentence: To me, beautiful skin is…
Radiant, strong, and healthy.

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