How to Get Your Best Head of Hair Ever, According to Nicky Lazou

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When it comes to getting your best and most beautiful head of hair yet, Nicky Lazou knows a thing or two. The hottest hair colorist in Dubai, she not only jets around the world transforming the tresses of the elite, but she also understands the importance of looking after your hair to ensure it looks and feels its very best.

Savoir Flair tapped Lazou for her top hair tips and tricks, from the biggest mistakes we’re making to how to stop grease in its tracks – once and for all. You, and your hair, can thank us later.

Skimp on the Styling Products

If your hair is healthy, you don’t need lots of styling products! Hair needs time to breathe, so invest in treatments instead. A good hair mask and an amazing heat protection spray or serum are all you need.

Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day!

This is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. If you suffer from greasy hair, try and minimize washing it. You have to train your hair! The less you wash it, the more used to that it gets. If you’re having a bad hair day and it’s greasy, rock a braid or a low chignon, and just push through that one day of not washing it. Grease is good because you need natural oils, so we can’t strip it too much.

The Right Product Can Boost Flat Hair

But you have to pick the right one. I love the Matrix Volume Blue Boost as it’s so light and perfect for people with finer hair. When your hair’s wet, tip your head upside down and spray some around the root area before massaging it in with your hands and rough-drying it. I promise you’ll have the most beautiful volume without your hair feeling greasy or crunchy! It gives you a real bounce.

How to Get Your Best Head of Hair Ever, According to Nicky Lazou

Matrix ‘High Amplify Wonder Boost’

AED39 / SAR40

Look Fantastic


Show Love to Your Locks

If you don’t give your hair love or attention, it’s going to die. It’s the same with all things in your life, so if you want beautiful, healthy hair – give it love! If you keep looking after it, cutting it, and treating it, it will be better than ever.

The longer your hair is, the older it is. So from the root to your ends it’s like comparing the start to a one year old and the ends to a 50 year old! The ends are worn – they’re old, they’re tired. Hair is dead as soon as it grows out of the scalp, so the only way to keep it looking alive and bouncy is to look after it. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do!

Ditch the Elastic Hair Ties

I always use a scrunchie when I wear my hair up – never a hair tie as they wreck your hair. Especially when you’re in the gym and moving around! A scrunchie won’t tug at or break your hair, but normal hair ties will rub. Never sleep with a hair tie on, either. I see so many girls that come to me with a breakage around the middle of their hair, and that’s because they tie their hair with the wrong band!

Switch up Your Pillow

If you sleep with your hair loose, your pillow rubs on your hair and damages it. I always use silk pillowcases. I love them! I saw a big difference when I switched to silk. I went really blonde once and cut my hair, and I felt like my layers weren’t growing because the cotton pillow was rubbing on my hair when I moved in the night. And because my hair was blonde and drier, it wasn’t doing any good.

How to Get Your Best Head of Hair Ever, According to Nicky Lazou

Slip ‘Silk Pillowcase’




Your Shower Is Making Your Hair Greasy!

The biggest tip I can give any woman to stop greasiness, especially if it’s not hair-wash day, is to wear a shower cap or a towel on your hair in the shower. The steam makes it greasier, frizzier, and limp, so I always wrap my hair up in a towel turban when I shower.

You Have to Think Color Change Through

If you’re thinking about changing your hair color, do it gradually. If you’re blonde and you want to go brunette, doing it in one big go is the worst thing you can do – because if you go too dark and want to go back to blonde, it will seriously damage your hair! And if you go too dark from blonde, it goes warm. I always recommend doing a semi-permanent first to try it, and if you like it, then go to a more permanent color if you like it. But don’t go from blonde straight to dark! Lots of girls do that, and they don’t realize that if they’re naturally fair, the regrowth looks really bad. Stick with balayage, so there’s a natural bend with your roots.

If you’re dark and you want to go blonde, it’s not possible to do a drastic change in one go. So it’s really important that you do your research and be prepared to go through that funny stage in between! You really have to be sure about it, as it’s a lot of stress and damage for your hair.

If you’re changing your hair color, always stick with the same hair stylist. Jumping from salon to salon isn’t a good idea, as each stylist is doing something very different to the next. That’s where damage gets even worse!

Don't Use Hairspray All Over

I use hairspray when I go out, but I don’t spray it all over my hair – I spray it on my fingers and then run them into my hair and fringe to keep it in place. If you spray it directly onto your scalp, it can aggravate it and you have to wash your hair more! Elnette hairspray is definitely the best hairspray in the world, I’m obsessed with it.

How to Get Your Best Head of Hair Ever, According to Nicky Lazou

L’Oréal ‘Elnett Satin Hairspray’

AED12 / SAR12

Look Fantastic


Use a Mask Once a Week

The number one thing that fades color is damaged hair. The color just won’t stick to damaged hair, no matter how good your stylist is! So, before you go in for a color, do a strengthening treatment and get lots of protein in to your locks. Even if you don’t color your hair, you must use a nourishing mask once a week to put the goodness back in.

Banish Brassiness

Using a silver shampoo is really good for getting rid of brassiness or yellow tinges you might get after going to the beach or using your pool. But don’t use them too much — once a month should suffice.

You Must Use Conditioner!

Everyone has to use conditioner, even if their hair is fine. Shampoo opens the cuticles and conditioner seals them whilst moisturizing your hair. But, whatever your hair type, never apply conditioner to your scalp — only to your mid-lengths and ends. Or, if your hair is greasy, just on the ends. This will smooth down the cuticles. Do a final rinse with warm water, not too hot.

Spend time rinsing away your shampoo and conditioner very well, and really scrub your scalp to make sure it’s all washed off. If you don’t, it can make your hair much greasier, much faster.

Brush Wisely

hate it when I see women brushing their hair from the top and tug down on it! Always start by brushing the ends and work your way up. This really reduces damage. I like to use the GHD brush or a Tangle Teezer and always start from the tips.

How to Get Your Best Head of Hair Ever, According to Nicky Lazou

Tangle Teezer ‘Original Pink Fizz’

AED69 / SAR70


Master Beachy Waves

If you want nice beachy waves that don’t look like ringlets, tip your hair upside down and air-dry it after you wash it. Then use the right tongs for your hair type. If you have fine hair, use smaller tongs — and if you have thick hair that holds curls well, use medium to large tongs. I always use my hair irons to straighten the ends of the hair just a little, as it makes the look a bit more modern and soft. Every night I do a loose braid too, so the curls drop out and your waves look more real.

Be Careful When You Blow-Dry!

The biggest mistake I see women making is how they blow-dry their hair. Seriously, the amount of breakage they cause isn’t necessary! Pulling your hair too hard with a brush and putting the hair dryer too close to the hair, on hot heat, is literally burning it. Hair is so fragile and delicate, of course it’s going to break! You have to be so, so careful with the way you blow-dry. Use a medium heat and hold the dryer away from your hair, not on it!

Scalp Health Is Key

If you use a lot of dry shampoo, use a clarifying shampoo once a month to get rid of all that build-up on your scalp. Scalp shampoos are really good too, and can help with hair loss as they stop the scalp from getting blocked.

I’m really into having a healthy scalp. Every two days, I use the Davines ‘Naturaltech Energizine Lotion’. If you have fine hair, anything that energizes the scalp and keeps it clean is for you. I put it around my hairline and massage it in, because it circulates the blood and ensures hair grows better.

How to Get Your Best Head of Hair Ever, According to Nicky Lazou

Davines ‘Naturaltech Energizing Lotion’

AED163 / SAR166



Products Feed Frizziness!

What women do wrong is they put on so many hair products to combat humidity and frizziness, which is going to make the humidity stick to it even more! You have to be so careful about how much you put on your hair, keep it simple. Don’t overdo the sprays and hairsprays, as they just coat the hair – just use a touch of serum and you’re done.

Color Can Make Hair Look Fuller

Color is so incredible for making hair look thicker as it dries hair slightly, which can be a good thing as it gives more texture and bounce to fine hair. My clients are always amazed at how much thicker their hair looks! And that’s because of the technique I use – technique is key. Balayage is incredible, as you can paint the color on according to that person’s hair, face shape, everything – it’s like a piece of art. When your hair is done fresh, it has oomph and bounce, but when it needs doing again you’ll notice it goes greasier and flatter!

Nicky Lazou takes appointments at Pastels Salon, Jumeirah. To make a booking, call (+971) 4 388 3534/3397.

This is how Nicky Lazou starts her day.

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