We’ve (Finally) Found the Definitive Healthy Meal Plan in Dubai

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Healthy Meal Plan Dubai Nourishing
Photo: Courtesy of @NourishingDubai

If you took “letting go on vacation” a bit too literally or escaped the summer heat by binging on both takeouts and box sets, then listen up. There’s a healthy meal-delivery service in Dubai that promises nutritious, good-for-you grub that won’t leave you longing for cronuts.

What’s even better is that it offers both Paleo and vegan options for breakfast, followed by two (seriously generous) Paleo protein-based meals for lunch and dinner. Everything is gluten free, dairy free, and locally sourced and organic whenever possible. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Is is that good.

Healthy Meal Plan Dubai Nourishing
Photo: Courtesy of @NourishingDubai

Having consumed the entire southern coast of Italy this summer (“When in Rome,” as they say), I was in need of some serious help, and Nourishing Dubai came to the rescue when I needed it most. Not only did I feel lighter after just a few days, but my energy levels also noticeably increased. I was sleeping better, and the spring in my post-summer step had been restored. Not to mention the fact that I lost weight (here’s looking at you, pasta) and didn’t crave any bad stuff (an actual miracle).

I was sleeping better, and the spring in my post-summer step had been restored. Not to mention the fact that I lost weight.

This isn’t about eating a few rice cakes with a measly slice of tomato or surviving on boring salads day in and day out, like many other “healthy” meal plans offer. Instead, it’s about nutritionally dense foods that provide your body with everything it needs. “There’s mental health, nutritional health, physical health, and spiritual health. We tackle each at Nourishing,” explains Founder and Managing Director Jeff Zorn.

“We don’t believe that ‘counting’ anything is healthy as a practice, so we don’t encourage clients to count calories. We want them to believe in their choices and trust them to make correct decisions for their overall health. This is why we don’t serve processed anything. We don’t encourage calorie- or macro-tracking. We want you to be intuitive and know what your body is asking for, and when.”

Here’s why you need Nourishing Dubai in your life if you’re looking to kickstart a new healthy routine and look after your body from the inside out.

Healthy Meal Plan Dubai Nourishing
Photo: Courtesy of @NourishingDubai

They Know Their Stuff

Talking to Zorn and the Nourishing team, it’s immediately apparent that not only are they incredibly passionate about all things health, but they also know their stuff. Zorn first became interested in the power of the diet on health after helping cure his father’s genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s – just by focusing on food.

For the past five years, he and his team have helped people in Dubai conquer various chronic issues, skin conditions, and weight problems. Zorn himself eats the exact same meals as you do on the plan, so each dish is tried, tested, and constantly being worked on.

It's So Easy

Once you’ve sent over any specific goals you may have to the Nourishing team – be that losing a few pounds, building muscle, or just looking after yourself – it’s as simple as sitting back and waiting for your cool bags to arrive.

You can choose whether you want your meals to be delivered the morning of or the night before. The set-up is also unbelievably flexible; if you are traveling or need to change a time and date, the company can freeze your plan and work around you and your day. It couldn’t be easier – perfect for the busy mom or career woman.

The Food Is Good – Seriously Good

I could sing until the cows come home about how good these meals are, and it still wouldn’t do them justice. Not only are they unbelievably tasty (more on that later), but what also sets Nourishing apart from its competitors is the quality of ingredients used. “What makes our meals the healthiest are simple but expensive hacks,” reveals Zorn.

“We never use vegetable oils. We cook in pure fats from the healthiest known sources. We only serve grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and organic thin-skinned leafy greens. No other service or kitchen on the market wants to bear the sheer cost involved of doing this! We refuse to use soy or corn, and there isn’t a kitchen in Dubai that avoids gluten without entirely depending on corn in its place. Think of how much extra-virgin olive oil costs – now imagine feeding hundreds of people daily. Cost is not something we regard when crafting menus.”

And it shows.

Healthy Meal Plan Dubai Nourishing

You Won't Get Bored

During your 24-day plan, not one single meal is repeated – ever. So, three times a day, every day, your taste buds are treated to something completely new. “Menu and ingredient rotation is another big element for us. We want to eliminate cravings and encourage your body to be able to handle the whole foods that we’re serving, so we don’t repeat meals throughout a month-long period,” explains Zorn.

There are Italian-inspired dishes like Paleo lasagna with coconut ricotta “cheeze”, Mexican BBQ chicken burrito bowls, Indian butter-chicken curries with cauliflower rice, and Japanese-style salmon summer rolls. There’s even a healthy version of the British staple fish and chips. Enough said.

Not a Big Meat Eater? There's an Option for You

I opted for vegan breakfasts over the Paleo picks, just to up my plant-based meals after a very indulgent summer away. Admittedly, it wasn’t an easy decision as Paleo breakfasts include mouthwatering protein-packed dishes such as salmon and sweet-potato cakes with arugula salad, chicken bites with turmeric-pesto sauce, and salami-topped pizza bombs.

Over on the vegan side, there’s everything from açai-berry breakfast bowls with Paleo granola to blueberry pancakes with cashew cream, cherries, and cardamom Bircher muesli. Not to mention the best chia-chocolate mousse I’ve ever had. Word on the street is that the team is looking into creating an entire vegan plan, so watch this space…

It's All Homemade Goodness

The amount of work that goes into each and every meal is obvious from the start, not only because of their incredible taste but also the variety of amazing concoctions created in the Nourishing kitchen. From the homemade gluten-free dough made using almond flour to the dairy-free vegan “cheeze” (cashew parmesan, almond mozzarella, and coconut ricotta) and in-house fermented veg, it’s all Nourishing’s own.

“Our world-famous pizza bombs are presented as savory cupcakes filled with melted cheese and halal pepperoni. In reality, these unbelievably delicious cups are made with protein-rich almond flour combined with a coconut oil-based vegan cheese stuffed with hidden slivers of zucchini to sneak in some greens and fiber as well as in-house stuffed sausage from grass-fed beef,” reveals Zorn. “It’s a time-intensive, laborious process but we wouldn’t eat it any other way.”

The Sweet Surprises

And to top it all off (rather deliciously), you’ll be treated to a surprise once a week in the form of a sweet and healthy treat to indulge in. There are chocolate-chip cookies that put the junk-filled versions to shame and the best gooey, chocolate-y brownies I’ve ever had.

If you’re a snacker, don’t be afraid – you will not go hungry. The meals are so generously sized and nutritionally packed that they’ll fill you up for hours on end. I haven’t had to reach into my snack drawer even once, which says something. On that note, there’s a Paleo brownie bite calling my name…

Healthy Meal Plan Dubai Nourishing
Photo: Courtesy of @NourishingDubai

For more information or to book a Nourishing Dubai meal plan, click here or call (+971) 50 538 7133.

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