5 (Glorious) Ways to Embrace #SelfCareSaturday

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In the Western world, #SelfCareSunday is a trending topic that involves a day devoted to nourishing yourself – mind, body, and soul. However, with Sunday as the start of our workweek here in the GCC, we’ve decided to co-opt the same idea by reconfiguring the day, thereby transforming it into #SelfCareSaturday.

On Saturday morning, we wake up with a whole, luxurious stretch of day presenting itself as an opportunity. With the anticipation of work the following morning, some turn to leisure activities with friends and family, while others prefer to spend the day recharging their batteries at home. If you fall in the latter group, then it’s likely that the proposition of spending Saturday engaged in self-improving rituals sounds like a mighty fine way to spend your time. What are you going to do with all that time on your hands? We have a few ideas.


Give Yourself Permission to Rest

Spending time with friends and family is a very common use of one’s weekend. However, scheduling hangouts on the only days you have off every week can be anything but low maintenance. Be protective of at least one of your weekend days, and keep it free for yourself.

Even if you tend to naturally wake up early, stay in bed and enjoy a fine book, a good podcast, or a lazy scroll through social media. Self-care Saturday should start with sleeping in, luxuriating in bed, and doing the absolute minimum – for a few morning hours at least. If you have obligations, schedule them for the afternoon so that the morning is wonderfully, selfishly, and awesomely all yours.

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Get Organized

Self-care, while usually associated with enjoying plenty of downtime, also means looking out for your future self. Catch up on chores, plan your meetings and appointments schedule (and record it on your Google Calendar), make a weekly to-do list, and map out your meals and shopping needs. Your future self will undoubtedly thank you if you spend a portion of #SelfCareSaturday getting organized for the week ahead.


Create a Spa Retreat at Home

While it’s always a delight to pamper yourself with an indulgent afternoon of treatments at one of the region’s many professional health and wellness spas, it is quite rewarding to create the experience for yourself from the comforts of your own home. From taking a luxurious bath – replete with face masks, hair masks, and mineral-rich bath salts – to getting a manicure and pedicure, a portion of your Saturday should be spent creating your own self-care rituals.

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Cook a Nourishing Meal

After you’ve tended to the exterior of your body with an at-home spa treatment, it’s time to nourish your insides with a delicious meal. Whether or not you’re on a strict diet, make Self-Care Saturday your cheat day, during which you indulge in a savory home-cooked meal.

You can even involve your loved ones in the cooking process in order to improve your sense of community. Choose to eat your meal mindfully by chewing slowly as well as noticing and recording the taste and texture of every bite – in addition to how it makes you feel. Mindful eating will help you appreciate your food more, stop eating when you’re full, and prevent you from binge eating.


Read an Actual Book

You exercise your body, but what about your mind? As the most important organ, your brain needs regular maintenance to make sure it’s running at peak performance levels. One of the best ways to flex your brain power is by diving into a good book. As you age, your memory and other functions can decline, but reading helps keep your brain healthy and sharp.

A recent study says that reading can slow mental decline by 32 percent, which means that you can improve memory recall and stave off Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, studies have also proven that reading can help relax you when you’re stressed out, make you a more empathetic person, and ease the symptoms of depression.

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